Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Gate Roses

Remember when I said I had a couple of pictures of the gate roses. I still have not found those
pictures! I ask Tom this last weekend to take a couple of the gate roses with the new camera.
He did and here they are. As you can see they are not in focus. Tom says that the image was too
big to put on the blog so he scaled them down and lost resolution. Me, I don't know??
Anyway here they are!!! ( I will keep looking for those pictures )
The gate roses bloom from May until the first freeze. Some years we have not had a freeze and they just happily kept blooming.

Again I thank-you for coming to read my blog!! It makes me feel good when you come.
Love ya, Fern

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Second Born Son

Hello friends, meet my second born son. Donald. We called him Donnie all his young years and when he started to work in the family business, we called him Don. Don was born in to a family that had a gas station!! I worked the station after the first 6 months of the start of the business. Because my first hubby was in big trouble! The gas company had put him on a cash only status.
My first, worked the railroad. He had this dream of having his own gas station.. So he talked me
into getting this gas station for him and if it did not work out he would still have his job on the railroad. It cost $ 800.00. Now this was a long long time ago, and that was a lot of money.
So after just 6 months he was ready to lose all that money, I could not let that happen. I made a deal with the oil company to let me handle all the bills and run the business. Why the oil company let me take over I'll never know, I was only 21 years old. I have David who was only two years and 5 months old and really just a child myself. I went to work and I worked all most 25 years and saved that business and we ended up having 4 more stations before it was all
Well everybody, you have learned more about me with this post. Yes!!
I really enjoy your visits please come again. Love you all, Fern

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big-Big Wheels

My Tom is really not all well yet, but he worked all day yesterday. Today he drove to Lake City,
2 hour drive to purchase these very large tires and wheels and axles.
Tom has a customer who wants the biggest and badest MUD truck at the mud hole! These tires
are over 5 feet tall and the axles are 5 ton axles. The customer had come to Tom's shop to talk
about it over a year ago. So these two men have been talking about this truck for over a year....
How much is it going to cost the customer wants to know. Tom worked up an estimate. Oh that is too much the customer says!! I can't pay that much!! Tom , says then you can't have the biggest truck. To make a very long story short, the customer has hired one man to build the top
part of the truck, and Tom to build the under-carriage. We will see how that works out!!
I know that this post will not be as much fun for most of you. It is not cute like David's post but
I really wanted to tell you all about the big stuff Tom works on and the danger he puts himself
in all the time. I worry about him!!!!!!!!!
Again I thank-you for coming to read my blog!
Love you all, Fern

P.S. I know badest is not a real word but people use it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My First Born at 15 months

Meet my first born son. He was 15 months old and had been walking for about a month.
He loved to walk. He took such joy in walking, he wanted to walk all the time. He would wear me out. Look at his face, you can see the joy in his face. David was ready to go all day long....
We were at his Grandmothers house that day. We lived about 25 miles away from her at the time, so she saw him often. My Mother would come and see David at least once a week and she expected me to come and see her once a week. That put a lot of exposure of David's Grandmother in his life and he remained close to her all the rest of her life.

David would walk and walk and walk!!!!

I hope you enjoyed meeting my first born son. He is grown up to be a father of one girl. His wife wanted more kids but David said one was enough. So one is all it is going to be. Cathy my daughter-in law has now had a hysterectomy. So there will be only one for them.
I enjoy your comments, so talk to me.
Love you all, Fern

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Animal Lover at 17 years old

In the later part of my Mother's life, she started to paint pictures with oil base paint. She painted flowers, landscapes, beach scenes and animals. Mother had painted probably seven years when she said she wanted to paint a portrait. She painted a picture of herself and a girl-friend. The picture was taken in their senior year of high school. She worked on that for probably a year. I really do not know if she ever finished it.
I got a phone call from her one day saying she was painting a portrait of me...... O K , witch one I ask. She said the one that was taken of me in a portrait class that I took. I took a class in photography and in that class there was a part in portrait taking,( a very small part)
Anyway she was painting a picture of me. This is the finished picture. Me at 17 years old.

Thank-you so very much for coming to read my blog. Do come again please.
Love ya, Fern

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My Tom is sick. We really do not know what flu it is. He has not been to a doctor, and he probably will not go. He started getting sick Thursday night. He was sick Friday morning but he went to work anyway. By Friday night he was pretty sick. He was sick Saturday and Sunday. Monday AM. He said he had to go in, he had an appointment. Tom went to work. He was home by 10 AM. He showered and went to bed.
This morning he said he had to go in and he went. Tom spent until about 3:30PM at work, than came home. After dinner tonight he said, I think I am getting better!
I wanted you to know why I have not been on-line as much as usually.
I am sure you all are with me hopping Tom really is better tonight.
Come back to see me tomorrow night and if he is better I will post.
Love you all, Fern

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hand Bag made to go with Love Vest

This is the hand bag I made to go with the Love vest. It has handles I made that have decorative
stitches in gold metallic thread. You can not see the handles because I put then inside the bag. If I had left them outside (the way they are ) it would get in the way of seeing the decorative stitches on each side of the bag. The first picture is the side that has Amanda's head on it..
It also has a lot of decorative stitching in both gold and silver thread. Embroidery roses also.
The next picture is the other side of just embroidery roses and decorative stitching.

