Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, October 30, 2009

Amanda and Bambi

Hay my friends, When we had Joker we walked every morning at day break. 7 days a week. Rain or shine, hot or cold. We live on a major highway and until just the last few years there was no sidewalk. So Joker and I walked in the wooded trails in the back of our house. When Amanda came, I started to walk her in the same trails. She did not like the woods!!!!!
She was afraid of the deep woods . So I started to walk her at a park that is about 4 miles away from home. The little lady (and she was a real lady) did not like to get up early!!!! So after a few months we slept in and went to the park about 9ish. The picture of Amanda was taken at that park. Usually we were the only ones there and she walked off leash. She loved the park!!!!

Below is our dog that we have now. She came from the animal shelter here in town. She has been with us for 11 years and 9 months in Nov.5th
Bambi is a squirrel hunter. That is what she is doing, looking for a squirrel.

Below Tom is filing Amanda's nails. Tom files our dogs nails every week. They love to get in Daddy's lap!!!He gets them in his lap and just holds and loves on them for awhile, then turns them over and files the nails. By doing them every week he only has to take a little off at a time.... They love it after the first time.... They do not let him forget!!!
I hope you all have a very good week end!!! Around here we love our week ends!!!
I will see you all on Monday, God willing.....
Love you lots, Bambi and Fern

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tom and Fern at a Mexican Restaurant and Animals

Above, you see Bruce and I in the yard. Bruce is learning to be the wonderful dog that he turned out to be. I would spend hours in the yard with him, teaching and talking and talking to him. We played and he learned. Oh, he was so smart!!! He learned so quickly!! Like people babies, the pups are big sponges.
Below the photo is of my wonderful husband and I in a Mexican restaurant. Tom is a very loving and giving man. I never thought there was such a thing!!! My Mother told me all men were no good. That men would cheat on a women. My Dad never hit my Mother, but according to her he cheated every change he got. My Dad was emotionally abusive. My first huddy was very emotionally abusive and he gave me my first black eye in our second year of marriage and it went down hill from that.
Below is Amanda!!! She was a rescue from the Whippet rescue place in Thomasville Ga. When we lost Joker it was so hurtful to both of us, we went and got Amanda just 4 months after Joker had died. Amanda was 4 and a half when we got her and really not well. We had her
five and a half years before kidney decease took her. She was a joy to have, but she cost us a whole lot of money that we really did not have to spend on a dog. We did not know she had health problems but once she was home with us, she was in her forever home and we spent the money for her without hesitation. She was very loved!!

We come to another end for today.
I hope you will leave a comment and tell me how I did.
I will be back tomorrow. I do not know what I will blog about or what pictures I will put on the post. I will be back.
Love you all, Bambi, Happy and Fern

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Granddaughter Shawna and Me and Animals

HI blog friends!! How is your day going?
Meet my Granddaughter Shawna. This picture was taken a few years ago now. She is a big girl and really enjoying her life right now. She has fond she likes boys!!! And they like her!!!!!!
Hang on Mom and Dad it will be a bumpy ride!!!

Below is a picture of Joker and myself. This picture was taken in 86. When I had a body that worked for my real good. A friend ask yesterday what breed Joker was and I told you all when I blogged last month, but everybody did not see last months blog. Joker is a Ibsen Hound.
I am not sure that I spelled it right. It is close anyway.
Joker and I started walking every morning early. At first we walked about a mile, then 2 miles, then 3 miles, then 4 miles, and after six years we were walking 5 miles. Joker died of kidney
failure when he was 12 years old. It was devastating to both Tom and I. We both cried a lot.
That is why I rescued Amanda as soon as I did.

Below is me getting older and fatter.....
I am wearing clothes that I made.
Before my body got so bad off I really love to sew and I made everything!!!!

