Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh Tinker, Tinker, Tinker

Hi Blogville, let me be more clear!!! Tinker is digging out of the fenced in part of the yard that is 2 and a half acres of wooded land that is fenced in. There is really very little of the land that is not all trees!! We have no part of our 3 acres that gets full sun any time of the year. That makes it hard to garden on!!! Anyway she really isn't digging out to run away, she is just exploring and the fence gets in her way. That is way as soon as I call her she comes right back. I am afraid that one day she will meet something or someone that will in some way hurt her out there. Or she finds her way to the road that is a 6 lane highway.
I have had this fence for 36 years and have had lots of dogs and she is the only one who has ever dug out !!!!! The only one!!!!
If I have to have her on a lead all the time, if I can't let her go out to do her business when I am busy doing something else, I'll let her go back to the rescue!!!! It will kill me but we paid so much for this fence so that you could just let the dog out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has worked for 36 years--- now we have a head strong digger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a good weekend!! It is suppose to be a little cooler but with no rain and we haven't had any real rain since Lee came through. WE NEED RAIN
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are back !!!!

Yes we are back, our inter net server went down and was down for days!!!
Tom said I went into withdrawals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did miss you all !!!!

Tinker has been getting out of the fence!!! She has been digging out!!! Today while I was watering the garden she got out. I called and she came right back in the same hole she had dough to get out. Now this is the third time she has done it!! I am an old lady and can not be covering up holes she has dough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to stop this some way!!!!
I don't leave her out by herself but I am doing other things in the yard while we are out. I would hate to have to tie her up but that seems like the way it will have to go!!!!!!
Glad to be back!!!

Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello Friends. This is a special post today. Maggie and Mitch parents Sue and George have given me a wonderful gift that I will treasure for the rest of my life!!! The gift is this painting of my sweet Bambi !!!!! I just love it to death!!!! Sue is a big fan of paintings and she has many painting of Maggie and Mitch. She contacted a friend of hers that does these beautiful painting and commissioned this painting of Bambi for me. Her friend is Lara Harris at If you do not know Maggie and Mitch go over and meet them at Maggie and Mitch the Airedales
Sue loves her dogs and her garden and her house and posts about them often.
Thank you Sue so very much for the beautiful painting of Bambi!!!! I love it so much!!!!

Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Friday, September 16, 2011

Have a Good Week-end Friends

Hey Blogville Friends........... How are you today???

I am making soup again today. I make soup at least once a week!!! This week it was 2 times.....
It is lentils and sweet potatoes and lots of fresh herbs from the garden.
Of course there are other things in the soup too.
Like red onions, garlic and brown rice. We try to always eat healthy and my soups are always very healthy!!!

Hope you all out there in Blogville have a wonderful week-end !! We plan too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tinker in her soft collar

Hi there Blog Friends, This is Tinker with her soft collar on. Has any one out there had a soft collar before????????? I had requested it for her thinking she would do like Bambi and knock her head around on everything. Save your money people. She figured out right away how to move that collar out of her way to lick or scratch anything she wanted to in less then a day. She is not wearing it any more b/c she has never bothered her incision once!!! It doesn't seem to bother her at all .

She has not slowed down at all and she is doing wonderfully.
I had 22 comments with my last post and I want to THANK-YOU so much!!! When I come to your blog it takes me a long time to get your blog loaded b/c I am on dial up so I haven't gotten to some of you. Please now I am trying!!
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tinker is so so so happy to be home!!!!

Hi Blog Friends, Tinker is home!!!!!! She is so happy to be home!!! She has a beautiful incision!!!! She has been so active I surely hope she doesn't tear herself open!!! When she got out of the truck she started to run and you couldn't have caught her if your life depended on it!!! She was gone in a second!!! She is so so quick!!!! She slept well last night. This morning she is running again and I can't stop her!!! We got out the door and she broke away from me in a second again!!!!!
I wanted a small dog so I could control her~~~~~~~~ I can't control her at all. When she wants to get away from me she surely can!!!!! She is so quick!!!
She loves her home so much!!! That is so plain now~~~~~~~~~~~.
When she was sitting in the vets kennels she was thinking I have lost my home~~~~~~~ What did I do to lose my home?????? Now she is home and it is so apparent that she is so happy to be home!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are happy to have her home too!!!
The pictures are from just before she went to the vets. I haven't gotten any since she has been home. She hasn't been still enough. I 'll get some more soon!!
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tinker at Vets

This little girl is at the vets today and a good part of tomorrow!!! I am dog -less......... She is getting spayed and the vet want to keep her over night just for safety sake. I think all will go well, she's pretty healthy.
I took pictures yesterday of her but the battery in the camera is dead so I can't get them out of the camera until I get a new battery. Tom is suppose to get some today.

I'll keep you informed.
Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6 2011 Already

The pictures are not new I know but I haven't gotten any new ones of her.

We had Lee. We ended up with 4.4 inches of rain and lots and lots of limbs down and one tree down!!! The tree was not a healthy tree tho so really not surprised. It didn't hurt anything when it came down.
Today I think our rain is over. The sky is blue. It is cooler. 84 degrees right now!!!! Nice and cool for our walks this morning. Tinker has played hard this nice cool AM. She is happily napping now!!

Tom didn't work yesterday. He did a lot of resting . He surely needed that!! The yard will not get cleaned up for a while. Tinker loves all the limbs down. Things to chew on. Things to run with!!! So so so fun for her!! She loves all those limbs to play with!! She doesn't like a ball but she loves sticks !!!!
Hope you guys have a good week.
Blogger worked real good over the week end but so far this morning I haven't been able to go anywhere but email and my own blog and I have spent lots of time trying!! I' ll keep trying later!!

Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blogger is not playing nice!!

I am sorry friends for not being able to get to you but Blogger is mad at me and will not let me comment on your blogs!!! I have spent hours and hours trying!!! This has been going on for a week or more!!!
Anywho I wanted to wish you a safe and fun Labor Day Week-end.............
I hope you don't have to work.
There is a storm just off the coast and "they" say we are going to cool down to 90 and have rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to believe Rain???? What is that?? We haven't had any in so long I can't remember what that is like!!!!!!! Hopefully we will have some rain!!!!!!!

Love coming your way, Tinker & Fern