Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello All,

Tom here,

With an update for Fern's many beloved friends and followers. The concussion Fern sustained was accompanied by a whip-lash type injury to her neck and upper back, as well as two broken ribs on the lower right. These injuries covered up the symptoms of a more serious problem, that being a Glioblastoma (GBM), which is a very aggressive fast growing, untreatable and incurable brain cancer. Initially I cut back to half days when we thought it was a concussion, but as she was not recovering, I stayed home full time to see what was going on. I saw symptoms of a larger problem and took her to the local emergency room. She was admitted and initially diagnosed with a tumor. A biopsy was done confirming the GBM. The size and location of the tumor ruled out any temporary treatment, which would have been worse than the disease at that point. I am getting some assistance from the "Big Bend Hospice" while I provide her full time care keeping her at home to give her the best possible quality of life for the duration. She is resting comfortably considering. She has lost almost all her vision, so cards, letters, pictures, etc will do her no good. She sometimes still  has good moments when she can recognize the names of some of her blog buddies when I talk about them.

Fern loved to blog and loved the interaction with the other bloggers and followers, many of who became good friends off the screen as well. Fern put it all out there, what you see is what you get.

As I am not working, a friend of mine has set up a fund to assist in the expenses for taking care of Fern during this time of need. while I do not like to or want to have to ask for your assistance, it is necessary for me to do so, so if you have enjoyed Fern's blog over the years and seen what a wonderful person she is please help any way you can while I take care of my soul mate, best friend, love of my life.

Thank You