Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day every one!!!
This is purple Basil. I love this herb!!
This is a small part of the garden!!! People I love my life!! I love my Husband so much!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the garden!!! I LOVE my animals!!!!!!!
I wish for you all that you love!!!
Love coming your way, Fern

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Second Crop of Strawberries

Hey Friends !! I am back on Internet Explorer b/c I can't get on Firefox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I E doesn't have spell check!!! Firefox does have spell check ----- Firefox has forgotten me!! They don't know who I am!!!! Oh well------

In 09 Tom bought one strawberry plant. Tom looked them up on the Web and the Web said the first year do not take any berries off the plant and it was so hard to do b/c they looked so good!! But we didn't. That one berry had babies!!! In 2010 we had a pretty nice crop of berries.

Those berries had babies!!! We now have 15 plants and this year was a wonderful crop!! I was expecting the berries to do what they did last year. Have more babies. No-- we are having a second crop of beautiful STRAWBERRIES !!! People they are so good!!! They are the Best berries I have ever tasted in my life!!!!!!

I hope I haven't made too many mistakes on this post.

Love coming tour way, Bambi & Fern

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bambi--How I love this old girl

Hi Blog Friends, I tried to load pictures of Bambi this morning and I keep getting service unavailable!! What else is new !!!!! I wanted to talk about her today. She has Arthritis mostly in her lower back. I give her a joint formula pill for that. I also give her a digest pill everyday. Every morning, if I forget she reminds me. She will stand and point at the pill bottles with her nose. I also give her a nutritional oils pill everyday and she loves that pill a lot. That pill has Fish Oil and Borage seeds oil and Flax seed oil in it!! I give her Devil's Claw, that is for Arthritis in the lower back. I give her a Turmeric Extract pill for inflammation in the body. The last two pills has to have a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on them so she will swallow them. She loves to take pills I think because she sees me taking supplements everyday and has for 13 years.
She got in the cat food about 8 or 9 days ago and when she does her lumps come up like a balloon in just 30 minutes. I takes days to come back down!! But they are way down again. Bambi is 13 years and almost 8 months old now~~~~~ With nothing really bad wrong with her!!!! I think she will make it to 14 and maybe even more!! fingers-crossed !!

I just went back and tried again to load the pics and they made it!!
Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern

Friday, May 20, 2011

I am trying very hard!!

Happy Friday dear friends!! I love the week-ends! Tom is home most of the two days . We go to the farmers market. That is one of our high lights of our day. We love to go to the farmers market and it is really getting good now too!! You can get the best lettuce there this time of year. Sugar snaps peas and wonderful green beans. Peppers, beautiful peppers, but not hot peppers. I don't know why they don't grow any. We do though!!! We have Jalapeno's that have lived through 2 winters and this year is the third year of producing for us. They are giving us 3 or 4 a day now. Our Cayenne has given us one pepper so far but is loaded with peppers. That is the one that made it through the winter. We have seeds we started , think 5 that is in the front garden that already has little peppers on them!!
We are going to have hot peppers up the ----!!!!! Bambi has just decided one day about a month ago that she did not want her picture taken any more!!!!!!!!! When I get the camera out she hides. If I keep it out ( the camera) for a while she just will not look at me!! So when you see a pic of Bambi that is looking at the camera it is an old pic!!! Like the one below. She has no white face!! The top pic of course is Happy in the garden helping!!! We all work in the garden every morning after walk and breakfast!!!

This year we have cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes and a bunch in-between!!! I hope to have more to put up this year!!
Do have a happy week-end!!! Eat well and healthy!!! We are what we eat.
Love coming your way, Happy, Bambi & Fern

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is a photo of ----------

My G-daughter went camping a couple of weeks ago out in the desert. She and her boyfriend went with another couple. This picture was taken while out there. The two dogs are (small one) Petey Pete - my g-daughter's dog and Jake the others couple's dog. All had a good time!!

Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern

Wordless Wednesday

xx, Bambi & Fern

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Got my Post back

Hi dear Friends, got my post back but not with all the comments!! How about you?? Have you got your comments back when your blog or blogs back popped up??
The garden is coming along real good!! We have already had tomatoes and cucumbers and hot peppers and spinach and swiss chard,, kale, potatoes and of course herbs from our garden everyday!!!! We are eating like Kings!!!!
How is your garden growing??
Love coming your way!!
xx, Bambi & Fern

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger has lost my last post

Hi Friends,
As you all know Blogger has been off the internet for almost a day. When it can back on,, my last post was gone. Has anyone else had that problem????
I hope they did something to help us out here b/c we were all having are problems with blogger. Tell me your experience please. What has happened to you?
Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Today was the first day in 2011 that I saw a coon in the day time!! You can tell it is HOT when you see a coon in the day time!!

Bambi rolling in the hot sun!!!
Hope you have had a good day!!
Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern

Monday, May 9, 2011

Took a tumble--- Still have a great Mothers Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day,, even tho I was in a lot of body discomfort. I took a small tumble in the garden Thursday and am hurting again!!! I have had cracked vertebra's in the past and this little tumble has upset one or more of them!!
The picture below is the front garden not finished being planted yet!! I wasn't up to planting this passed week-end!!
Everything in that garden is peppers. Bell peppers, hot peppers 3 kinds and banana peppers.
A lot of the garden is in pots b/c we so many critters that think it is there garden!! So far so good!!
This is Happy!!! She is a very old girl. We don't know for sure, but the vets thinks 18 to 20 years old????? Sitting there she doesn't look old at all but if you could see her walking you would say Oh Yes I see Now!!!

Thank you for your visit, I love company I don't have to clean house for!!!
Please leave me a comment!! I live for your words!!!
Love coming your way, Happy, Bambi & Fern

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trouble with Blogger

Hey, I am having so much trouble with blogger!!! The comment frame will not come up or will not stay up for me on your blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been going on now for weeks and it is so aggravating!!!! I come to your blog but I can't leave a comment so that you know that I was there to visit with you,, b/c you are very important to me. The reason I blog is to talk to you!! I am out in the woods all day with no way to go anywhere and no one around so I get lonely and I need someone to talk to. You are my friends, I want to talk to you!!! Then the comment frame will not come up!
I am in the beginning stage of Alzheimer and I can't remember who I couldn't get to!!!!!!! I am in a fix!!!!!
The first pic is of our tomatoes and we have had the ripe ones for dinner already!! We have cucumbers coming soon too!!
The pic above is Shrimp plants. The humming birds love them!!!
Above is an Amaryllis. We have lots and lots of them!!
Our Hydrangea bushes are in bloom and for a short time in May and some of June will greet you as you drive up to the front gate.
Our vegetable garden is a lot of work but is coming along real good so far!! We are eating something from the garden every night now.
I surely hope blogger will clear up soon before I go bananas !!!

Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday's Memories

Hey Blogville friends. Hope your day is going well for you!! The picture above is Tom with Joker. Joker was a rescue Ibizan Hound. He was 5 and a half years old when we got him!!! He had (that I knew of) never been in a house before we got him. In spite of that he did wonderfully in the house.
He never tore anything up or chewed anything!! He never made a mess in the house except once and I told him that was a NO NO and he never did again!! If you have never had a rescued dog you really should. If you just buy them you are missing out on a very wonderful experience!!! They know that you have done a wonderful thing for them and they really try very hard to please you!!!
This was the dog love of my life Bruce....... He also was a wonderful dog!! When he was a puppy from 7 weeks old until almost a year old we were never apart. Together 24/7 we were together and that is the way to have a puppy!!! Never being out of each others sight!!! You get to teach everything and they learn so fast. I had him house trained in just days!!!!!
Another rescue dog Amanda!!! She was 4 and a half when we got her. Such a wonderful dog she was!! We had such a good time together!!!
Here is Tom a little heavy. He is not heavy anymore. That is his animal love of his life Tiger. The love between those two was so very special!! Tiger made it to 17 years old.
A walk down memory lane today!!!
I love your company Friends !!!!!!

Love coming your way, Happy (cat) Bambi (dog) & Fern (Mom)