Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to all my friends!!!

I miss that beautiful girl so much!!!
We are going to bed before the new year comes!!!
Happy New Year to you all!!!

Love coming your way, Fern

Friday, December 27, 2013

Eye is a littler better

I am not seeing as blurry as I was but still not seeing good. 

One of these days I will have to give up blogging just b/c I can not read your blogs any more!!!   Without being able to drive b/c I can not pass the eye test it will make a very lonely life for me.  If I had all your phone ## I could keep up with you that way, but most of you don't like to talk on the phone---even my own daughter-in law and my grand-daughter hate the phone!!!  They use the computer instead!!!  I have the writing as large as it will go.  But still!!!!
So I will not probably be to everybodies blog but I'll be wishing I could!!!

Love coming your way!!!  Fern

Monday, December 23, 2013

Too much too long --- can not see

Well I have done it!!!  been on the computer way too much and i can not see at all!!!   Happy new Year dear friends!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to me--- tomorrow

It is Hell to have a birthday 3 days before Christmas!!!!   REALLY!!!!!
Everybody --everybody just says happy birthday to me at Christmas time!!
It gos like this  Happy birthday -- Merry Christmas always together!!!  It is almost as bad as being born on Christmas.....  I never had a birthday party in my life!!! I have had very few gifts for  just my birthday in my life!!  It has always been combined.  Sadly I have lived on this earth now 78 years tomorrow and IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER ANY MORE!!!!

I use to be sick so much of my life.  I didn't have a good start in life.  My first husband beat me every so often!!!  I drank to forget!!!  My diet was awful!!!  I never dreamed I would live this long!!! I was married to a bad husband for 25 years!!!  The only good thing that came out of that marriage was two boys.  They are both complaining of getting old now!!!  LOL 

Then Tom came into my life and I knew right away things could be different!!   They are so very different now--- thank GOD!!!!!   Thank Tom too!!!  I stopped drinking-- cold turkey!!! It took a long time for Tom to see I really needed a diet change but he did see it and for 8 years now we eat super healthy!!!  
This is me now at 78 tomorrow!!!!
Merry Merry Christmas to all out there in Blogvile!!!
Love coming your way,  Fern

Friday, December 20, 2013

The last instalment on Joker

Joker hardly ever barked!!!   All my 3 sight hounds hardly ever barked!!  Do amy of you know of a barking sight hound????  They are such quiet dogs!!!! Joker was real friendly too.  When we were out walking if someone would come up to me he would wag his tail and be friendly unless you touched me----- then if he could get to you he would bite you.  He didn't want any stranger touching me!!!!!  Joker did bite two people!!!!!
My oldest son came one day out of the blue to see his Mom and he didn't call first.  I didn't have the time to prepare Joker for the visit!!  He came to the gate and we went out to let him in and so fast he came to me to kiss me hello and Joker bit him!!   It was only a nip, didn't even brake the skin but it happened.  Joker had never seen this man before and that man come right up to his Mama and kissed her!!!!  Only Daddy can do that!!!!

The other man Joker bit was a repair man.  I don't even remember what he came to repair now!!  So long ago!!!  This man was here for a couple of hours I remember that!!!  Everything was fine until the end.  He gave me the bill and I wrote a check out for him and gave it to him. He was standing there talking to me and then he reached out to touch me and Joker bit him so fast!!!  He bit him good too.  We saw blood!!! He said he was only going to shake my hand but I am not sure about that!!!  He was being very friendly!!!!  Too friendly as far as Joker was concerned!!!  He was not mad at Joker or me thank goodness!!!  We doctored his hand with Joker just inches away from him... He said it was his fault!!  That Joker seemed so friendly  that he didn't think anything about shaking my hand!!!  Said he knew better and that it was his fault.
He left and thank God we never heard from him again!!!
Joker loved his home and his mom so very much and nobody should touch his Mom but our Daddy.  I was so safe with him around!!!
Joker developed kidney failure at a very old age for a big dog!!!  We had to help him to the bridge in 91.  I saw so lonely with out him!!!   He was so much company for me.   I was without a dog for 3 months after Joker left.
I adopted Amanda in 91..... She was a Whippet who was 4 and a half years old again from Ga...

Love coming your way,  Fern

Monday, December 16, 2013

Trying to walk Joker on leash

Joker had not spent a lot of time on leash!!!  That turned out to be so very evident!!!!!  He pulled me something awful!!!  He really hurt my shoulder.  At first we just walked around the yard for about a month.  Then on leash for a few days in the yard.  THEN REST my poor shoulder!!!  On a new week we tried walking on leash out back in a path to a dirt road.  He loved it but he still pulled me way too much.  But it was a good start!!!  We started slowing walking out back every morning.  At first it was short walks.  As time went by everyday we tried to walk just a little further.
By the time we had walked a year we were up to 3 miles a day.   By the end of Jokers life life we had gotten up to 5 miles a day. He still pulled me too much tho!!!  He loved it, those walks, so much and I think it helped him live a very long life.  My shoulder suffered a lot in those years and is still in bad shape b/c  of those years of pulling on me.   I never got him to stop pulling on me!!!!
I have one more post about Joker that I will post sometime this week. 

