Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eye still seeing everything burry

The one and only eye I can see with is still seeing everything blurry so I still can not come and read your blogs and I miss you all so much.  Tom worked 14 hours Friday.  Was gone from the house 15 hours. That is a long long day to be stuck alone seeing blurry!!!  I miss the computer so very much!!
The first picture is one of my many camelia bushes that is in full bloom right now.
The second is a quilt I saw at a show and thought it was really great!!!
The third is of my Christmas cactus also blooming now.
Miss you all!!
Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max, & Fern 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Monday, December 24, 2012


Thank you so much for the many many Birthday greetings !!!  It pleases me so much to have all of you take the time to say Happy Birthday to me!!!!  Before the internet I never got anybody say just happy birthday to me except for Tom.  Everybody would say happy birthday-merry Christmas.........
So this is so very special to me--  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My oldest son is coming for Christmas tomorrow.  He just called and said they would be arriving about 9:30 AM and would be with us for the day.  Going back home about 6 Pm so that will be wonderful!!!!  I have not seen my Grand-daughter for 4 years!!! Really looking forward to seeing her.
It looks like we will have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Thanks again for your birthday greetings!!!  It means so much to me!!

Marry Christmas to all of you and your family!!  I hope we all have a better year next year then we did this year!!!!!   Happy New Year to all too!!!!!
Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie, Max & Fern 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today was my birthday

Today I turned 77 years old!!!!!   OMG!!!!!!!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our bederoom

Just a little post to tell you why the kittens play on us all night long!!!  We have a very small house and the only rooms you can close off are bedrooms and bathroom.  When we close off our bedroom to them they dig and scream their heads off for hours.  They will lay down at the door and when you get up to go to the bath-room they are right at the door and come running in.  Believe you me we have  tried!!  Tom thinks it will just take a few weeks to get them to sleep the night with us
Hope he is right!!
The photo above is Max he loves TV!!!

Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie, Max & F ern

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No sleep all night long

I didn't get any, not any sleep last night thanks to the kittens playing on top of me and b/c Tom was in a lot of pain and was up and down all night.  Poor Tom,,,, he has to go to work today but I can go back to bed and have my timing all messed up sleeping in the day!!!  But I am going to have to.
Now that it is a few minutes before 6 AM this is what the kittens are doing!!!  You can not keep them awake in the day either when they want to sleep--believe me I have tried!!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well, the week-end will be here in a minute!!  Time is speeding by me so fast.  Only 9 days till my birthday and I'll be 77 years old and believe me I fell it!!  Everybody says I don't look it but I surely feel it!!

Allie, that's her up there in that picture.  Of the 3 cats, she is my girl. She really loves her Mom--
her human one that is!! She is never far from me.  Right now she is sleeping on the desk top of the computer just inches from my hands.  She is the one always closest to me.
I was fostering these 2 babies and now they are ours for their lives.  I don't know how to foster I guess....  I just fall in love with them so deeply I couldn't bear giving them up.

Hope you all have a fun filled and loving week-end we will I hope.  Tom is still suffering from is injury.  The doctors say he has to stop working and that is like say to him stop breathing while you heal--he can't stop --- he is what keeps this wheel turning.

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Monday, December 10, 2012

#600 --- posts

Happy Monday!!!  Hope it turns out to be a good week for you guys!!!
Still no rain for us.......  We have had less then an inch since last September the 18  the
day before we lost Zoie!!!  We had had 5 inches that 18th.  Other parts of Tallahassee has had some more rain then we here in this location have had.  But we in Tallahassee NEED RAIN!!!
All of us do need rain so!!!
The first picture is of the kittens playing hard!!  That is what they do most all day and half the night.

The second photo is of a kind of pet coon that lived to be 8 years old and died of old age.
Rare thing for coons to die of old age but I have had a bunch that did.   Not a lot.
Pretty boy was super smart.  The male coons are run off by there Mom's and sisters and not allowed to be around in their territory.  Pretty Boy would come in the off times when his relatives were a sleep.  He did that for 8 years.  He came early morning like 7 or 8 a clock.  That was our time where we would talk and he would eat some and just visit!!  If you can say I loved a coon that was the one!!!

Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week=end fun

See Circle's, circles?????  Do you see them?
The first two pictures......  The kittens when they first came,,,, and then, them now,,  in just 7 weeks.
They are growing and learning and playing and purring up a storm!! They are even better purr--ers then Circle and she is good!!!  We now have 3 good purr-ers but the kittens are louder.  You can hear them from across the room!!!!
Have a wonderful week-end dear friends.