The hand bag is setting on my work table. I iron on that, I cut on that table. In general, I do everything there except sew there.
Thank-you so very much for coming to visit me on my blog. My visitors are my favorite people!
Please come again soon. I'll be looking for you. Love, Fern

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Collar & First Quilt

Hello! This is the first collar that I made. It is embroidery on the Viking sewing machine. All done by machine. It is tricky to do, because the placement of everything has to be just right.
The picture below is my very first quilt I ever did. The group that I belonged to made baby quilts for the local hospital. This was made for them. It is not very good but, they took it happily. I have a real problem with straight as you can see. I was doing a lot better last June with the baby quilt I pieced in June, that I don't have quilted yet, because of the fall, on July First. I thank-you for coming to see my blog. I really appreciate your friendship and your following along with my life. Please come again soon and if you are not a follower, please push my follow button. Thank-you! See you again soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat Quilt, and Happy

This picture of the Cat Quilt was quilted by a women in my sit and stitch group, back in the day I belonged to one . When I lost Amanda, I joined a sit and stitch group to stay away from the house. It was so painful to be home, because, I could see her everywhere I looked! I needed something to help me get over her being gone. When I joined the first thing I made was a hand bag. Then I started on my Love Vest. I had , had to give up my roses and then in just months later, Amanda died! It was just too much! Making that vest got me though it all.....
Below, our sweet Happy is resting on the patio. She goes through spells, of sleeping one place, then another place, will be her spot. Those spots last weeks. Then she finds another spot she sleeps in for weeks. That is our Happy.

Thank-you so much for coming to see me! I love my visitors! Please come again soon.
Love you all, Happy, Bambi and Fern

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The day I turned seven

Hi everybody!! We are back to work and our normal duties. Hope you all had a very good week-end. We did not go anywhere away from home. We were in our beds every night, We did take day trips tho, and I am sorry, I did not take the camera. Don't tell Tom, but the camera he got for me is too heavy to carry around. It is a wonderful camera, it does everything, but too heavy for me.
Do you remember when I told you about the Christmas we got to Florida? My Grandmother sent me a red satin dress? Here you see the red satin dress... The year she sent it , it was too large! I couldn't wear it for almost 2 years. This picture was taken on my 7 birthday. I wore that dress out!! I wore it to school, to the club where Dad worked, and to a dance hall that my Mother when on Sunday nights to dance with the men in uniform. I did love that dress!!!
The picture below is of my Mother and me and my pretty red dress!
I am going blog hopping now and see what my friends did for the holiday. See you soon I hope.
Love you all, Fern

P. S. The dog in the picture is a poodle that belonged to a neighbor that I walked down to the end of the park everyday. I also walked Tippie down there at least once aday.
See Ya,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day Week-end

I want to tell you all that Tom and I are going to take a few days for ourselves. I don't know if we are going anywhere or just stay home. Often when we do that we really do not go away from home. We just vacation at home!! Anyway I want to wish you all a very happy Labor Day Week-end!! I hope you have a safe and fun time. I don't know what we will do but I can tell you it will be fun!!! See you all again September 8 th.
Lots of Love, Bambi, Happy, and Fern

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More questions answered

6- Four words to describe yourself. I am a lover! I love my husband very much and I love the animals very much!! I am a Mother of two grown sons. With male children you do not keep as close as you would if they were girls. Both of my sons do not live close to me, so I do not hear from them real often. I am a grandmother of one grand-daughter! The last time I saw my Grand-daughter was last Christmas. I do talk to her pretty often tho by phone. I am a loner!!!!
When I was a little girl I was alone all the time. I was alone at night! I was alone most all day!
I had no family except Mom and Dad, and they were away or sleeping . So I learned to be alone!
7- What was your highlight or your low light of 2008? Pain!!!!!!!
8-Favorite film? That is very hard... just one? The only one I own on D V D is Dirty Dancing so I guess that is my favorite.
9- Tell me something I don't know about you? I am dyslexic!!! Words are very hard for me!!!
Tom bought an Franklin Ace speller and that helps a lot and the computer helps a lot and writing you all has helped a lot!! It still takes me three times longer for me to leave a comment
on your blog than it would take you.
10- If you were a comic strip who would be ? I would be Super Man!!
Well you have learned a lot today about me!!
I do thank-you for coming to see me !!!!!!!!! Please come again soon and if you are not a follower please push that follow button, please!!
Love you all, Fern