Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shawna at her Computer and Tiger in the sun

Hi blog friends, meet my Grand-daughter at her computer e mailing her Nana. We hardly ever get to see each other but we do talk on the phone and since last January we e mail each other.
She is a whiz on the computer!! She has been on since she was 3 or 4 years. She can spell better than I can. I am very proud of her.
Below is our kitty that lived to be 18 years old. He just loved our dogs. He knew Bruce, Joker, and Amanda. He loved them all equally. He missed them as much as we did when we would lose one. He was so very special!!!
We have had a nice week-end but Tom has something else to fix!! Our washing machine quit today. Usually week-ends are wash day. But not this weekend. So he has two things to fix when he gets the parts. I want to tell you, that was what attracted me to him in the first place. He can fix anything. He built his own computer in 98 and it is still going strong.
The fan is still doing ok thank the Lord.
Talk to me dear friends, Fern


  1. Pretty granddaughter...when I taught school, my first graders were better at using a computer than I was.
    Tom sounds like a smart man, building his own computer.
    As I am typing this there is a raccoon on the deck eating the birdseed. I don't mind them, but read my blog tomorrow to find out what we're doing about all the pesky squirrels. Don't worry, we aren't hurting them.
    Hugs to you and your furry family,

  2. Can you send Tom over here and fix our car - it is making a squeaky sound and I fear the 'moving kennel' may need a mechanic! You have a sweet grand daughter - we are so happy to hear you keep in touch via email.

    We love the photo of Tiger - he definitely sounds like one special cat - sadly due to allergies - this has to remain a cat free home.

    Take care and good luck with the washing machine

    Sally and Paddy

  3. Hi Fern,

    Your granddaughter looks so sweet. Isn't it wonderful that you can keep in touch with her via email.

    It's great that Tom is a good fixer-upper. My husband is that way too - time is just the problem - he stays so busy with his job.

    Hope you get your washer and computer fixed soon.


  4. Hi Fern

    Nice pictures today. Love pictures of Tiger, I am a big fan of orange kitties. Come see our snow pictures when you get a chance.

    Tucker, Daisy, Leo and Heidi

  5. Cutie granddaughter and a fantastic cat!
    Back in '85 I had to ask my 3 yr. old son, "Kevin, who do I turn on computer again?!"
    Kids are naturals for learning languages, how
    can computers be any different? HA!
    Oh is it always good to have a handyman husband!
    They are worth their weight in gold!
    Hope the washer gets fixed, but then you'd have to work!
    Hugs, Kathy

  6. PS I'm dislexic on Monday mornings!

    I meant to say "HOW do you turn on the computer, Kevin?!" LOL

  7. Lovely to keep in touch with the grandchildren isn't it.. I also do that and am amazed how good they are.. Our new generation are brilliant.. HUgs GJ and Carol x

  8. Merdie's boys are like that too!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  9. Hey Fern,

    It's nice that you and your granddaughter stay in touch.

    Yes, it's nice to have a handy man living with you. That's about the only thing I miss about my ex - ha ha!