Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, November 30, 2009

You're a Blessing! Award

Two Special Wires gave this award to me and it was originated by her friend Petey. This award was also given to me by Dog Daze, Ms K.
For one you two are a blessing to me!! I love you both and treasure you both very much!!
All my animals are a blessing to me!!! I can't tell you how much they give to me. Nothing in the whole world is better than an animals love for you!!! Not all the money in the world.
My husband is a blessing to me. His love for me is just like an animals love. Unconditionally!!
My very old computer is a blessing to me. It has brought me all of you!!
My Lord is a blessing to me..... Everyday of my life....
My family is a blessing to me...
My health is a blessing to me. Praise the Lord, I am starting to get better from my fall last July.
Our fresh water that flows from our well is a blessing to me!
Our home that we own free and clear is a blessing to me.
I am so very blessed, thank-you so much for giving me this award and the opportunity of telling you all the many blessings that my Lord has given me.
I think I am suppose to pass it on to other people. I will think about that !!!
Please come and see me again soon.
Love all of my blog friends so much, Fern

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Circle of Friends Award/ My Dogs for the last 25 Years

Hi blogging friends!!! We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving day holiday. Tom was home from Wednesday afternoon around 3 till he gos to work at 6 A.M. Monday morning. We had no company, just each other. We love each others company!! We never tire of being around each other. That is just wonderful, I think!

Just before Thanksgiving I was given an award by 3 or 4 bloggers. The Circle of Friends Award.
Thank-you so much my friends!! This is a very nice award because of what it is about, Friends!
1--- I am most thankful for my best friend in the whole world, Tom my loving husband.
2---I am thankful for my Blog friends. You don't know how much you mean to me.
3--- I am thankful for the Animals in my life!!!!!
4--- For 2 healthy children that stayed that way all through their young life and now through their young adult life.
5---For one healthy Grand-daughter that has stayed that way into adolescence.
Thank-you everybody that awarded me this award!!!

These are my dogs that have shared their lives with Tom and I for the last 25 years and counting.

Sweet Bambi.

Sweet Miss Amanda.

The very special Joker.

These 3 dogs lives spanned 25 years of my life. All 3 were rescue dogs. All three were and are very special dogs that have given us so much pleasure, so much joy, so much LOVE!!! There is nothing like it, the LOVE they give.

Thank-you for coming to visit me. I love blog company!!! I don't have to clean the house!!!!!
Come again soon.
Happy and Bambi send their love to you all, OOXXOO Fern

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We have been growing our Christmas Tree

Hay Friends, we have been growing our Christmas Tree and this year it is ready for decorating.
This little tree was growing in the front yard, down by the new 6 lane highway about 6 years ago. It was only 5 inches tall. Tom dug it up and put it in a pot. He has up potted it many times.
And this year is it's year to be decorated. We will take a picture of it when it gets the lights on it. I think it is so neat to have grown our own tree.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends!!!!!
Love to you all, Happy, Bambi and their Mom

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Past Family and Bird Quilt

Hi blog friends!! I am so sorry to hear that Miss Snickers has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a very sad day for the family....At least Miss Snickers is not hurting any more........

The quilt above is one that I saw at that big quilt show in Kentucky.. I love birds and feed them all the time. In the winter if we have had a frost I go out and poke the frozen water so the birds can get to the water.

Below is a picture of my Aunt Fern on the right and in the middle is my Mother and then me. My Aunt Fern past away in 03 at 90 years old. My Mother past away in 05 at 90 years old I hope I can make 90. Tom is trying his best to keep me healthy. He wants me around as long as he is around!!!

The picture was taken in 1990, I think. I think it was taken in November of 90. That would make it 19 years ago. In the picture my Mother looks a lot younger than she was. She started going gray at a very young age. In her late 20s she started coloring her hair. She colored her hair until she forgot to. She was senile about 6 years before she died.

Monday is just a few hours away. Than we start a new week.. I hope your week will be a very good week!! I hope ours will be a very good week too!!
Thank-you for being my blogging buddy!!!
Love you lots, Happy, Bambi and their Mom (Fern)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Days!!

My last post was my 100 post!! This is my 101 today and I wonder why I have writers block
The picture is of Amanda. She LOVES pee mail! Don't they all.....

This was taken just a couple of days ago. Bambi and are are taking our first morning walkie!!
We have 3 acres that is pretty wooded to walk on that is all ours. We get out to walk at least 3 tines a day but usually 4 or 5 times a day

Here is a view, looking back at the house. I had said it is real wooded. Tom has taken down many trees over the years but you can hardly tell...

If I do not get back tomorrow have a good week-end!!!!!!!

We always have good week-ends around here!! Tom is home!!!

