Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

15 to 18 year old Happy Rescue dog Bambi and Azaleas

Hi sweet friends, I love blogging but this a.m. and yesterday were ruff days. The picture above is the cat that just walked up one day and said Hi, I have come to live with you!!! We named her Happy b/c she was so happy !!! She is somewhere around 15 to 18 years old so say our vet.
She has lived with us 12 years and 4 months.
Here is Bambi are rescued pup from the shelter 12 years and 4 months ago. Yes, Happy came and then only a few days later Bambi came.
Below is a picture I took last Sunday of one of my Azalea bushes!!! It is just so beautiful right now!!
I will not be on the computer tomorrow until the evening. I am going to the Doctors, and it is am all day event!!!!!!!
I will talk about the out come in my next post.
Love you all lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Monday, March 29, 2010

Memories of Days Gone

Hi friends, I have been on the computer 4 hours this AM. I have not been able to get to one blog. Not one. This is the day I make soup, enough to last a week hopefully. I haven't even started my soup. The computer is not at all happy.
Dog Daze started Mondays memories day. I love the idea!! The pictures are of that dog love of my life Bruce!!!! The bottom picture is my Mother and Bruce taken when Bruce was 9 months old on a visit to Daytona where my Mom lived.

People say that I looked a lot like my Mother and I guess I did. My Mother is gone now. She died 9-11-05 of a stroke. She and Bruce will aways live in my heart!!!
I didn't know why the computer will do one thing and not another!! But it wont let me on any sites except my own and that took 30 minutes to get on. I have rebooted many times and that did not help.
I hope to see you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you lots, Bambi & Fern

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tagged by Rocky Creek Scotties

I was tagged by Rocky Creek Scotties the other day. I was to go to my pictures and post the tenth photo and tell about that photo. OK
My first photo file my tenth picture is Joker. Joker was rescued in 84 from a couple who made their living showing dogs. They bought Joker from overseas and had him shipped to Ga. He was a puppy they thought was going to make them a lot of money. They were going to show him and get his championship, put him out for stud for big money. That is what they had planed. Well when Joker was grown he did not do well in the ring. He was to tall and he had a very bad over bite. They tried to sell him and did a couple times. But the people brought him back. They tried to sell him for 5 years. They gave him to us to take him off their hands. He was 5 and a half years old.
My second file 10th photo was Bruce!! The dog love of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved this dog sososo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came from my first husband's GS dog. Bruce was the pick of the litter.
Thank you Lynn, this was fun.
Now I am suppose to pick 5 to be tagged. I think I will just say if you want to play this game please go ahead!! It is a lot of fun!!!
Half of Sunday is gone but please enjoy the rest of the day!!
See you all tomorrow!!! I have no idea what I will post about . Have you got any ideas??????
Love you guys, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Friday, March 26, 2010

Daffodils and Roses

Our little storm last night was not a storm but just a rain event, and it came and went in just 2 hours. So they missed that one again. The weather men or women have gotten much better than they us to be!!! I'll give them that, but they still miss a lot here in Fla.
Yesterday you seem to enjoy my rose so I thought I would show you my rose garden, my favorite rose and the last of the daffodils for this year. Enjoy!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful week-end. Around here we always have a wonderful one!!! We have plans to do some more planting. The weeks shopping is done and we love to cook together!!! Tom and I work very well in the kitchen together!! I think the most sexy man is a man who cooks and can fix anything and build anything!!!!! Tom fits that roll to a tea!!!!!
And I have loved him for 28 years!!!
Have fun!!!!
Love you all, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bambi and a rose

Hi friends, Yesterday was a beautiful day!!!!! I caught Bambi rolling again. When the sun is out and it is warm, they love to roll !!!!
In the 80's and early 90's I had a very large rose bed. I had 70 roses. Beautiful roses. I cared for them every day of the week, very day of the month, every day of the year !!!!!
Caring for plants is like caring for a puppy !!!
Hope you have a great day !!
Love you all lots, Bambi, & Fern

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23 2010

Hi blog friends, Yesterday was rainy and cool for a day in Florida in March. We are suppose to have days in the middle 70's and yesterday was 52 degrees!! Today is different, the sun is out and it is warming up. Thank God!!!
The picture is of me and my Grand-daughter when she was about 3 months old!!! My G-daughter lives in Las Vegas. If it were not for the computer I would have no contact with her at all. Thank God for the computer and thank Tom for buying me this old used one!!!
This picture is a of my Whippet that I rescued from Ga. She was in a Greyhound rescue place.
This is a photo of a painting that my Mother painted. My mother was a cat lover!! She feed any and all cats that came her way. Needless to say she had a lot of cats!!!!!!!! There is a organization that will spay and neuter the stray cats that you feed for nothing. She use to have them spay and neuter them for her. I wish I remembered the name of them but I don't right now. You can look it up on Google.
I will try to do better and blog again probably Thursday.
Love you all very much!! I wish I could meet you!!!
Bambi, Happy & Fern

