Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, December 11, 2009

Joker -- Happy--- At Joker's grave site

Hay Friends, I am looking at the picture below and you can see how much Joker was happy to be rescued!!! I think all animal lovers should realize how much the rescued animal knows what you are doing for him or her. They know that you have saved them from death or am awful life.
Every person that can should have a rescued animal!! They are so so special!!!! I wish I could afford to do more for the animals!! We are really spending more than we should now, usually at least 20.00$ a week. If I gave up the animals we could afford high speed!!! The animals are way more important!!

Happy cat! Our rescued cat!! She loves her people and her home too!! When she first came it was so obviously, obvious that she was very happy with her pick of a home that we called her Happy. When she came she was not as loving as she is now. She sleeps close by, day or night.
Day in the living room, at night in the bedroom.
Above is Joker's grave site. Tom surprised me with Joker engraved marble head stone. That site holds many of our sweet animals. Cats and dogs!!! A very sacred place!!
I love you all. Come and see me often. Love your comments!!
Bambi, Happy and Fern (mom)


  1. How sweet of Tom to get a marker...
    I don't know him, but I like him!!!
    Hugs to you and critters,

  2. Hey Fern,

    Yes, I think they understand when they are being saved and love us even more for it.

    If I knew I was going to be living in my house forever, I'd bury my dogs' ashes and mark them but know this isn't my permanent home so have them all in pretty boxes.

    It's nice that you have a special place makred for them.

  3. Tank woo fur sharing these special memories with us!


  4. Hi Fern, it is so sweet that you rescued your pets. I think they know! Your are a very nice person :)

  5. Oh Fern - that is sacred indeed. How sweet of Tom to make you a cemetery. Love your thoughts on rescues - I'm a rescue myself!
    Love xo

  6. Hi Fern - yes, rescue animals know they have been saved. They know what a bad life is - so when they get a good life - they are over the moon! Who needs High Speed when you have your furry friends? We would have a new car if we didn't have Vet bills! But what is more important?
    Lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  7. That is special to have a place in the yard to remember your beloved friends.


  8. Fern
    A wonderful post today.
    Stay tuned there was an unwrapping at our house last night.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Fern,

    Any person who loves animals as much as you, is a saint indeed.

    I admire you and your love for animals. I feel the same way about rescue animals. Hoshi, our dog who passed away in April was a rescue dog. We adored her.

    Love Melissa

  10. Fern,

    You have a kind heart.

    Thank you for what you said about my sweet Hoshi.

    Love Melissa

  11. Sunday,
    Hi Fern, Madi and I just posted part 1 of 2 on receiving your gift....part 2 will be posted tomorrow afternoon this time.
    Thank you so much,
    Madi and Mom