Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, October 31, 2011

Can't See today!!!!

Hi Friends, I am having a lot of trouble trying to read your posts today!!!!  Everything is all blurry!!!!!!!!!!!  Very hard to read and very hard to see what I have typed!!!   So sorry I need some Oregano I guess!!!!
Happy Halloween people and fur-kids!!!!!!

Love coming  your way,  Happy & Fern

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finally I have high speed!!!!

I really have high speed!!!!!  I can't believe it people.  I have waited and waited and finally it is here and what do I do with it, why of course I do a new post to tell all my friends.!!  I am so happy!!! Bring on those videos !!!! I will be able to see post's that have lots and lots of pictures on them.  B/c I haven't been able to even go to peoples blogs that have lots of just stuff on them b/c it wouldn't load the page.
Things are very different now so it will take me a while to figure things out.  Please excuse me if things are not right, I am trying!!
The quilt top there in the picture I pieced in 09.  It is going to be a baby quilt for my Granddaughter when someday she has a baby.  I am having a hard time trying to sew now a days and if I have to I'll pay someone to quilt it for me so I will have a quilt for my G-daughter's baby.

Love coming your way,  Happy & Fern

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trying hard to wait nicely

Those were the days my friends!!!! That was Joker rescued end of September 84. Look at how he was looking at me. This was the finest dog anyone could ever want!!! The best dog anyone could ever want.
Joker loved all other animals all of them!!!! Even the wild ones!!!
Even the dog who bit him and he had to have 22 stitches!!! His heart was so full of love!!!! He was 5 and a half when he came to us and not well. Joker ended up having digestion trouble and thyroid problems and I had to cook for him. Oh yes he had kidney disease too!!! Joker lived with us until he was 12.6 years old before the kidney disease got him. It was a wonderful 7 years we had with him. We cried for him after her left for months.

The men were suppose to come yesterday to start getting my wires straighten out but didn't show or call. Still no high speed for a while I guess. In case I end up disappearing for a few days it will be b/c my phone lines are down!!

Love coming your way, Happy & Fern

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still no high speed

A couple of my rescued dogs.

Well people still no high speed b/c our phone lines will probably have to be replaced. It seems the lines from the street to the house are not able to handle the high speed!!!! So we wait so more!!

Love coming your way, Happy and Fern

PS, Have a wonderful loving week-end!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi friends, Did you know that I am DYSLEXIC ?????????????
I am!!!!!! Words have always been big trouble for me. When I was a child in school--- I was the dumb one. They didn't know why I couldn't learn!!! I wasn't trying they said when I WAS trying as hard as I could.
I never did well in school!! I quit school in the 9th grade so I only have a 8th grade education. Could you --- did you know???

The picture above is me with my sweet Amanda, a Whippet I rescued when she was 4 and a half years old. I made everything you see me wearing except the hat, I even made the necklace.

Love coming your way, Happy & Fern

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No high speed now until Thursday late.

The man came to hook up the high speed and he couldn't b/c the company had not turned on the HS for this location!!! The man does not work tomorrow so he will be back out Thursday night about 6 pm to hoop me up!!! So I wait for 2 more days!!!! I have waited for 2 and a half years, I guess I can wait another 2 days!!!!
If I don't get to you until Friday or Saturday you will know why.
Love coming your way, Happy & Fern

High Speed

This morning on our walk. Happy does a lot of sitting when I am walking around our 2 and a half acres. But then again she is 19 to 21 years old....
She does walk a pretty good bit tho!!!

This afternoon at about 6:30 pm a man is coming to hook up high speed and an internet phone for me!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!
I don't know much about how it is going to be. I don't know if I will have it tonight or tomorrow????? But I am finally on my way to high speed!!!! I didn't think it would ever happen.
I am so happy!!!!!!!

Love coming your way, Fern & Happy

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gone a week this afternoon at 4 PM

Tinker has been gone one week this afternoon at 4 pm. The rescue group says she is doing real good and having fun playing with the other puppies and dogs They have not found her a home yet tho!
Happy is so very happy she has gone. She didn't trust her and she didn't like how fast Tinker moved. Happy is a different cat now. She is back walking with me every morning like she use to do when Bambi was with us. Happy walked with us almost every morning that is when it was good weather. Happy didn't walk if it was raining or very cold or very hot but all the other times she was right with us - not for as long of a walk but part of our walk. Maybe that is why she has lived so long.

Love coming your way, Happy and Fern

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tinker was on death row

So many of you have said that Tinker was not a good fit for us. That the rescue people should have done a better job matching us up. Well they didn't match us up at all. I was talking to Angela a girl in the rescue group and telling her about what I liked in dogs. Sight Hounds!!!!!! She said that one of her girls from the rescue was at a high kill kennel about 125 miles west of Tallahassee right then and there was this super cute dog there set to be put to sleep that afternoon. The girl told Angela she wished she could bring Tinker home with this other dog, she had gone there for, Tinker was so cute. I told Angela I would foster Tinker so it would save her life. The rescue group didn't know anything at all about Tinker except she was a female and cute. The girl that had picked up Tinker from the kennel said she thought she was a year or two old. They took Tinker to the vets when they got back in town and the vets gave her some shots and checked for heart worms (she had none). The vets said she had never come in season. Which meant she was not a year old!!! Tinker had been picked up by a dog catcher as a stray. That was all they knew about her. She was picked up on a Friday by the rescue and she stayed at the vets over the week-end and brought to me on a Monday afternoon. They didn't know anything really about her at all.
I didn't know anything about her!!! We learned!!!!

Love coming your way, Happy & Fern

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mondays Memories----Tinker

Tinker has a Dr Jekyll//Mr. Hyde personality!!! At first she just bite me in her version of puppy, bitie face, play which is in itself bad enough. Then she started to first try to bite me when I was stopping her from doing a bad thing like digging under the fence to get out. Then she actually did bite me and draw blood doing it when trying to stop her from getting out of the fence. That was enough Tom was MAD to say the least!!!!!! Tom said that was enough she gos back to the rescue.
That would not have been enough for me if that was the only problem. There was another problem and that I thought more serious . She was getting out the last 3 weeks and being gone out there alone in the world!!!!
That was not something I could let her do!!! Much too dangerous. You,, out there had said tie her up out in the 2 and a half acres of fenced in land of trees and foliage. I wish I could have but that was not possible to do. I have lived in this fence 36 years with 7 dogs and she was the only one who dig out and left!!!!!! Other rescues had loved it so much here that you could leave the gate wide open and they would never leave!!!
Tinker really was not running away b/c she always came back within a hour. If that would have kept up sooner or later she would have found the road out there!!!!! There was no way I could keep her in the fence and that is why she had to go back to the rescue girls. She left Friday afternoon about 4:15 pm!!! It has broken my heart!!!!! I miss her so.

Love coming your way, only Fern and Happy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tinker is a biter and a digger

Hi all, Yes Tinker is a biter and a digger and I don't know which she likes the best!!! Both seem to be very important to her!!!
She loves to bite sticks!!
She loves to dig holes. As you all suggested she now has two places in the yard she is allowed to dig. BUT --- she is digging other places when you are not looking!!!
She loves to bite me!!!!!!!! This morning on our walk she wanted to bite me!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't let her so she bit herself--- she bit her tail and she bit her back leg!!! AGAIN & AGAIN!!!!!!

Tomatoes-- we are still getting some from the garden every once in a while. We have had so little this year I only put up one batch of tomatoes this hole season. It has been too hot and too dry this summer for the garden to do good!!!

Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern