Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rescue dogs

Happy week-end dear friends!!!!!  I found the big big print thanks to a BFF, Sue from Mitch & Molly !!!  Now I can see what I am writing!!!  Now I need a bigger screen!!!!
When I first moved here 40 years ago, the family got a German Shepard Hank and he was a hunter and his choice to kill was squirrels and he got a lot of them .  Then a couple of years later we got Hank's son Bruce and Hank taught him all he knew.  So Bruce turned out to be a big hunter of squirrels too.  Bruce did leave the other animals alone for the most part tho!!!
 Then came Amanda a rescue Whippet.  She was 5 years old and what jewel she was!!!   She was also a squirrel hunter and she caught a few.
Then Joker.  Joker was 5 and a half and he Loved all the animals.  Her never caught anything. He saw all the wild life here and never chased a one!!!!! He was the sweetest dog I ever knew!!! He also was a rescue.  Then came Bambi another sweet dog.  But she did kill a FEW squirrels in her almost 14 years of living with us, but only a few and the coons were not afraid of her at all b/c she didn't try to get them!!!  These  are the dogs I have had here on this 2 and one half acres.  Zoie is the first to have killed such a variety of critters!!!

Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern    

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Look at this face.  This beautiful dog is becoming a full blown predator!!!!!!!!!!!   She has been here 7 months and 21 days now and in that time she has killed rabbits, moles, raccoons and this morning her first bird---is nothing safe??????????
We have had over 5 inches of rain with our storm.  For some people that live closer to the coast it has been very bad for them.  Storm surge, power outage, trees falling, water in their homes, I feel so sorry for them.  For us it has been just  rain, some branches down and bugs galore, all kinds   I go out suited up so no skin is showing but my face, not my hair, or ears or hands!!!  Still I am bit 6 or 7 times.  I have got to get something to cover my face too!!!!  Mosquitoes can kill now a days!!!

Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday-- a little wet-- YAY

We have this little storm south of us in the Gulf and she is giving us a LITTLE sprinkle .  Lord we NEED a sprinkle, we need rain-- lots & lots of it!!!  I hope we get some real rain out of this storm.
I feel so badly with my eyes going on me!!!  For those of you who don't know I was born with only one eye--my left eye that could see.  My whole life has been affected by this.  At 6 years old I was taken to NYC for surgery to make my right eye look at others like it was seeing  and working  the same as my good eye. I had to go back the following year for a second surgery and this time it worked and I have looked normal ever since but I don't see normal I see flat.  It has kept me away from sports and real play with other kids.  I had to get an eye doctor to write a note for me to get a drivers license and that is why I don't have one now.  They will not take the risk of being sued any more!!  I had a hard time learning in school.
I am walking into things now!!  I never use to.
I do thank you so very much for coming to my blog  and leaving a comment even tho I am not making it to yours.  I miss reading your blogs so much!!!  I so appreciate your friendship so much.  I can call anybody in the US but can not call you if you are out of the US.  I wish I could call everybody!!!  If you live in the US and I don't have your ## email me it and I will call you !!!  I want to stay close b/c your my only friends .  I have a couple of friends here in Tallahassee but only a couple.  People don't have time for an old one going blind!!!!
I am hoping you all are coming back to my blog and reading my comment back to you b/c I writing them!!
I love you all!!  Zoie & Fern   

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zoie killed a coon

Happy week-end friends!!!  I should say HOT week-end.  I think most of us are hot now, yes???
I have to tell you something.  Something I am not happy about!!  Zoie killed a coon yesterday in the strawberry garden.  We had known that there was a larger  animal eating our berries.  Larger then a squirrel or a rabbit.  We figured it was a coon but really didn't worry to much for that coon. Zoie can't go out at night except with me --no more just staying out at night. Yesterday we were making soup and Zoie was laying on the floor keeping me company when all of a sudden she jumped up and ran to the door wanting out BAD!!!!  It was 3:30 pm.  I let her out and then heard a yap and looked out and saw her running with something in her mouth.  I couldn't tell what it was from in the house.  Later I went out and saw what it was!!!!  A young raccoon.  One of this year's baby.  I have not seen the babies well enough  to tell who's who.  So I don't know how is missing a baby!!!  That baby didn't know the rules yet-- you don't go into the yard !!!!!  EVER!!!!  I am so sorry for that baby!!!! She was just hungry!!!

I don't know how many mistakes I have made in this post and I am not going back over it to try to see b/c everything is way to blurry!!!  I wish I could see !!!!
Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strawberries out our ears!!!

Friends, I think I am just about strawberry-ed  out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have been harvesting them 2 times a day now since February the 26th.  I have been getting 20 to 60 berries everyday. We have 200 in the ground and 15 in pots.  I have a freezer full of berries.   I have berries in the sink soaking there-waiting for me to fix them for the freezer or for today or tomorrow consumption.  I am tired of harvesting them and I am tired of trying to think of ways to use them!!!  I am straw berried out!!!   NOT TIRED OF EATING THEM THO!!!

Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday -- again they come so fast

We work hard here and things are never done!!!!!  Not even close!!!!
Tom had a good Father's day--thank you for all your comments yesterday!!  We had wonderful weather.  It was a little too hot but not 100 degrees thank GOD!!!!  It has been harvest harvest in the garden.  Yesterday I brought in 26 tomatoes all of them beautiful!!!  We had a chicken stir-fry with lots of then in there. Our egg plaint and herbs and banana peppers were in there too.  We had our cucumbers and nasturtiums in our salad so we had a lot from our garden!!!   Had a great dinner!!  What did you have for dinner yesterday??????????????

Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day Tom

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads!!!!  Dads of humans and Dads of animals!!!!!   Happy Fathers Day!!!!
Our Dad around here works very hard all the time.  He helps me with the house things like washing  all our clothes and sheets & towels and dog and cat things too!!  He does a good bite of the cooking and all of the shopping!!!  He is a very good Dad to all of us here in this house. We love him a lot!!!  Thank you Dad!!

Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Zoie was born 2 years ago today~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``   She has lived with us for 7 months and 11 days.   She has been wonderful and very hard at the same time.  She has left the fence 3 times!!!  She needs way more exercise then I can give her!!  We can not afford another dog in $$$ or in space!!!  This little house is cram full!!!!  We really can not afford one dog REALLY !!!  If it were not for help from a friend here in town Zoie wouldn't look so good!!
I knew that when I stopped going to your blogs I would lose my dear friends and it is happening.  I can not help that I am losing my eye sight tho!  I just can not come and read your blogs  and I WANT to
Email me and I will answer you.  Comment on this post and if I can think of an answer I will answer you right here in the replay . You ALL can read my answers to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really love you guys so much!!!
xx00  Zoie & Fern

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lots of love gos on here

Another week has gone by!!!  Where does the time go????    We get busy with all the work we have to do and times just flies by!!!!!!!!!
There is a lot of love in this house people and pets!!!  When Tom comes home from work the very first thing he does is ( b/c if it was different we would be trampled on) give  Zoie her lovin !  She is the first to be greeted by her Daddy!!!  She gets her loving first!! Then it is Happy's turn~~~~~ Happy loves her loving!!
I think part of the reason that Happy is still alive is all the lovin she gets from us.  She lives for that!!  When Happy came to us she would not sit in your lap and she still will not sit in my lap----darn!
Today when her Daddy comes home she gets picked up by her Dad and rubbed pretty hard around her face and ears and neck and she LOVES that!!!  He holds her in his lap for 10 minutes  or so lovin on her!!!
Then after he has been home for 15 minutes,,, do I get my lovin!!!  I am third--people!!!  That is my place in the family !!!!!  Really tho, I love seeing the love he gives to our furbabies!!
 Love coming your way,  Happy,  Zoie & Fern

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pretty Zoie!!!!!

Oh she is so pretty!!!
I have left some replies on my last blog for you.  not all of you  yet but maybe I'll get to more later today.
My mind is going people!!!   I think it was yesterday or the day before that--------that Zoie got out of the fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh LORD HELP!!!!!!  I would wake up in the AM and let Zoie out while I got dressed, which only takes a few minutes. I put on a T-shirt and PJ bottoms, socks and boots and I am good to go.  It only takes a minute!!!  Zoie has always been there on the porch waiting for me and then we go for our first walk of the day.   Now I can't let her out without me.  Well I open the door and she isn't there!!!!!!  I call---no Zoie!!!   I call and walk the whole 2 and a half acres calling---no Zoie!!!!  So I go out the gate and head for the North side of our land.
There is a house on 10 acres with no fence!!  No people have lived there for 4 or 5 years now and the place is very grown up!!!  I call and I call-----then she comes running up grinning from ear to ear!!!
She is so happy to see me!!!!  I scold her for being out of the fence!!!  She says  "sorry but there is so many critters over here to catch Mom"   "They call me over"
Dear Friends,  I have walked the fence line over and over again and I can not find out where she is getting out!!!!
So I can not let her out without me  not even for a minute!!!  Ok more work for this old lady!!!

