Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy and Zoie

Hi Blogville friends!!!  I came today just to tell you that Happy and Zoie are getting along real well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you believe it????  Yes they are!!  We still can't  feed Happy in the floor in front of Zoie but they are getting alone really well for it being not 3 weeks yet!!!  They sit around in the same room and both help us eat dinner every night!!!  Zoie on one side of the table and Happy on the other side!!!  All is well in Reedville!!!

Love coming your way,  Happy, Zoie & Fern

Monday, November 28, 2011

Next Wednesday it will be 3 weeks

We had a very good Thanksgiving!!!!!!  It was just Tom and I and the cat and dog!!!  Tom worked on Friday!!! 

My G-daughter called from Vegas.  She had gone to be with her boy-friend so she wasn't alone.  They were having a good time with friends at his home.

My oldest son called.  He and his wife were at her family's home for the week-end. So all had a wonderful time for Thanksgiving!!!  I called my youngest son but got no answer so I don't know what he was doing!!
That is not new!!! I usually hear from him after the fact!!

Zoie is working out so very well.  She is a wonderful girl and just right for me with one exception !!!!!!!!!!!  I am too old for her!!  I can't keep going and walking all day long and that is what she wants to do!!!!   That is all she wants to do  WALK & WALK & WALK & WALK.   Like I have nothing else to do all day long everyday!!!!!!  I am doing my best and she is trying to let me do other things like cook ect!!!   LOL

Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Had to tell you something I am so happy

Tinker has been adopted!!!   I am so happy for her!!  She was adopted by a woman who runs everyday and is going to take her running with her!!!!  So happy!!!
This woman saw Tinker on my blog on Mayzie's adopt a dog week!!!!! Thank you Lana!!!!!!
The other news is ~~~~~~~~~~~~  my Grand-daughter has a job in LA on General Hospital!!!!   So happy for her!!!!  

All this news was just to wonderful to wait until next Monday!!!!
Hugs to all,  Zoie & Fern

Monday, November 21, 2011

Zoie is so much NOT

Hi Blogville friends this Monday morning!!!

It has been beautiful weather here.  Warm but not too warm!!!

Zoie is not like Tinker was at all.  Zoie does not want to be alone out in the yard!!
She wants to be with me at all times and Tinker was so much more independent
Zoie is showing no interest in what is on the other side of the fence.  She is happy to chase the smells in the fence!!  So much better!!!
I surely hope Zoie is in her forever home!!!
I hope you all have a good week!!  It is going to be a very busy week and I am going to take time off the blogging this week.  So I 'll be back next Monday
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! I hope it is  wonderful for you and your family!!!
 Love coming you way,  Zoie & Fern

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Days with Zoie

Well friend Blogger doesn't want to load pictures today.  I'll try again after I  write Zoies  up date.
Zoie has begun to settle in here really well.  She loves me to death and I love her to death too!!!  She has totally wrecked all of Bambi's toys but two.  A unstuffy toy and a tug-a-war toy is worse for wear but not totally destroyed!!!  She has been using Bambi's mattress that is really too small for her but she will have to make do for a while longer b/c Tom didn't take in much $$ this week so her mattress has to wait!!!!  More toys too will have to wait!!!!  She gets by tho she has critters smells to chase.........  
 Now Blogger loaded the picture!! 
Have a wonderful week-end Friends!!!!  WE plan too!!!!

xx,  Zoie & Fern

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zoie is one year and 5 months and one day old!!

We got Zoie's medical  records finally .  This little girl must have come in season one time already.  She was born June 16th 2010!!!!   We will have to have her spayed soon.  She had been checked for heart worms last January but not given any heart worm treatment.  So we will have to have her checked again and then start taking heart worm pills once a month!
That photo of her~~~~ she was just standing there so pretty and I clicked the shutter and she had just started to squat!!!  LOL  I didn't get the pretty stance!!!   lol
Se is my girl!!  She is working out so well so far.  She is such a good girl!!
I have not been to everybody's blog to thank you for your comments,, but I am trying!!  I am spending so much time with her out in the yard  and then there is HOUSE-WORK!!!!!!!!!!    Not that I clean-- Really, but I do cook and garden!!!!
Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zoie had a play date

Yesterday Zoie and I had company.

