Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last Day of August

I don't know about you guys but we here,, are so tired of 100 plus degrees days!!! Monday it got up to 107 here at the house. Everyday it has been over 100 degrees for so long now!!!!!

Tinker has been here one month and 2 days today!!! She has learned a lot but it hasn't been easy!! She is very hard headed!! HARD HEADED!!!!!
She is house broken!!!!! That wasn't hard for me to do!!!
She knows her name and comes when called !! That was harder!!
She doesn't chew anything in the house but her own toys!! Hard!!
She is trying to be sweet to the cat ----- Very hard but we are making lots of progress!!
She has stopped biting me when we are outside----b/c I am carrying a squirt bottle of water and she hates water!!!!! She really has been doing pretty good for only one month and her being so hard headed!!!
Tinker is very loving when she wants to be.
She gos and gets in her crate when she sees me getting ready for bed.
When I am on the computer she is in her chair right next to me!!
Tinker is very much my dog!!!
That is our progress for the month!!

Love coming your way, Tinker and Fern

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Very Good Advice !!!!

Hi dear Blog friends, very good advice you all gave me!! I am going to try the NO thing holding my arms across my breast. She thinks they are nice chews!!! Then I'll go on to the can thing!!! When Bruce was a puppy I would put a ball in his mouth every time he got near me !!!! All his life when he saw me after being apart he would quick find a ball when he came to greet me!!! It was so cute!! Bambi was a puppy too but she was so smart all I had to do was tell her No one time and she never did it again!! . She was so special!!!
I am making egg plant and spinach soup today. It has tomatoes and kidney beans, onions, and all the good herbs we grow in it and some millet for filler oh and a couple of hot peppers too!!! It is going to be so good!!! The only thing we had to buy was the millet, kidney beans and the spinach. Our spinach left some time ago--- too too HOT!!!!!
It has been a awful hot and dry summer!!! I am so tired!!!!
Thanks again for your very good advice friends!!!
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tinker ------- the good and the bad

Tinker-- the bad !!
Tinker ------the good!!!
Can you see the difference???????????? I surely can!!!!!!!

Tinker has two sides to her!!! She can be the sweetest nicest girl you could ever meet --- like Bambi was!! Then there is this other Tinker--- the bad one!!!!! She is playing with me I know but I am not a dog!!! That is how she is playing with me---- like I am another dog and she is fierce with me. She is playing bitty face with me only she can't quite get to my face--- thank GOD!!!!!

I have to come up with a way to stop her b/c she thinks I am playing with her when I am trying to get her to stop !!!!

That first picture is of her with an egg plant in her mouth and that look she gets when she is thinking of playing bitty face with me!!!
She loves egg plant cooked or raw.

Hope you all had a good week-end, we did.
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tinker's Gotyaday !!!!

Hey there dear friends! Today is a big day for us!!! It is Tinker's official Got-ya-day!!!! May I give you~~~~~ TINKER REED !!
Tinker is ours forever!! She is in her forever home!!!
Come what may!!

I haven't gotten any outdoor shots of her yet b/c the camera is heavy and I'll get to it one day soon.
Next order of business is to get her spayed!
I'll have to talk to Tom. He will be the one that takes her to the vet!!
Love coming your way!!!!!
xx, Tinker & Fern

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One days harvest

Morning dear friends, thought I would show you one days harvest, only one days too. I'll get that much again the next day. We dry and freeze our hot peppers. I cook the tomatoes and egg-plant for the freezer to just pull out and defrosted, heat and eat!! I am doing this everyday!!!! That is why with Tinker and the garden work I have done as much as an 75 year old can do!!! What do you think???!!!
Oh by the way freezing the hot peppers is a lot of time consuming work too. You have to wash and cut up before freezing..................