Happy and Bambi send lots of love to you all, and so do I..... Fern, Animal lover

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweet Bambi and a quilt

Hello friends... Yesterday I made soup from scratch and did a little housework... I was not on the computer as much as I had been on. Today I was not on much because the computer was not happy this a.m.. I am on dial up and when I try to load a page that has a lots of pictures on that page it takes 15 to 20 minutes . After waiting that long and then it does not come on or it will not let me leave a comment. I have spent 30 minutes and gotten no where. That was my morning!! I spent almost 2 hours for nothing. I could not get on most of the blogs I wanted to go on. I did get on 2 blogs that is all and that was later in the a.m.. I wish I had high speed but we just can not afford it.
Below is the African Quilt. I loved this quilt when I saw it in a quilt show in Kentucky. I went to that show in 99. Our quilt guild had 32 of us that went on a big bus. We were at the quilt show for 4 days. It was very tiring for me because I have a great deal of trouble sleeping at night. I had a good time but I was exhausted. For those of you who read my post about how I was left alone at night from the time I was 2 years old know why I can not sleep at night!!!!!!!

Have a good day. I love you all. I am sorry I was not all that interesting tonight. I have a little writers block. I will try to think of something to write about in a day or two.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our Happy cat is starting to show her age a little. She went for a walk with us in the yard the other day and as we were coming back to the patio she kept laying down like she was tired. She does not walk with us every day. Only about every third day so being 15 or 16 or 17 years old she has a right to be getting tired. Happy does a lot of sleeping. Probably 21 hours a day. She is always a wake for dinner. She does not eat our food she just likes to sit with us in the kitchen, keeping us company. Than she has her trips out to tend to herself. That is her day every day.

Below is Jake, he is about 6 months old. I see him everyday rain or shine. He will spend his life out back, probably~~ Unless he has trouble finding she's to mate with. Coons do not inbreed.

When it is mating time he and his sister will be bitter enemies. They will be close until mating time, than from that time on they will avoid each other for the rest of there life.

I think Jake is going to be small. For a while he and his sister Jackie were the same size. Now Jackie is almost two times bigger than Jake. Jake eats two times more than Jackie does and she is so much bigger!!!

Below is my sweet Bambi.... She is 12 years old last month in case you missed that post.
She is due for her rabies shot. She has not had one for 4 years. The last time she had her rabies shot

she was throwing up for a month!!!!!!!!!!! Where the needle went in she got a bump the size of

a golf ball. The vet said she had had such a bad reaction last time she could go 4 years without a shot. Now it is time. Tom looked it up on the computer and I advice everyone to do the same.

That shot should never be given with any other!!! Any other shot should be given at least a month before or at least a month after that rabies shot. Please look it up!!!! All pet owners should know the facts!!!

I really hope that I have helped some animals with this post. That rabies shot can kill your pet!

I love all the animals so much I don't want any to go through what Bambi went through!!!

Love you all, Happy, Bambi and Fern

Friday, November 13, 2009

Past Family and me

Hi blog friends, We have a beautiful day here in north Florida. It is 67 degrees with a light wind
the sun is out and it is bright out there.
The picture is of me and my Mother and Father. I was raised in Daytona Beach. We had two beach concessions. One was a hot dog wagon that sold hot dogs and cold drinks and candy and peanuts and popcorn. We had that wagon for 5 years. We also had a ice cream jeep that went up and down the beach selling ice cream. I worked both concessions.
In the picture above I was 13 years old. My Dad left my Mother the next year. He came back and left again for the next year and a half. They got a divorce when I was 15. The ice cream jeep lasted until my Dad left for good. The hot dog wagon was sold after he left the first time. Dad was a piano player all his life and that is what really supported us. Both parents were real good at handling money. So am I...
When I tell you stories of my past I am just giving you history. I don't know about you but I like to know the history of my friends. Do you like to know the history of your friends??
Below is a school picture of my Grand-daughter getting bigger. She is going to be a movie star when she grows up!! She will tell you that everytime she has a change.......

Dear friends I have come to the end of todays post. I hope you all have a great week end. We are suppose to have good weather for a chance, I am looking for lots of fun this week end.
Love to you all, Bambi and Happy and Fern

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Talk tonight

Hello friends! I got an award the other day and I forgot to tell you about it. Does that tell you anything ? The award was from Golden Samantha/ Thank you Sammie for this award! You are so kind! Rocky Creek gave me an award and I had to answer 10 questions, but I do not have to do anything for this award. Great!!!

The story that I feel I should tell is very sad but if I tell it, it will free me. You all said go ahead and tell so I will.

