Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, September 30, 2013


Happy cat!!  The cat that lived the longest with us then any other cat and any other cat that I have ever heard of living!!!!!!! 
She was 22 years old!!!
Then Amanda a Whippet.  She was almost 6 year old when I
got her from a Greyhound rescue place in GA.  She was so sweet but not well!!  It took us lots & lots of money to find out she had a rare disease.  It was sugested to us to put her down b/c it was going be so expence to keep her!!!
We didn't put her down!!!  We got her in 91 and she died in 97 of kidney failure!!
She was just so wonderful!!!   That gate could be left open by mistake and she wouldn't think of going out it!!!

Love coming your way,  Fern

Friday, September 27, 2013

I hope you all have a good week-end!!

Love coming your way, Max and his Mom   Fern

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mondays momories-- some sad some happy!!

This was Tinker!!   She killed that stuffy quick!!!  She killed them all!!
Zoie slept in this little chair until I got a bed made for her.  She rather sleep there then in her crate even with the door open!!!  She hated her crate so much!!!
She loved this big yard!!!
This was her happy run.  She would throw her rear end up in the air--I called it her clown run!1
Gardenia!!  I have hundreds of them.  They are almost through blooming!!
There she is,
clown running!!
The kittens and then the last picture, my sweet Bambi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love coming your way, Fern 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One year ago today

It feels like 3 months ago I lost this beautiful girl!!!   Not a YEAR!!!!  I miss her so much!!!  I don't miss having to walk her 6 times a day tho!!  But I do miss her wanting to kiss me very 10 minutes!!!  She was the most loving dog I ever had and I didn't know what I was missing until I lost her!!!!  I have had a lot of great dogs but she was by far the most affectionate!!!!!!!!!  She had lived in a home before here were she had to spend 18 hours in her crate a day!!  She hated that crate and here she never had to go in her crate!!!  She was never alone!! She had someone with her 24/7 and she LOVED that!!!!!
She loved the food here too.  She gained 30 lbs while here!!! I have always shared what food I had with my dogs and she LOVED that!!  They all have!!
I miss her so much!!  I miss Bambi too!! 
With what is going on next door I know now that God knew what he was doing!!  She wasn't suppose to be here for a long time!!    But I still miss her so!!!!!!!

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie , Max & Fern

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tusday --I have writers block??

Happy Tuesday!!!!  That is Max in the pictures.  He has gotten to be a big cat and he is not through growing yet!!  His sister is not far behind.  She doesn't like having her picture taken as much as Max does and he really does.  So Allie doesn't get her picture taken as much as Max gets his taken!!  The two cats that looks so much alike are really very different. 

I am cooking today!!  Making Critter food for Frankie and her young ones --who I haven't gotten a good look at yet!!!!  I am also making soup for Tom and I who love our soup!!

Hope you have a good week!!  Love coming your way,  Circle. Allie, Max & Fern

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Turmeric Hopefully for you ALL

Turmeric ---- that is the two wide leave plants you see in this picture.  Sue from Mitch & Molly's blog wanted to see what the plant growing looked like so this picture was taken to show her.   TURMERIC!!!!!   IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HERB YOU CAN EAT!!!  Turmeric is like ginger in fact they are family. You grow them and harvest them the same way.  The root is what you eat.  We eat turmeric everyday of our lives and you should too.  WHY??????????  B/c it prevents cancer growth!!!  It stops it if cancer is growing and it prevents it to even start if you have not got any growing.  The herb is easy to use.  You can take a pill or you can put it in your food in the power form or eat it like you would if eating ginger.  We do all three!!!

I have been thinking about Benny!!  They could use it for him too!!!!   Benny I hope you see this blog!!!

Love coming to you, Circle, Allie, Max and their Mom
PS  My Mom died 8 years ago today---- it is a sad day for so many!!!  God Bless them all........ 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hugs for and with Benny!!!!

I love Benny and Lily and I feel so happy that his people are treating him for Cancer and feeding him blueberries!!!!!!  I pray for Benny everyday!!!
When Bruce had cancer even if we had had the money treating wasn't an option.  I think it is wonderful that dogs can be helped now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there is DATE night going around!!!  So fun to play!!!
I don't want to be a downer but people I guess I am!!!!!!  As a child I never played with myself or another child!!!!!  I was an only child and we lived in a 12 ft trailer and went to different towns every 2 or 3 weeks to every week to every few days.......  Always moving.  My Dad was a musician, he played the piano and  the band he was in, toured all the time!!  We did that until I was 7 and I had to go to school---so they had to stop.  We stopped in Daytona. I lived in Daytona Beach until  I was 17.
The point to this story is I don't know how to play and fantasize!!!!!
So it is hard for me to join in a play with you all!!!!

Love (I can do that) coming your way, Fern

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Going to post yesterday---- Going to!!!

I didn't get to it yesterday so I am here today instead.
Zoie is on my mind so much now!!!!!!!!  She loved her home here with us so much and I loved her so much and she loved being loved!!!!!!!  She wanted to kiss and kiss every 10 minutes!!!  All day long!!!!  That is the way she would wake me up every morning --a big kiss in the mouth!!!!!!
We all were so happy with her except for one thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She would jump the 6 ft fence when she wanted to go hunting next  door.   Now she didn't do it often!!  Not even once a month and I told her over and over again that that was a big NO NO NO!!!  The time she did jump the fence and get killed in the road she had gone almost 3 months with out jumping the fence!!!!!  I was hoping she was over that jumping---she was 30 lbs heavier then when she came to live with us but I was wrong and it kills me!!!  I miss her but I know now that it was all in the cards!!!  She was only suppose to be with me a short time b/c the next door was going to become a housing project!!!!  With 4 houses right up 6 ft from our fence!!!
My tale of woe!!!

Love coming your way,  Circle, Allie, Max &  Fern

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!!

It is just another day here but I hope you have a great great day dear dear

Love coming your way, Circle, Allie, Max &;  Fern