Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, June 28, 2013

It is hot even in the AM

Our low was 76 this morning!!!  It is not cooling off much at night any more.  It is just hot all the time now!!!!  When it gets this way the strawberries get to coming to us by the thousands and the tomatoes by the hundreds.  So all my time is spent putting up tomatoes and strawberries.
We might have to buy another freezer this year if they keep coming!!!
Well I could can and Jam but I don't want to~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Love coming your way!!!
Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just another day

Circle there in my lap is so cute --I think!!!
The kittens love water--well not to get in but to play in!!!  If there is any water left in any container other then their drinking container they will play in it!!!  Just like the first picture.  That is Max up there getting ready to play in the water I put in the pan to wash fresh herbs for dinners salad!!!
There are 2 pieces of chives and 3 or 4 pieces of thyme in that water and that was only the begainning.  I had to chase him off many times before I was done.
Allie has a skin problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is Allie in the last picture..........  I am going to try to get Treats a bunch of people that help pay vets bills for cats that need a vets care and Allie does.
The hardest part about this whole thing is trying to find a vet that can help her skin problem. Our vet can not!!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some of my older pictures-- happy week-end

Hope you have enjoyed some of my older pictures tonight.
Happy week-end!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie,  Max, & Fern

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Years ago I was feeding a female coon I named Dottie.  Dottie had 3 babies.

I named one Johnny and one Donny and the girl Betty.  The raccoons babies stay with their mother through the summer fall and winter.  In late winter or very early spring the mother will run off the males.  Sometimes the males go away easily and sometimes it is very hard to run them off and it takes days and days and at times even weeks.  These poor boys don't know why they are being run off and it really hurts their feelings!!  In this process sometimes  the girl will leave too but usually the girl will stay around. Johnny and Donny were ones that it was very hard to run off. Their Sister left before the boys did.
The reason the coons run their male kids off is to keep from inter- breeding and it works really well.  ANYWAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Late winter Johnny after being gone for 3 years came home!!!  He came home to a place where the last 2 females had been killed by the fox that lived next door so he was welcomed!!!  He stayed out of the fence the way he had been taught years earlier. Johnny knew me as soon as he saw me and I knew him. People did you know that a coon will do a happy dance???  They will if they are happy enough!!!   He did!!!!  I went and got him food right away.  I talked to him while he ate.  He came back the next day and the next.  Johnny stayed around for about a week then was gone a day, then back with a female. They were 2 happy coons.  This lasted a couple of weeks. Then his girlfriend got herself killed!!!  Johnny was alone again but not for long.  He had another girlfriend with in a week and then another and then another. When they started taring up next door the girls left really fast but Johnny stayed.  He moved in the fenced in yard and found a tree.  This lasted for weeks -----  then Johnny was gone. He was gone only for a couple of days and then he was back with one of his girlfriends that he had here before. He was here only a few days then gone again.  We thought he was gone to get his other girlfriends but he has been gone to long now.  Maybe he is not coming back.  I have not named the girl coon he left here yet.  She is nursing babies.  I am sure they are Johnny babies.
What should I name her and people if they stay around long enough they learn their names!!  Really!!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern       

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday--almost

More to come about the coon story tomorrow.

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern
PS, posted this Tuesday night b/c I hope not to be up at midnight.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends.  We just love the week-ends around here.
The first picture is just 2 of our Thyme (the herb) plants.  We have 4 of them!! Fresh Thyme tastes so good.  I put a bunch of the fresh herb in our salads every night.  We eat a lot of fresh herbs  around here, they are so good for you.  We grow a bunch of mint too and Tom took a whole lot of that to the farmers market today for one of his friends there to sale, not for us.  He will sell them and kep the money he makes off them. He gives us stuff from time to time and that is a pay back.  Tom took him a bunch of hot peppers to sell too. It is good to see the farmers market doing so well  now a days.  Years ago it didn't do as well as it is doing now.
The two kittens are getting harder to tell apart as they get bigger.  They are as big as Circle now.  They will be 9 months come July.
Have a good one!!

Love voming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!!

Love coming your way,  Circle,  Allie,  Max,  &   Fern

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tom's birthday today

My Darling husband's birthday is today!!  It will be just another day, just like all the others---go to work--work 10 hours at his shop.  Come home safely (hope)  help fix dinner--have dinner-  work out in the yard for a few minutes. Watch a little TV... flea comb the cats.....Get ready for bed and the day will be almost over.   I put Tom to bed every night.  I kiss him a few times and then I rub his back for him usually until he is a sleep.  I love him so I do this for him.
He loves his back rubbed.  Who doesn't???
When you get older your birthday is no big deal any more!!!   LOL

Have a good week dear friends!!
Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie,  Max &  Fern  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tom fixed the picture!!

People I have such a good husband and I love him so much!!!!!  He is so good to me!!!!  He spent over 30 minutes fixing the other track photo---- go back and see it right side up!!!!   Yes the kittens love the track !!!  Allie loves it the most.  She will play with it by the hour.  Max will play with it for 5 to 7 minutes.  Circle will play hard with it for 3 or 4 minutes then she is ready to do something else.  So if you have been thinking about getting one for your cats it will depend entirely on the cat if she or he likes it or not.
Allie loves it---the other two say it OK but a pipe cleaner is more fun!!!  You can shove it under something and Mom has to get it out for you and that is the best fun of all!!!  Then shove it under something else!!!!  Now that is fun they say!!!

Love coming your way,  Circle,  Max, Allie, & Fern
Well he did fix it--the picture last night but this morning Blogger has put it back on it's side again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blogger wants it that way and they are the boss!!!   

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The track finally came!!!!

The track we order for the kittens 2 months ago finally came and I took a picture of them playing with it and the picture came up side ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Darn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  What did I do wrong!!!!
This is the stuff that is going on next door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love coming your way, Circle,  Allie, Max & Fern
PS---  My wonderful Tom fixed the picture being side ways!!!  It took aboit 30 minutes but he did it!!!!  YAY  for Tom 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Sunday dear friends

Happy Sunday!!! 
Have I told you Circle loves her belly rubbed???  I have never had a cat that liked her or his belly ribbed before!!!!  I have had dogs who did but not a cat!!!  Just another thing that she is more like a dog then a cat.
The picture of Circle in the cat tree is the top bed and in it two cats want to be in.  That is Circle and Max!!!   Up until now Circle has been boss cat but Max is planning a take over and I think Circle will step aside and let him have the lead. He is as heavy as she is now and he is almost as big.  He will be as big as she is really soon.
Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie, Max & Fern