Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, July 31, 2009

I am out of steam

Yes, I am out of steam! I have coon pictures and Bambi pictures and Happy pictures, and that is all I have right now. I have not quilted since June 30th and I am not going to for awhile. So what am I going to blog about?? I am boring!!! Nobody is interested! I don't know when I will be back. Fern

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wheely Wednesday

We call him Blue! Tom bought him in 1976. He was just a stock little Jeep then. It did not take long for him to start growing. Blue is a big part of our lives, he even took us on our honeymoon. We got a lot of looks on the highway.
Good people I am going to say goodnight for now. Tell next time. Fern
Happy Wheely Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little trailer

In the picture of me and my first dog was the little trailer we lived in until I was 7 years old. The trailer was 12 feet long. Can you imagine thee people living in a 12 ft. space. I lived it and I can not imagine it!!! I had no bed. I slept on a bench in the breakfast nook. When I got bigger they put a board across the nook between benches. I slept on that board. Today I love hard beds.
In the day time my Mom and Dad slept. They kept me tied out side with Tippie, tied to the trailer hitch. In that picture I see a very sad little girl and a very sad little dog.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

My first dog

Meet Tippie! She was so sweet. She deserved so much better than she had to endured living with us and I say that loosely. She really did not even get to live (with) us, she lived outside.

No matter the weather. On the ground! I cry every time I think of her. She never got walked.

She got so little.

These are young coons having a shoving match. I don't know why, only they know what the dispute was all about. Not food, that's all gone.

Sweet Miss Amanda. Then I had Joker we walked every day out back in the woods. There is trails and dirt roads back there. Joker loved it. Amanda did not. So after awhile I started to take her to a park. She liked that much better. We would go in the mornings, not a lot of people then. She did not like to be around other dogs. Funny that's where she lived when I got her, in a kennel. She must have been very unhappy there.

I am gong to say good night. I will be back.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quality Time

For those of you who do not think that dogs and cats can be very good friends, I show you this!
Amanda and Tiger asleep in Amanda's chair with her arm around Tiger. They really were special friends!
This is the rose that men give to their sweetie, the American Beauty! An old variety, But it sure lives up ti it's name!

Meet my Mother.. She looks so sweet. Sometimes she was sweet. One of the times you could count on her being sweet was when I was pregnant. She treated me the best then. My Mother had a lot of mental problems. When she was 10 her Mother gave her to an aunt and uncle to raise. She never got over that.
Well my friends I am tired. I hope you enjoyed tonight look into my life. If you are not a follower please push my button and become a follower
Hugs Fern

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No pictures tonight

My Father was a piano player in night clubs. My Mother was very jealous of my Dad being around women who were drinking because for sure they would want him! So her answer to this was to go to work with him every night. I was an alcohol syndrome, drug syndrome, and she smoked, baby. I knew all this when I was a young girl. I did not know how much damage it had done to my body. In the 90's all my troubles started. I was so tired, I could not breathe, and I was hurting and hurting! Tom started taking me to doctors. They took x rays and said my cervical spine was in bad shape. The x rays showed my bones were like paper. Tom wanted them to find better results. He took me to the people hospital in Gainsville. They found I had under developed lungs and I had asthma, I had thyroid inactivity and my bones on my lower body where in good shape but the ones in the upper half were very thin and the least little thing could render me paralyzed. So here we are!!Iam not as bad as they said I am but I am not good.
The fall into the wall July the 1st has really done some damage. I am walking and doing a lot of things but I am not living like a normal preson. That is my life. I just wanted you to know.
I wasn't up to putting on pictures tonight. Maybe tomorrow. See you than I hope.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Miss Amanda

I called her Miss Amanda because she was such a lady. She was prissy. She was an angel!! She was a delight to have around. She cost us the most of any animal we have ever had. Amanda had internal problems and she had a rare form of anemia. The vets around here could not put there finger on what was wrong, so we ended up taking her to Gainsville to the veterinarian
hospital. They did over 3,000.oo$ worth of tests to find this all out. After there was weekly maintenance after that. Amanda came to us in September 91. We took her to Gainsville in 93, & she left us at 10 years old in 97. I did not want another dog for a long time . By March of 98 I was ready for another rescue dog. Bambi came home with us March 5 98.
Tom says I don't gave Happy enough time. We love happy very much! She picked us, we did not pick her. We were without any animals from June 97 until Happy came in January 98. We had lost a cat from a heartattack in that June. It was the 1st time in I could not remember when that we did not have a animal. Of course we were feeding the birds and the other outside critters, so it did not feel so lonely. When Happy showed up I was ready for her. It was a pleasant surprised when she just walked up saying here I am , I have picked you. Than when we took her to the vets and learned she had been spayed it was a great bonus.