Love you guys so much!!!!

Zoie is in the house!!!!  xx, Fern

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Me and my dog

A friend sent me an email the other day and in it was this story about a dog.  The title of the story was
"Just a dog".   My Mother use to say "Oh she is just a dog"!!!!  Like that was nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to put that story  on my blog but I don't know how!!  It was so beautiful.......
I feel sorry for those that have never loved a dog!!!!!  Never given their heart to a dog and that dog given their heart right back to you!!!!! The love is so true and complete!!!  It is hard for me to put into words the love I have for dogs!!  I think I am part DOG!!!!  I think that is a good thing too!!   I love very strong too, just like a dog.  When I was a little girl I had no friends but I had a dog!!!! She was part of me and I was part of her!!!  It killed me when they gave her away to just anybody!!!!!!!!!!!  Killed me!!

Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Why did you start to blog?????????????????????????                      I started to blog to reach out to others of the same kind of mind as mine.  Others who LOVE LOVE LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not  to comment!!!
SO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ from now on I am going to answer you right here on my blog or in email.  I am old and tired and this has become too much work so I am going to simplify it this way.

I hope you will not be mad a me and I hope you understand.  I really really can't see very good!!!!  I am trying to save what little sight I have left.
I do love you all so much!!  I really don't want to lose you!!!

Lots  and lots of LOVE coming your way, Happy, Zoie & Fern

PS-- Tom had a wonderful dinner and dessert and he got lots of good snuggles and kisses and he went to bed a happy man!!!!  He thanks you all for his birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tom's birthday today

Happy Monday all friends in Blogville.
Today is Tom's birthday.  He doesn't like to celebrate his birthday, he would just rather forget all of them.  He really doesn't mind getting older he just doesn't want to celebrate getting older!!!! LOL
So we usually don't get him anything for his birthday that money can buy but I do things for him that he likes--- like food fixed the way he likes it!!!  And he gets lots of extra kissing and lovin!!!!!  He likes that!!!
So that is Tom's birthday--he is working --of course today but he will be home this evening!!

Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern
PS-- leaving the computer on all the time now!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Computer problems

I am having computer problems--- so sorry!!!!  Can't get on line all the time!!!  Tom has to spend a great deal of his time to get me on the internet, then,, again,, I can't get on again!!!!!!!  I really don't want to leave the computer on line all the time--is that what you do?????????????
xxx, Zoie & Fern

Sunday, June 3, 2012

One year ago today--Bambi DIED

It has been a year today since I lost my Sweet Bambi with congestive heart failure........................
She was the best dog anyone could want.  She was always good.  She was so smart!!  You only had to tell her NO--- one time and she would NEVER do it again!!!!!!  She would never walk out of the gate even if someone left it open!!!!  I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kit from Dog Dazs  gave us 25 dollars for a tree or a rose in her honer.  We bought an old garden rose that takes little care--that blooms a lot and will fill up an area 12 feet square!!!
Kit is on a vacation and she has called me and she wants you all to know she and the dogs are having a ball!!! They are in Oregon right now!!!  She says to say Hi to everyone for her. 
Love coming your way,  Zoie & Fern     

Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Red

Tom has been building big trucks since he was a little boy. He loves to do that and for many years he did it for a very good living.  We took vacations and everything. Had the house painted a couple of times had 2 new roofs--lived like real people!!  Years and years he was building sometimes 2 at a time.  The picture is of Big Red.  The man he built that one for brought his truck to Tom in pieces!!!  We wanted a MUD truck and he wanted to put it in shows.   This is what he got when Tom had finished!!! 
The truck was finished except for painting .  The man had a friend to paint the truck for him!!

Happy week-end dear friends!!
Love coming your way, Zoie & Fern