Love coming your way, Fern & Tinker

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thank you all for your comments !!!! Thank you for understanding that I am busy busy busy !!! Look at that sweet picture, I miss those days so much!! I know that Tinker will come around and be a wonderful dog, she just has to get a little older. She really is doing so good. When she finds places in the fence she can get out I call her and she comes straight back to me!!!! Every time so far when I call her she comes!!! I spend a lot of time loving her and she loves that and who doesn't!!!
When you want me to talk back to you E-mail me at It is so so much easier and quicker then trying to comment on your blogs.
I have some photos of Tinker in the "now her chair" . I have some pictures of some harvest brought in to work and get it ready for freezing.
Next time you will see them.
Love coming your way, Fern & Tinker

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tinker in training

My dear blog friends. I just am working too much. I am so tired. When I come to your blog it takes me 30 minutes at least to load and comment and that is if there is no trouble with loading your comment frame or pictures. So in 1 hour I have gotten to 2 blogs. I wish I had more time for you guys b/c I care so much for all of you and there is nothing I love to do more then talk with you!!!! BUT Tinker is here and she takes up loads of my time. In the photo above Tom is training her to like getting in his lap and be handled especially her feet.

Then there is cooking and cleaning and I hate to clean and do as little as possible!!!
It has been so HOT here !! Feel like tems have been over 110 for days and days and days!!!!!! My poor Tom works out in that feel like tem 12 hours a day 5 days a week. Thank God for the weeks end and AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a great week-end! Be happy!!! Love who you are with!! Enjoy!!
Fern & Tinker

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lots of Garden things to do

Hi Blog Friends, yesterday I spent almost all of the day trying to answer your comment, except for 7 walks with Tinker and some playing ball with her. I can't seem to get her real interested in the ball!!
I have about 11 more comments to answer and then how ever many for today!!!!! I may not make all the comments!!
Today I have about 12 hours of things to do for the garden and some cooking to do as well.
Tinker, I think is part Beagle, not Doxie!! She is probably 6 to 8 months old not a year or 2. Boy you can't trust anyone when they are trying to place a dog!!! I can see the reason for it, there desperation!!!!!
Please know if I haven't gotten to you I am really really trying!!!!
Love coming your way, Fern & Tinker

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tinker and I would like you to have a good week-end

Our little family would like to wish you all a wonderful week-end. We are just staying home and trying to enjoy our selves as much as this heat will let us. We have been over 100 degrees with the feel like tems 110!!!!
The fly in the ointment--- Happy !!!!
Tinker is really doing very good. She is being a very good girl. She is eating good now and she is house broken. She hasn't made a mess in the house since last Tuesday!!! We don't have to be on leash when walking in the yard!!! She is doing real good!!
Have a good one, Fern & Tinker

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Post for today

I posted earlier today and it never showed up on Dashboard. If you have found this please go back one post.

One Tired Old Lady

These 2 pictures where taken by Angela last Sunday of Tinker. Angela runs the Last Hope Rescue .
Tinker is so full of life. She loves to run and today I let her off leash and she ran and ran. Thank Goodness she stayed right around close. She has fallen in love with me big time. If I move she moves. She met the coons last night and they ran off fast. They paid no attention to Bambi at all.
Tinker was so fascinated with the coons!! Not mean at all. She is not destructive around the house at all. She is so puppy she is full of energy.
She has worn me out!!!!!!!!!!
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern
Ps I have taken some more pictures of her but I am too tired to get them ready for the computer!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tinker -- Puppy

Tinker is a very immature one year old. She is not house broken!! She doesn't know how to walk on a leash!! She doesn't know her name. She is going to wear out this old lady. When she came it was raining. It rained for another 2 hours and then when we went out to walk it was so wet and buggy. We had had 4.3 inches of rain! I didn't get but about 2 hours of sleep last night.
Happy does not like her b/c she is so so puppy!! Happy doesn't trust her sharp quick movements. Happy is not happy!! Tinker has not acted anything but curious about her so far. We have a lot to teach and a lot of love to give.
I probably will not be on the putter much for a few days.
Please don't forget me, Fern & Tinker