My Mother was a very unhappy person because she had been given away when she was 10 years old to her fathers brother. The uncle was married and had one daughter 12 years old.
The wife didn't like her and the daughter didn't like her but her uncle did. He could always use help in the fields. Mother felt like a slave. She carried that hurt all her life. She took that hurt out on me a lot of the time. I don't think she wanted me. Dad use to say that I was not planned.
I was an only child they did not want any more kids. I don't think they wanted me. My Mother never did much for me at all. She read all the time, but she never read to me. She never took me anyplace or taught me anything. She never helped me with my homework when I was in school. When I wrote a story she would make fun of me pointing out all my mistakes. They would laugh.
My Mother did not whip me she shook me very hard. She shook me until I was 13 and too big to be shaken. My Dad would hit me and I would rather take a whipping than that shake.
When I say she did not teach me anything I mean it. She never spent time with me at all.
The story gos on and on but that is enough for now.
Am I just belly eking?? I should get over it, well that is what I am trying to do by telling you all about it.

All of you friends are very important to me. Blogging helps me a lot and I like to write to you.
It helps my mind stay active. I don't watch much T. V. any more. Thank you!!
Good night sweet friends, Fern

Monday, November 9, 2009

Celtic Hand Bag and Seminole squash

Hi you all, How was your day ? I had a very good day! I thought today I would show you a hand bag I made about 7 years ago. When I started to sew, when I was 15 years old, I wanted to make everything. I had no teacher. My Mother did not sew or anyone else that I knew. So right from the start I was on my own. So I would study something I wanted to make and study it and study it. Then I would measure and measure. Than cut it out and sew it together. I can tell you I did not all ways end up with something I could wear! I did learn to sew and without a pattern. I started making hand bags in 84 and I have not bought a hand bag or wallet since.
That looks like a pumpkin doesn't it ? It is a Seminole squash. Tom got it at the framer's market on Saturday last. We have saved the seeds and we are going to plant them next spring.
The farmer that grows them said they are very easy to grow, they don't seem to have any bug problems and are drought tolerant. What more can you ask for ? We had it for dinner Sunday night and it was very good.
Well my friends we have come to the end of another post. I hope I did not bore you. Leave a comment and come back soon.
Bambi sends licks, Happy sends a meow, and I send an ear of friendship!
I am listening, Fern

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy and soup day

Here is our rescue kitty! Tom and I were talking about when she came, at dinner tonight. Tom thinks it was the first or second Saturday of January 98. So in just a few weeks she will have been with us for 12 years. When she came she seemed so happy that we thought that Happy
would be a good name for her! Happy is a 2 A. M. eater. Even if you make her go without
food she will not eat at dinner time, she refuses to eat, than you do not feed her at 2 am and feed her her breakfast, than feed her at dinner time. Happy will still get you up at 2 am and no matter what, you can't brake her from that habit. I have tried for 11 years and 11 months.
We love Happy very much! No matter, even at 2 am.
Soup day.....

Usually every Monday is the time I make a big pot of home made soup. It is almost always
vegetarian, and always has a tomato base broth. I use a lot of fresh vegetables, what ever I have on hand and frozen and even some can beans will go into the soup. I make a very big pot of all those vegetables and seasoning. We use this soup as a base than add other things microwave
and you have a great meal in minutes. The other things are always protein, cheese, chicken,
soy sausage, shrimp, ect. You get the picture. That soup stays in the refrigerator for 7 days if it last that long. Usually it does not last that long. Than we cook dinner. I say we because Tom
always helps in the kitchen. It is a pleasure to fix a meal when you have short cuts and a helper.
I hope I have given you ideas in my post. You now know a little more about me and the way we eat. Come back soon.
Love ya, Happy, Bambi, and Mom (Fern)

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Quickie

Hay friends!! This post is going to be a quickie tonight.
Below, that's me and my sweet Amanda. The clothes that I am wearing are all home made, I ever made the necklace! I did not make the hat tho. I had always wanted to try making a hat but I never got around to it. I made the vest with foe fur, the skirt with denim, and the turtleneck with interlock knit. How do you like my out fit ? Tom and I were going out to eat on anniversary night.

Below, me again. Don my second grader and my second son took this picture of me while I was out on the front porch of my dream house, watching my boys play. Both had cameras and they were taking pictures of each other and the neighbors. I did not even know that he had taken one of me until I saw the pictures developed.
I had made that spilt dress I was wearing.