Love coming your way,  Circle,  Allie Max & Fern

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordles Wednesday-- kittens

Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Old Friends

I have been thinking about old friends today.  Frankie is an old friend since I first started Blogging.
Also been thinking about the coons.  I have had a relationship with the coons since I have moved here back in the early 70's. They were always around and I was afraid of them b/c I bought in the idea that they were mean and very dangerous.  They can be very destructive , YES!!  One came on the back patio by braking through the screen and I shot that poor coon.  I felt so bad about killing that poor coon I cried for that coon.  I said I''ll never kill another.  The next thing happened I found one laying just on the other side of the fence really sick so Tom and I took him to the vets.  He had distemper.  
They made him well and they brought him back and that coon became my first coon friend.  He was very friendly and would visit with me everyday outside the back fence gate.  He got very thin and I realized he wasn't finding enough to eat.  I started to feed him and then he brought his mate to meet me and then in the spring he brought his new babies 2 baby coons.  That was the beginning. To this day I put out some-- a small amount just enough to supplement their diet.  I don't have the good friends I use to have but the other night when I went out to donate a little something and Coon Johnny came and I had not seen him in over 3 years.  He knew me tho and was real happy to see me b/c he knew he was getting something to eat.  My relationship with them has been over 25  years...

Enjoy your week.
Love coming your way, Circle, Allie Max & Fern

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The kittens play!!!!!!!

Tom cooking a stir fry!!!!   I love a man who cooks!!!!! He makes a bunch of dishes to wash but he cooks real good!!
Circle watches the kittens play all the time and some times she plays hard --too hard with them and they cry out --saying you are hurting me!!!!!!
Pictures #2 and 3 are of the kittens in Toms lap, taking a little break.   
They play much of the day now.  For hours at a time and they knock all kinds of things for a loop!!!!!
They were 7 weeks old this week.  Next Tuesday they will be 8 weeks old there a bouts!!

Love coming your way, Circle,  Allie,  Max & Fern

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-----lots of pictures

Happy Wednesday my Friends!!!
Love coming your way,  All that have been and all that are my Animals!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yes my Camillia's are blooming

Yes, it is early for the Camellia's to be blooming but with this last cold snap they thought they were

late and hurried  up and are just so beautiful this morning..   All are blooming except the white ones but they are hurrying too.  It will only be a few days and they will be open and giving their beauty.

I grew up in central Fl and we didn't have camellias down there so it was such a treat to come up to north Florida and have so many flowers up here what we didn't have down there!!!!  I love all the wonderful plants up here!!

Hope you have a good week dear friends.
Love coming your way, Circle,  Allie,  Max &  Fern 

Monday, November 26, 2012

A very cold Monday

For the last 2 nights we have had it below freezing!!!!  For Florida at this time of the year, it is unusual.   We usually don't not have this kind of weather until deep in December!!  I miss Zoie so much but I don't miss having to walk her in the freezing weather!!  Thank goodness it had been a warm winter last year!!
The kittens have found our bed!!!  For the last 2 nights they slept with us on our bed!!!  They are learning so fast !!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max & Fern

Friday, November 23, 2012

It didn't die after all--- thank you God!!!!!

Yay  Yay Yay  It didn't die!!!  Praise The Lord!!! The little box the company we buy our internet service from had died!!!!  It was their box so it was there expense!  Without it we couldn't get on the internet!! They came today and brought us a new box!!!  This is the third one they have had to bring out here and Tom told them to bring a new one this time-- not a used one!!  We got a NEW box!!!
Thank you for your friendship dear friends!!!  I think I'll be back for a while now!!!!
Love coming your way, Circle, Allie Max & Fern  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My computer has died

I am on my Hubby's computer so no pictutures!!
My computer has died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1   OH NO !!!!!  I am without my friends!!!  I will be able to borrow his on his dys off.  He will bring his home for me to use then but other then that I will not be on. 
I will call you if I have your phone ##.  If you would like me to call you and I didn't have your #  you can email me your # and we can stay in touch!!!!   Email me at
I can't tell you how much I am missing my computer!! 
Money is in  short supply at our house so there is no telling how long I will be without!!!
I am going to miss you all!!!
xx,  Fern

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two peas in a pod

  In this photo above the front kitten is Max and the other one is sweet Allie!!  Max looks as cute as Allie but he is much more aggressive !!!  He is bigger too even in this picture just above he is sitting in  a hole,, that is why he looks smaller!!!  How could we give them up?????  Look at those faces~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
They are really growing now!!! They stayed up late last night by them selves b/c they like to stay up late and I had to go to bed.  I just couldn't stay up late another night.  Tom was up around 1 Am and they were in their box cold!!!  They have a heating pad in their box but it was not covered so he covered them up and went back to bed.  Got up a hour later and checked on them and they were all warm and fast asleep!!! 
pooe Circle is not getting her picture time is she??  I'll try to remember that next time!!!
Love coming your way,  Circle,  Max, Allie & Their Mom  Fern

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The good and the bad

That is Max!!

I am having so much trouble with my computer!!!  If I had any money I would get this one to the repair guy!!  for sure!!!  It is just working so poorly!!!!
The kittens are doing wonderfully!!!  They change everyday!! They are bigger and smarter!!!  They eat, they poop,,   they play,, they pee,, they sleep, and that is what they do around the clock!!

It is me that I am worried about!!  My eye sight is getting worse!!!  I can't see the kittens half the time without every light on in the house.  I can't hear them or I cant tell where they are from their sound b/c my hearing is so bad..........  But some how we are making it together!!!!  

Love coming your way, Circle,  Max, Allie & Fern