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Another pretty day here in Tally town. I have been around raccoons over 30 years. I love them.
Some of the strangers I would watch out for and others I am so close to I can doctor them when they get injured. They get into fights with each other and with things that want to eat them.
They are fierce fighters.
They are also very friendly and when they know you very well they can be loving. The old ones dance when I go out to feed them. In the beginning I use to think they didn't live more then 3 years. I never had one around more then that. As time went by I had them around longer and longer. Now I have one that will 8 years old this coming May.

During winter they only come out at dark thirty. In the summer when it starts getting hot, they come out before noon. It gets too hot to sleep during the day.

All pictures I have of them are taken in the summer time. A well feed coon will have 3 or 4 babies each year. The babies will stay with their mother almost a year. Some mothers allow their daughters to stay longer, but she will definitely run off her sons during the end of winter.
If the winter is a mild one they run them off at the middle of winter. Some mothers run off their daughters too , other do not. So last month the only coons that I feed were females. By the middle of march the strange males started showing up. It is mating time. It is a very violent time. But if a son comes back all females will fight them to run them off . That is there way of keeping from inbreeding.........
I have wanted to talk about the coons for awhile now and since it is breeding time it is a good time.
Have a good week end!!!
Love you all, Bambi, Happy, coons & Fern

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coons, Camellia, and Bambi

Hi blog friends, it is a beautiful day here in Tally town. We are suppose to get to 74 degrees today!!!!! We are so happy to have the warmer weather.
The first picture is of my wonderful rescue dog Bambi. The picture was taken just a few days ago. We were on our way out the back door to go walk.
The other picture is of my clematis vine taken last summer. They are starting to leaf out. They die back in the cold and in spring they leaf out and flower. The one God gave me on my birthday was not suppose to happen. It was my birthday miracle.
I had a photo of the coons that did not load. I don't know why it didn't. Can I load a photo in the middle of blogging ? Like now?? Could I load that pic right now? Would it load right here?
If you know I am asking.
Love you all lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Thursday, March 18, 2010

NO Power

They are going to turn my power off and replace 2 or 3 power poles today. So I will be off the computer today and hope to be back on tonight!! I will miss you!!!!!!!!!! Had a good visit at the dentist yesterday. See you later tonight I hope.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bambi and plants

Hey friends, there is my sweet girl. She is almost 12 and a half now. She is in pretty good shape for her age.

This is our Japanese Magnolia tree in full bloom.
And another picture of it.
The picture below is one of our early bloomer. The first Azaleas to bloom!!
I heard on TV that the north east is going to have another snow storm. Some will be happy and so will NOT.
I hope you have about what you want, because we hardly ever get just what we want.
Have a good day. I am going to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning and to have blood work done. So I will not be on the computer much tomorrow.
Love you all lots, Bambi & Fern

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bambi Happy and Parsley

Hi there friends, We had rain Thursday and Friday. But Tuesday and Monday were warm sunny days. This is Bambi enjoying that sunshine by rolling in the grass on her back!!

The photo below is Happy cat sitting on the hot tub steps. She doesn't look a day older then 3 years old, does she?? Cats usually don't show there age like people or dogs. I wish I knew how old she is but all we have is a guess. She is some where between 15 and 18 years old.

On the steps with Happy is our thyme. Can you see the thyme??

The picture above is our parsley. Our flat leaf parsley. We have tomatoes with their first true leaves coming up under the plant table. We have sweet peppers just coming up. We have cat nip and marigolds coming up. We have basil and more parsley coming up. We have planted Swiss chard, strawberries, mint and rosemary. We have been busy!! I can't wait for home grown


Spring has come to Florida!!!!!!!!!!

I will see you all on Monday. Love your visits!! become a follower if you are not one.

Love you all lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 2010

Our boy named Sue. Sue followed the boys home from school one day and I couldn't find any little thing in all the fur so I thought he was a she . That is how we got a boy named Sue.
This was sweet Tiger. He came with Tom. Tom did not know his birthday either because he got Tiger at about 6 months old. Not sure of his exact age.