 When I gave Tinker back to the rescue group it broke my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wanted another dog and I knew it had to be a bigger dog so that the dog would not be able to dig out of the fence so easily!!! Of course I wanted another sight hound!  I was in touch with a retired Greyhound rescue group but nothing was happening.  One of the group knew about this Weimaraner that so badly needed a good home.   I waited for 2 weeks for some one to show me me a dog or even just say hey we are very busy we haven't forgot you. But no one did. So I said we would see the Weimaraner.   The rest is history!!
Remember I told you all that I developed a thyroid problem about 18 years ago.  This lazy thyroid causes hair loss though out the body.  I told you that my hair has finally turned gray and that I am going to be 76 years old next month!!!  Well you all have seen pictures of me when I was younger not of me now!!  I see pictures of myself and I think oh my God I look so old!!!  Then I think WELL YOU ARE OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to show you me now!!!!!!  I don't feel like I look!!!  I feel like I use to look and Tom tells me he still see the girl I use to be not the now me!!!
Yesterday we had a play date with a new friend Elaine and her Greyhound Kristy!!
They came about 1 Pm and left after 3 pm. Here are the pictures!!  Loading pictures on Blogger are not what it use to be!!!
Kristy loved me so much and there was a little jealousy coming from both dogs!! But soon the dogs were enjoying each other and  being together in there running around the yard !!!  It all ended very well!!!
Love coming your way,  Zoie and  Fern 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zoie is feeling like she is home

Day 6 for us now and she is acting like she is home!!! We are having company today!!  A lady and her Greyhound are coming for a play date. Now Zoie's people say she loves to play with other dogs, but I don't really know for sure!!  I will try to get some pictures and of course I will tell you all about how the date gos.  Kristy is a girl so we will see~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern

Monday, November 14, 2011

Zoie here 5 days now!!

Good morning Friends of Blogville.
Yay I got the picture to load only one!!! I did everything the same way as I did it then it loaded 2 of the same picture!!!  So I guess it was just Google.  ( I am very Dyslexic today!!! )
Zoie is the kind of dog I wanted!! She is right with me every step I take!!!!  I go to the bathroom she gos with me.  When we are outside she is always watching me and when she can't see me she comes looking for me!!!   She doesn't want to go someplace that I am not~~~~~~ so far!!!!   This is very good!!!

Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zoie day 4

I don't know what I am doing wrong with this 2 pictures loading at the same time thing, do you,, that are the same picture????   Strange!!!

I want to thank you so much for all your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I wish I had the time to answer each one.  I have this new dog of the start of day 4 and she is taking up all my time and will for at least 2 or 3 weeks. She was in need of so much attention!!!!  She is loving all the love I am giving her!!!  I am walking and playing with her so much more then I would have been able to if it were not for Tinker!!!!  Thank you Tinker.   I wish I could have 2 dogs!!!!    B/c  Zoie is not going anywhere I am not!!!!!!!!!!

Love coming your way,  Zoie and Fern     

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoie day 3

She is doing pretty good !!!!  She is wearing me out!!

Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern

Friday, November 11, 2011

Zoie with some pictures (hope)

Hi Blog Friends,
This is as good as it gets for now!!!  The top pic I took yesterday  and it is the only one that had all of her in.  The bottom 2 Tom took last night in the dark.
She is a big big girl.  She is so very sweet !!!    She is as tall as I am!!  Zoie is here b/c she needed a home so badly.  She is probably too big for me but I am going to try very hard to make it work.  She is still a puppy and I know it is going to be hard for me!!!  I am going to give it my best shot!!!!!
I'll try for better pictures tomorrow.
Love coming your way,  Happy (not happy)  Zoie and  Fern 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zoie is here

No pictures yet!!  I have to wait for Tom to come home tonight b/c the camera is not doing right!!!!! 

Zoie is a  BIG  girl.  A year old and not been spayed yet. She is a Weimaraner  (if that is how you spell it) !!! So far she is a sweet girl but she doesn't listen to you well at all.  I don't think she is use to people talking to her.  She is doing her job~~ by getting me moving!!  We have walked as far as I would have walked all day (without her around.) It is only almost 11 AM now.
This is a trail period for us!!  Last night Happy didn't like her at all!!!!!!!
One thing she is not and that is a bittie  face at least with me yet!!! 
She will not be digging out at least I don't think!!  She would have to dig a really big hole!!!!!
Maybe tomorrow pictures of her!!!!
I will not have the computer time for the next few days, giving my attention to her so I probably will not be commenting much.  Please excuse  me.>>>>>>>>>
Love coming your way ,  Happy, Zoie and Fern

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dog Visit tonight!!!