Bambi loves corn on the cob!!! Really she loves a lot of vegetables. But corn is probably her favorite. Here she is finishing of an ear.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tiger loved Amanda too!

Meet Amanda. She was a Whippet. Also a rescue from the Greyhound rescue place in Thomasville Ga. She was 4 and half when we got her. I did not know at the time she had a lot of health problems. More about that later. She also was a kennel dog. She had been bred to be shown and breed to make money for the kennel. They did show her and she won her Championship. The day she got her 15 points what it takes to be a champion they closed the van door on her. That was the end of her. They had her spayed and started to try to find her a home.
I don't know how long they looked or what they did on her behalf.
I had lost Joker in summer of 91 and I missed him like you would not believe. So in September 91 we went to Ga. to see if they had a dog that would replace Joe. I fell in love at 1st sight.We brought her home about 10 days later..

Tiger loved her too at 1 st sight. It took a few days for Amanda to warm up to him. But they became as good of friends as Tiger and Joe were.

My sweet girl is out in the yard and she thinks there is a mole down there some place. She will dig one up in a flash, and kill it, bang it is over in a blink.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bambi at play

Today our Daddy is home and Bambi loves her Daddy. This is her way of showing it. She drags her toys out and plays with them all. Bambi is a very sweet dog. She works very hard to please her people. She will do anything you ask her to do. I don't know why people kept bringing her back to the shelter. When we got her she was 4 months old and had kennel cough. If I had not got her they would not have had to put her to sleep. The vet said she was just a couple of days from dying. He told her that she had won the lottery. Your going to a real good home girl!
Keep reading there is some real good pictures in the next 4 posts. Thanks for the visit Fern

Friday, July 17, 2009

Joker the Ibizian Hound

Joker is an Ibizian Hound. He was a rescue dog that was 5 and a half years old when we got him.
He had never been in a house before the first night he spent in our home. I expected some probablems. We really didn't have any. He learned the 1st time, everytime. Every time I showed him what to do, that was the only time I had to show him. He was a very smart boy! On his headstone it says Joe, so very special.
This is my hybrid tea rose garden. I tended that garden everyday of the year no matter what.
Everyday I pruned the roses. Every week I sprayed the roses. I weeded every day. I fertilized
every month. I loved my roses so much! I was very proud to be able to have show quality roses.
We had the big garden and the roses and I canned and jamed. I worked 6 to 8 hours in the yard
every day. Then canned in the evening. I worked myself into big spine trouble. After 12 years I had to give it all up.

Meet my humming birds. When I was working in the garden one would come right up to my face and just hover there, looking into my eyes. It was the biggest thrill. I get so much enjoyment from the animals. They mean so much to me . All of them.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The garden and my Tom

How do you like those tomatoes? We had a lot of them that year! We actually had a very big garden that year. It was a very good growing year! Our garden was all organic.
Meet my loving, very hard working husdand. He is in business for him self. He has no one work for him because he does almost all specialty work. He can not find anyone else that can do that kind of work. He builds big specialty trucks usually from ground up. Tom is a very smart man and I am very proud of him!

I got my baby quilt top ready to quilt today. I found a flannel light blue in my stash for the backing and it is basted and ready to quilt. See you next time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The baby quilt top

This is the baby quilt top I finished about 2 weeks ago, that I have not done anything with since.
On the 1st day of July I fall into the wall. So I have not felt like doing any sewing. I am starting to feel a little better so maybe Monday I will be up to getting it ready to quilt. When I start to quilt it I will tell you. See you all maybe Monday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet Mary! She is 3 years old. She is a shy little girl.
She has babies that I only get to peek at when they are peeking at me. They will not come out until I have gone in the house. The babies are so cute. It takes time before the babies will trust me. The male babies
will be run off by the Mother when they are about 3 months old. The girls will be allowed to stay. Some of the girls will go off too, some will stay.

Monday, July 6, 2009

This is a picture of Tiger our cat, there between Joker's legs . Tiger and Joker are now gone.
Tiger left us in 95 of kidney disease. He was 18 years old. Joker left us in 91 also kidney disease, he was 12. They were the best of friends as you can see.
They were a match set!

This is a picture of me when I was very young with the love of my life Burce. He was not the first
dog but one that made me the Animal Lover! He was a wonderful dog!
I am wearing clothes that I made myself with no pattern. At that time in my life I made all my own clothes. He was So beautiful!
Well people, till next time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Couple of Pictures

I will show you a couple of photos of our two old girls. One is Happy. Our cat came to us in January of 98. She was fully grown and some one had spayed her. She looked like she had had two or three litters of kittens, before she had been spayed.

Bambi our dog will be 12 this fall. She came from the animal shelter. She had had a couple of homes before we got her. Both are wonderful companions to each other and to us.

I did not get my baby quilt top ready to work on today because I was not feeling real good. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better.