Tiger lived to be about 18 years old. Tom wanted him to live forever!!!!!

This was Friend. Another kitty who just showed up and needed a home.

And here is our Happy who just showed up and needed a home. She has been with us 12 years and counting. The vet says she is between 15 and 18 and he thinks it is closer to 18. I think it is too b/c she is very arthritic. She shows at times that she is in pain.

I have other kitties pictures to show you some other day.
Have a very good day!!!! Come back to see me when you can. I love company!!!!!
Bambi, Happy and Fern

Hi friends, It is raining here today. It is not cold just raining and it is supposeto be most of the day. I have been looking at pictures all am and I don't know which ones to load. It is Madi's birthday today. She is 8 today. That is one goood thing about choosing your animals. I have not known when their birthdays were in a long time. I have only had rescue animals and the ones that just walked up and said Hi I want to live with you. We really even don't have gotcha days because I'm not sure to the day when Happy showed up and only about the day I got Bambi.

Where is my head?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday March 9 2010

Hi friends, I thought you might like to see a quilt that I saw in a Jacksonville quilt show. I thought the frog was so cute.

Bambi after her morning walk getting in her chair for a short nap before her afternoon walk.

It is spring here in Fla. My Japanese Magnolia tree is in bloom!!!! Tom got me that tree for a Valentine gift back about 24 years ago. I just love that tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is just one stand of daffodils in bloom that is in the yard. Very pretty, I think!! So spring has spring here. We will have cold mornings but no more hard freezes. Light frost only and that will be wonderful

We are suppose to get to 72 degrees today and 75 tomorrow!!!!!!!! Rain tomorrw also.
Have a good one!!!
Love you all lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hi blog friends. We had a cold morning but it has warmed up very well. I think it is about 65 degrees out there.
Sunday is for family. The pic is of my Mother at age 82. She is wearing clothes that I made for her. Everything you can see I made her. The outfit was a Christmas present. I think she looked real good!!! I was proud of my gift to her. I ever made the necklace she is wearing.
I had made her a black purse the year before but she was not carrying it. Probably b/c
she was showing off her that year gifts. I use to sew for everybody that was in my life all the time. Not anymore. I wish I felt more like sewing now but I just don't.
You all mean so much to me . I love when you come and talk to me!!!
Come back soon.
Love you lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming

Hi Friends, I an so looking forward to spring!!! We are suppose to get a little taste of it next week. The plants and animals are starting to show signs that spring is coming.
My daffodils are blooming!!!!

My camellias are winding down. They are just finishing their blooming cycle by the end of March.

I have had a lot of daffodils blooms this year. Below is my sweet girl Bambi. We went for an extra long walk today and she is now in her chair
asleep. Naps are great in the afternoon!!!

Have a wonderful week-end!!!!!!!!! We plan too!!!
Love you all lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern
PS That was Happy in the first picture, she went for a little of our walk today.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dog Love of my life- Bruce

Happy Wednesday blog friends. It was a pretty day here, cool but the sun was out most of the day. The picture above is my GSD -- Bruce!!! This dog was the smartest dog I have ever known.
The dog love of my life!!!! I was married to my first husband and father of my 2 sons, at the time Bruce came into my life. Bruce was the stud fee for mating with a female GSD. My then husband had a GSD male dog . He wanted him to mate so he could have a puppy from his dog love of his life. Bruce came from that matting.
Below is a picture that is not suppose to be in this blog, but here it is. That is Maggie. A spayed female we rescued from the local shelter. She was an older GS that needed a home. We was a very Sweet dog that lived with us for 4 years. She loved sticks and would go around with a stick in her mouth all the time. But this post is about Bruce so lets get back to him!!!
Below Bruce the first day he came to his forever home. 6 weeks old!! A bundle of energy!!
Wanting to go go go. I had just come home from cancer surgery. I really didn't need a bundle of pure love. It was just him and me and the cats!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cats taught him who was boss real quick!!!
I spent every waking hour teaching him!! He learned so fast. I was his Mama. If I had it to do over again I would spend more just lovin on him!!! Sleeping with him. being close!!!

Here he is about 14 weeks old. A fine dog by that time. We were going to obedience school and he was doing great. At the end of 8 weeks of going 3 times a week he won his class. But that was not what we were there for. We were there for bias training.
Bruce and I were a team. When I got divorced he was there for me!!! It was just him and I. We got through it.
I hope you have not been bored. Come back soon, I love company.
Love you all lots, Bambi & Fern