This evening a couple are bring a dog to meet me.  It is good that it will be this evening b/c Tom will be here to meet her too!!  It is not good b/c it will be dark and I will not have  a lot of pictures to show you.  But we will do our best .
This dog is about a year old.  She is alone everyday all day 12 hours a day while her people work.  She needs someone to stay with her  not be alone all the time.
She is suppose to be about 44 lbs.
I'll tell you more tomorrow!!!

Love coming your way, Happy & Fern

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I posted Monday & then down!!!!!

I posted Monday morning and as I hit publish my internet went down so I couldn't even see if it posted or not!!  Thank goodness it did publish!!!!  And thank-you everyone for your comments.  I also have had lots & lots of phone trouble since I got high speed so the people I called about getting a dog couldn't
 call me back.  So I still want a dog!!!  Mayzie is doing this rescue a dog week and I so want one!!!!  Funny!!!!
Anyway  I am just now back in business!!!  I have a phone and the internet  high speed is working!!!!
I would love to do another post about dogs that need a home but I don't know if I am going to find the time!!
Love coming your way, Happy &  Fern 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayzie's Dog Blog is giving away green papers!!!!

Mayzie Dog blog is giving away green papers to the rescue group they pick to have these green papers so I am trying to win some green papers for the rescue group that Tinker is from.  Now you all know Tinker needs a home.  She does need a home with at least one other hard playing dog b/c she loves to play hard!!!!
She does dig some in the yard and she did dig out of mine when she was here but I really don't think she would have if there had been another dog here for her to play with.  She was lonely with out another dog to play with!!
She should be about 9 months old now and weight about 30 lbs. She was very loving and she was sweet to Happy.  I would love to know she had a good home b/c I really wanted her to work out with me.  She keep digging under the fence to find another dog to play with!!
Go to Mayzie's blog and read all about it !!!
Love coming your way,  Happy & Fern

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy is so much better today!!!

Hi blogville  friends!!!  Happy is better today!!  Tom took her to the vets last night after dark at 7:30 PM.  Our vet is trying something new.  An after hours vet-- 5 nights a week!!! He is a young guy fresh out of medical vets school. I was right about Happy.  She had a fever and she has meds for the infection of the bladder, it is a liquid witch is easier to give her then pills.  So far so good!!!!

That first pic Tom took and no matter how many times I turned it right side up when it printed it cam out side ways!!!!   So that's the way you will see it!!

I am happy --- Happy feels better!!!!!!!!!

Love coming your way,  Happy cat & mom Fern

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy is NOT feeling good today!!!

Yes poor Happy is not feeling good today, she is trying to pee and only a drop or two will come out!!
We are going to have to take her to the vets later today if he can work her in, that is.
She probably has an infection of the bletter -------- I can not spell it darn!!!  My speller says it is wrong but all that it gives me is not right either.  How do you spell Blatter ????  No not that -----Blater -----?????????
I brought in some really pretty tomatoes today from the garden!!!  The garden would love some rain,
we haven't  had any for too long !!!!!! We are 2 feet short on rain fall so far this year!!!!  It was such a hot dry summer it was a challenge to garden!!

Love coming your way, Happy & Fern

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One word Wednesday

What do you think when you see this picture!!!!   Mayzie's Mom though of this and I love it!!

Thinker !!!!

Love ,  Happy & Fern

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still watting for a dog, Happy is doing her best.

Hi Bloggville  friends,  Yesterday I was having blurry problems.  Still a little today but a bit better.  Oil of Oregano is what is so good for allergies, and that is what I am taking.  My eyes a bit better today.
Above is our very old but very sweet Happy cat.  Happy does not purr very loud.
I really miss that. Happy does not sit on your lap,  I REALLY miss that.  She does sit or lay close to you but not on you!!  Happy is 19 to 21 years old and as old and set in her ways that she is, Tom (hubby) has decided she needed a change in her diet.  So now she is eating some raw meat everyday.  In the beginning she loved it but now 2 weeks later she is not loving it as much!!   Cats!!!!!!!!
Love coming your way,  Happy & Fern