Below is just a bouquet at the head of our bed. I did grow every flower in the bouquet. It was just a pretty picture I took a few years ago
This is my post for tomorrow. On the week-end I try to give all my time to Tom and the animals.
So please have a very good week-end, have fun, and enjoy each other.
Oh by the way, Tom made our bedroom furniture.
I will see you all on Monday. I don't know what I am going to blog about. Are you that way ?
I love you all, my friends mean a whole lot to me, I have never had many friends, until now.
Thank-you so much for being there for me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not in the mood for uploading photos

Hay Friends,
How are you feeling today ? I have done a hole lot of things already today and I am tired.
The things I have done are just mundane things nothing exciting, but I am still tired.

I love the computer!! It was brand new to me last January when Tom bought it for me. He got a good deal on this very used computer. It is a 98. It had been in a business. A Parts House, Auto parts. It got a lot of use there. When he got it home it did not work. Tom took it back and then brought it back home a few days later and it worked. That was January this year. I had never used a computer before! I took to it like a duck to water! I loved it !!! I could e mail my grand-daughter!!! See pictures that I would have never seen of her. We have gotten so much closer than we had ever been before. I love that. By Jan. 30th I was going to town. On May 3th it quit !!! Tom took it to a computer repair shop. They had it 26 days. Boy did I miss it!!!
I had started to blog and blogging felt good to me. It is the outlet that I needed.
I have a lot to talk to you about. I was hurt very badly when I was a child and when I blog about
it, it helps me a lot.
Do you want to hear all the hurts I lived through when I was a child ?

I will be very interested in your answer.

I need friends and I am not very popular with anyone but my family and my blog friends!!
Love you all, Fern

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Butterfly Quilt, Me when young and Tom and his tractor

The Butterfly Quilt was very beautiful. This is not a good picture of it. There where lots of people around the quilt and I was trying to get only the quilt and not the people in the picture.
The butterfly stood out in the quilt really well!! I am sorry I did not get a better photo.
Below me at 43 years old.
I was born in the southern part of New York. Brought to Florida when I was 4 almost 5 years old. So I really am a southern girl. We hit Daytona Beach when I was 6 almost 7. Because of my birthday being in December I did not get to start school until I was 7 years old, going on 8. That put me so far behind!!! If my Mother had taught me anything, it would have helped. She did not spend any time with me at all. Never did. I was dumb. I had a very hard time learning to read and I could not learn to spell at all!!! I started life at a disadvantage. I was legally blind in one eye. I needed glasses. I had had one eye operation and needed another. Nobody knew what was wrong with me, why could I not learn. In 71 I found out that I was Dyslexic!!!
They say that the dyslexic 's are really smart because they have to get by with a handicap. I got by. I was the reason we were successful in our business in my first marriage.

Above is my second husband Tom. We live on 3 acres of ground. It is a beautiful land. I love it here. It is too big to take care of with just a power mower, so Tom got his tractor!! He loves his tractor! He has done a lot of work changing the land to be easier to mow, and make the water flow where he wants it to flow. He has levelled the drive way many times and on and on.
He is a real good guy!
We have come to another end to another post. I have told you a lot about myself tonight.
I hope you will come again soon. It is very good for us to have friends and you are my friends.
Love you all, Fern

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Beautiful Quilt and Bambi

Hello my friends,
Above is a picture of a quilt I saw in the big quilt show in Kentucky. The Bride and the Groom
were just beautiful!!! I love happy weddings and this was one. I hope their marriage has turned out as happy as mine has turned out. It makes everything in the world better. When you have a man who loves you and is faithful to you and you love him back it is the best thing in the world!

Below is my Bambi in deep thought! I wonder what she is thinking? Maybe she is fantasizing
about chasing a squirrel!! Maybe she is chasing the new little fox we saw tonight when putting out fresh water for the critters. Or maybe she is thinking about catching a mole in the yard.
I see her deep in thought and I wonder what they are thinking about, do you ever wonder?

Well my friends, thank-you for coming to read my blog. You are very important to me!!
I hope you will come again tomorrow and see what I blogged about. I do not even know what I will blog about. We will see...
Love you all, Bambi and her Mom (Fern)

Amanda and Tiger

Above is Amanda's bed. The bed is in our bedroom right next to our bed. That is Tiger (cat) next to Amanda. Those two loved each other so much they were together almost all the time!!!!
About the only time they were not together was when Amanda and I went for a walk.
We went for a walk everyday, but not like Joker. Amanda did not like to walk in the rain!
Even at home she had to have her rain coat on, when she went out to pee in the rain. That was Miss Amanda!!!!

Below is Amanda and Tiger in the yard. That picture is a very good representation of the two of them. At home, where one was, the other one was.

We lost
Tiger in 96 of kidney failure and we lost Amanda in 97 of the same. Tiger was 17 years and Amanda was 11 years old.

I loved looking at the old pictures of the two of them. I hope you did too.
Come again soon, love ya, Bambi and Fern