Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week to Christmas--Dogs and Me

It is a very rainy day again here!!! We have had our share of rain in December this year. It really has not rained every day it just seems like it has rained every day. Today they fore casted
rain all day. They think we will have 3- 5 inches. I am going to have to dig up Amanda's rain coat so Bambi will go outside.
Above is Amanda busy receiving pee mail at the park we went to every morning. There were hardly ever anyone there . Usually just us.

Here I am getting older and fatter. I made what I am wearing. That is a fleece vest with Embroidery white flowers and leaves on the fleece.
Bambi showing where she had her lumps removed, that are growing back!! Where they did surgery the hair has not grown back! The vet says the hair probably will not grow back. See her skin there just in front of her hind leg. Tom says we will probably have to cut them off again.
This time there are twice as many as there was before. Not looking forward to that!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been good talking to you on this rainy Friday, one week before Christmas.
If you are not a follower, become a follower. I love my followers!!! I love all my blog friends. You are my world!!! I don't get out much!!!
Come back to see me often.
Bambi send you wet kisses and I send you warm dry good wishes, Fern


  1. Sorry you are getting so much rain. It gets old after a while. Poor Bambi getting all those extra things that need to be cut off.


  2. I love the beautiful vest...and yes, we're all getting older, but it beats the alternative, huh?
    We've had cold rain all day, but no snow!
    Glad you like the Christmas card...just wanted you to know you are special to me!

  3. My mom is nodding in agreement with the nice Kit lady!

    PeeEssWoo: We didn't realise we hadn't officially bekhome a follower - we have woo in our GR already...

  4. Hi
    Rain, ummm least it isnt snow!! We hear lots of it is headed back east so lucky for you that you are south.

    Cute vest too!!

  5. Sorry about the rain - we have been getting Snow! It was really pretty but most of it is melted now - we will try and take some photos.
    Ditto from us - you are special to us too!
    Keep dry, lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  6. Your vest is beautiful, Fern!
    I have lots of lumps too but so far I've been able to keep them all! Mom says they make me a special senior girl!

    Love ya lots,