Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here is Tinker

Angela sent me a picture today of my new dog that she will be bringing me tomorrow at 6 pm.
What do you think??
I like what I see a LOT!!!!!!!
See you tomorrow or Tuesday!!
XX, Fern

Friday, July 29, 2011

The dogs I have loved so dearly

Rescued Joker in October 84
Amanda rescued September 91
Bambi rescued March 3th 98
Bruce got as a 7 weeks old puppy March 76 days after I came home from having cancer surgery. Bruce was the puppy from my first hubby's dog Hank. Can you say you loved one more then another???? At the time they were in my live I would say I loved that one most. After they have been gone for a long time it is clear who is the one or two that stands out!!!
How about you? Are you the same way??
Love coming your way, Fern and Angel Bambi

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lots of Words Wednesday

I have signed up to foster a dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I surely hope it doesn't hurt Happy!!!!!!!!!!!! She is really old and doesn't move around much any more!! She has missed Bambi so much. She stays glued to me all day long except when I go outside. When I am on the computer she is on a bench right beside me. When in the kitchen she is laying right in the way on the floor. When in the living room she is on the arm of my chair. She has never been a sit in your lap kinda girl.
She misses her friend.

I just found out that I will get a dog Monday night about 6 to 6:30 Pm. They are going to bring Tinker out for me to keep and see if she is a fit for our little family. She is a mutt and weights about 24 lbs. Of course you will have pictures Monday night or Tuesday morning. When time permits. Being a strange dog I will be hands on every minute. So you all will know how it is going as soon as possible cause I will be sharing all with you.

Love coming your way, Fern

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am on my way

Yesterday I told Face-book that I was ready to get another rescue dog!!
They came through big time. Sally and a girl named Penny have been very helpful. I am now in touch with a girl right here in Tallahassee that has a mixed whippet and she said if she is too big she will find me a dog that is smaller. So that means we will not have to travel!!!!! That is so good b/c we have no ac in the truck. Our truck is a 93 with the old style ac so to fix it every ac part has to be changed over to the newer system.
That not having to travel is one problem handled. Thank the Lord!!!
My dear friends, I have to spend much time today cooking so I will not be able to get to your blog and comment. I want to talk to you guys so much but I have to much house work to do so I will see you all tomorrow.
Love coming your way. Fern

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friends and raccoons

Hi Blogville Friends, Monday is memories day and I will get into some memories but first I would like to say to Sweet William the Scot I tried to get to your blog yesterday and when you click on your profile page there is no web site or blog to go to so it is a dead end. Does anyone know Sweet William???? If you do please tell me how to get to him!! Please!!

I have told this story 2 times before but for the new friends of mine the story about the feeding of the coons and possums....... I moved to this half built house on 3 acres of wooded land 38 years ago this month!! This land was in a pretty wild state when I moved here. I paid cash for this land and half built house. Have never had a mortgage on this land!!
Word of advice do not move into a unfinished house b/c if you do it will never get finished. There was so much wild life living here!!!!!!!!!!! They were every where!!! Including in the house. I was afraid of them all too.
I had two young boys. Well not so young . We made do with what we had and we had raccoons and possums. I tried to shoe them away. I tried for years but in the end I realized they were a big part of what I bought. So I started to put some table scraps out back about 200 ft from the house.
In 75 I bought 2 and one half acres of chain link fence to inclose a lot of my land. Then there was a back fence and a gate to keep the wild animals out of the patio and land I THOUGHT !! No it didn't!! It did not ever slow them down. So I started buying 50 lbs of dog food and started to feed them out back of the fence. I have feed hundreds in the last 30 years.......
You get to know them and they get to know you. There is no possums or coon that will attack you unless they have rabies. In 38 years of living with them I have only seen 2 sick animals. One possum had rabies and when you see one you know it has rabies!! I shot that poor baby. One coon was sick with distemper . We took him to the vets!! He lived through is sickness and was so happy to be home and feeling good he was real friendly after that!! You could almost say he was a pet.
I do not touch one unless I have know them for years and then only to doctor a wound. I have doctored many over the years!!! They seem to know that I would not hurt them!!! In 38 years no one has ever tried to hurt me!! So I would say from my experience they are not as dangerous as people think.
I said I would get to memories but I think I have said enough for one day.

Love coming your way, Fern

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raccoons on Wordless Wednesday

Love coming your way, Fern and Angel Bambi

Monday, July 18, 2011

Had Rain over the week-end YAY

Yes we had a little rain over the week-end!!! Thank-you Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your kind and helpful idea's about fixing the fence.
One--- you said take a picture of the creamed fence. Well--- that part of the yard has not been maintained in--- since the tree dropped one of it's BIG ARMS on the poor fence!!!! You can not see where that is b/c of all the growth of greenery. It would take days of cleaning up all the greenery to see where the fence was!! Well people,,,I am not up to cleaning all that stuff out!!! I am a 75 year,, old rolling down the hill to 76 lady. My age is one reason I want a smaller dog next time. I can't walk the amount of time a dog of Bambi's size needs when young!!
I would like two dogs so they could exercise each other. But we can not afford two!!!
Tom thinks HE CAN FIX the fence!!! Well truth be told he could if he had the time and energy!!!! that is a big IF!!! He works 12 to 13 hours a day at the shop!! Doing big heavy work on big trucks. He comes home so tired. He is not that young guy he use to be either!!! We are in a fix!!
I am thinking that when it is time I will just get a dog and bite the bullet and the dog will be on leash when it wants to go out and I will not be on the computer so much any more!!! I will miss you all so much!!!
Love coming your way. Fern

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A fence that is 35 years old!!

Hi Friends, thirty five years ago I had a chain-link 6ft fence put up around 2 and a half acres of our 3 acres. We live on a very busy highway.
That fence is still here. It has been through hurricanes, one tornado, and lots of abuses from the critters. It has stood through 4 dogs. One corner of the fence is completely down b/c a big oak limb fell on it about 6 years ago. Why didn't Bambi leave the fenced area you asked?? The gate could have been wide open and she would not go out of that gate!!! She knew were the fence would have been if it was still up, so she never crossed that line. She was a very smart girl!! Tom would say, you couldn't run her off with a stick!!! She knew where her home was and she stayed!!!
Now I am thinking of a new dog and I don't have a secure fence and don't have the money to fix all the places the need to be fixed!!!!!! I have had a couple of people out to give me an estimate. They want a lot to fix it!!!!
Even repairing just the one corner is more then we can afford!! I really want to be able to let a dog out with out having to take them out on leash.
I have such good dogs I know that in just a short time as long as I was out with them I could trust them.
Tell me what you think about this please.
xx, Fern

Monday, July 11, 2011

Twenty Nine Years Today.

Twenty nine years ago Tom and I became a couple!!! I still love this man more then I did 29 years ago. He is so good to me!! He is way better to me then any other human has ever been to me!!!!!!!! And after 29 years together he is still way better to me!!
Have a wonderful week, Fern

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tropical Moisture Suppose to be Coming

Hi Friends, tropical moisture is suppose to be here if you look at TV . We have had one tenth so far today. We had one tenth yesterday.

The garden is a little happier. I truly hope we do have some real rain from this little band of moisture. Above is our cayenne pepper. They are doing pretty good this year. They like it hot!! A good part of our garden in container gardening b/c of the critters.
We also have a large front garden that is in the ground and we have only lost some from the critters there. That is the garden that is hurting from the heat the most. That garden has egg plant that is doing OK. Sweet bell peppers that is not doing good at all b/c of the heat. Hot peppers that are struggling. Those are the Thai Hot peppers. They are trying but really not doing great.
The Strawberries have just been wonderful . They are sweet and bountiful. They have been giving since March. Since it has been so hot not like 30 or 40 a day but like 20 to 4 or 5 a day. We have been eating berries from the garden everyday since the 10th of March.
The tomatoes have tasted real good but they have not produced like the years 09 and 10 did. A lot fewer in number. A lot of them split when you pick them. those get eaten tho too!!
It has not been the good garden year people. Everything has suffered from the heat!! Well all most everything!!!
Have a great week-end my Friends!!
Love coming your way, Fern

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday memories

Hey blog- ville friends This was the beginning of our parsley. Now we have 4 pots of parsley. So we have enough. We put parsley in everything.
This is our third year for food gardening. Each year it has grown!!! This year it has not done as well as the other two years. Why you asked, b/c of the heat!!!!!! Like our sweet bell peppers. The sweet bells will not set fruit if the temperature is over 95 degrees. All of May and June we have had a very few days under 95 degrees!!!!! So we have had very few bell peppers.
Some of our Day-lilies. They too have suffered from the heat.
Sweet Bambi. When I first got her we always went to a park to walk b/c they were building a 6 lane road in front of our house. It has been done 12 years now and the road has saved a lot of lives. Before the road was done someone died every few months now never any deaths on the new road.
When the road was done we walked right around our house. Out in front of and up and down the street and even some in the back of our house. She loved her walks!!
One of my beautiful roses that I tended to daily!!! 365 days a year.
Have a good week dear friends, Fern

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Forth of July

I hope you have one of the best 4th ever. We are suppose to have 100 degrees or higher for the three day week-end. No rain. Most all are happy with that forecast around here.
On Thursday I went to a foot Doc and had most of the nail cut off my two big toes. So I will not be doing a lot of walking. I hope to see you on Sunday or Monday.
Happy times, Fern and Angel Bambi