Love coming your way, Fern

Friday, December 13, 2013

More about my Joker

Joker with the big smile on his face!!!  This picture was taken just a few weeks from when we got him.
Joker loved all other animals.  Our place back then was all wooded and so was the North neighbors and the south neighbors---all woods!!!   We saw wild animals every single day here.  We saw deer, wild pigs, foxes,  possums, raccoons, rabbits,and of course squirrels.  Bruce who was my dog before Joker would kill any he could catch!!!  I felt so sorry for the ones he killed but I could not stop him from doing it.   Joker --bless his heart-- just loved them all and never ever killed one!!!  Never chased them either.  As time went by he became friends with some. It was really something special to see!!!!!  All the coons loved him!!!
He changed my life around here.  I use to be afraid of the wild animals and he showed me how not to be afraid......  

The week-end is coming and I love the week-ends!!!  I truly hope you have a wonderful one!!  There is more to Joker's story so this will continue on Monday.
Love coming your way, Fern
PS--- The top two photos are my Christmas cactus.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

more about Joker

When we went to see Joker up in Ga. where we got him, we didn't think we were going to bring him home that night!!!  So we didn't have a bed made up for him!!!   Poor Joker couldn't find a place to sleep!!!  I piled some area rugs up for him to sleep on but that was not what he was use to sleeping on so he would just stand there looking at me with this puzzled look on his face. We were up half the night trying to fine something he would lay down on???  Finally I put some blankets down next to our bed and he reluctantly laid down and went to sleep!!!

The next morning he was up and ready for his new world.  He ate the dog food I had left from Bruce OK but not a lot!!  That is something else I had to do,,, get food for him!!!  I took him out and he didn't want to get off the concrete onto the grass!!!!  Just like last night!!   He kept picking up his feet
in the grass trying to stand out there with me without his feet touching the grass.  It was so funny I couldn't help but laugh!!!   My laugh pleased him!!!  It took about an hour but finally he realized the grass wasn't going to hurt him and he spent another hour trying to find a place to go pee & poop. 
Joker slept on the piled up blankets for about a week before Tom bought a twin size mattress of foam and cut it in half and I made covers for it.  I made 4 covers for the cover that covered the foam. So I could keep a pretty clean cover on his bed all the time!!   He loved his new bed VERY MUCH!!!!  He knew that we were making a bed for him and he was so pleased with it.  In the cooler weather I put a electric sheet under the outer cover on his bed so he could have warmth to sleep on.  He loved that too!!
Joker was so pleased with his new home he would just go around with a big smile on his face all the time!!!!!
The other half of the foam mattress, I made another dog bed for Tom's sister's dog.  We gave it to her for Christmas that year.

More about Joker next time!!

Love coming your way, Fern

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday memories-- Joker

Joker came to us in 1984.  I don't remember if he was 6 or 7 years old.  He had been born in a kennel and lived in a kennel all that time!!!   With him and I, it was love at first sight!!!  We brought him home and he didn't want to get out of the car???  It turns out he did not want to step in the grass!!!!
It took a while but we finally got him in the house and he did not know what to do in here either !!!!   Poor baby!!!  He had never been in a house either before!!!  It was so many firsts  for Joker that night and for the next few days.  I am sure it was very hard on him but we were very patient with him and tried to teach as we went along.  It turned out he was very smart and eager to learn.  He loved me so much and I loved him so much!!!!! 

I don't have a lot of pictures of him from that time or any time that he was with me b/c we were just not taking a lot of pictures back then.  I am going to tell you all about Joker in the next few posts.  I can not think of any thing to post about so Joker it is!!!  LOL

love coming your way, Circle, Max, Allie & Fern

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We will not have a Christmas tree!

Last year when the kittens were just 2 months and  2 weeks, old we didn't have a tree in the house!!!  They were wild Indians then!!!!  They are still pretty much wild Indians!!!!!  I have been told that Bengal cats stay pretty much wild Indians most of their lives!!  As long as they feel good that is!!
THEY FEEL  GOOD!!!!!!!!!  This poor house has really suffered!!
That is OK tho!!!  They are so so soooooooo loving and sweet to us.  Max will sit by the back door when it is time for Tom to come home from work and wait for him and I know that Tom will be home within 5 or 10 minutes!!!  He always is!!!! Max knows Tom is coming home, that  he is getting close.  Max is the only one who does that.

Today I am cooking soup and making critter food!!!  Yes I am a crazy old lady!!!!   LOL
Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max and Fern