I hope you enjoyed today post, I enjoyed writing it to you all. Welcome to my world!!!
I am a lover!! I love my husband and I love animals and my family!!!
Come again soon!!
Love my blog family too, Fern

Monday, October 26, 2009

Part two of today's post

Please go back one post because the quilt picture was left off that post. Then you can read this
continuing post.
I saw this quilt at a quilt show in Jacksonville a few years back. I thought it was striking. I did not take a very good picture of it, sorry for that!! I will try to tell you what I saw....
This is called The Sunbonnet Sue Quilt, because the image of the woman with no face is called Sun Bonnet Sue. Sue is all flat but the rest of the quilt is dimensional!! The quilt is flat and on top of that is the trellis that is another dimension, than the flowers are a nether dimension.
It was very striking in person.
Love ya, Fern

Animals, Me and A Quilt, No Sorry No Quilt

Dear Friends, I am in my first year on the computer. I did not grow up around cel phones and computers!!!! I have friends that have taken classes learning to use the computer. Many of those could not even learn to send and receive e mail, some did learn to send e mails but that is all. So it is a big deal that I am blogging and uploading pictures!! I still have trouble up-loading pictures!!!
The title of this blog says quilt and I promise that this afternoon I will put that quilt on the blog but now I have two pictures of me and Joker on this blog, sorry.....

The picture above is of the dog that came after Bruce. His name was Joker, he was a 5 and half year old when I rescued him from and couple that breed and showed full blooded dogs. They had bought him as a puppy, with the purpose of showing him and breeding him. He turned out not to be a good breed dog. He was too tall, too long and he had a bad over bite. They had tried to sell him but could not find anyone who would buy him for the money they were asking.
After years of keeping him in their kennel and putting him out for stud fee they wanted to get rid of him. He was not making his board.

We came along and just loved him. So he came home with us, to a home that loved him!!!!

Below is Tinny! He was my Mother's cat. In one of my trips to go down to see her she ask me to take Tinny home with me. She had 3 cats at the time and she did not want Tinny any more. Tinny had just showed up when he was a little kitten and it was time to neuter him and she said she did not care that much about him to spend that much on him. So I came home with another kitty. Had him neutered and he became a loved member of the family.

Below is my boy named Sue. Sue followed my boys home from school one day. He was young and I could not find his little thing so I thought he was a she, so I named her Sue, Sue was a very nice kitty and at the time we had only had one kitty. Time passed and it was time to have her spayed. I took her to the vets to be spayed and later that day I went to pick her up and I found out that they had neutered him not spayed her!!!!!

The picture below was uploaded instead of the quilt picture. Sorry, where is my head!!!! I will blog this afternoon or tomorrow and you will see the quilt. In the picture below between Joker's legs is Tiger. Remember I said Tiger loved dogs, he loved dogs!!!
See you later or tomorrow A M .
Love you all, Bambi Happy and Fern

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bruce puppy and Friend kitty

Good Morning my friends. Meet Friend. Friend was Tiger's friend, that is how Friend got his
name. He sounded just like Tiger when he spoke. We would hear him at the door and if Tiger was out we thought it was Tiger. One of us would go to the door and let him in. Some of those times it would be Friend and we would say, not Tiger, it is Tiger's friend. This went on for 4 years. Than one day, Friend showed up with a very bad injury that was infected. He was dirty
and full of ticks. Well I had to help him!!! I doctored his injury and pulled ticks off him for a hour, feed him and gave him plenty of lovin. After that day he never left. I had him spayed and he lived with us the rest of his life and he did not go off like he use to. You could not run him off with a stick!!! He was in his forever home!!!

Above Bruce at 9 weeks old and the picture below is Bruce at 7 weeks old. I got the pictures mixed up. I had wanted the 7 week old to be first. Oh well. This was my little puppy that was full of life and wanting to go go go!!! I came home from the hospital with a puppy. It seemed that way. I had had cancer had it cut out and came home with a baby. He was my baby boy!!!!!
One of my blog friends said that people might want to hear what the animals would say about me. I can tell you that once an animal has meet me they want to stay with me. I feed the birds and hummers and squirrels and coons and possums and when we had the big garden we had a snake that hung around for over a year. When the baby coons have been born I will go through 50 lbs of Wal mart dog food in a week, feeding the critters!!

This is what Bruce looked like when he was brought home to me. 7 weeks old, he melted my heart. I was in no conduction to take care of him but I did it anyway. I have never had a problem house braking a dog . When I have to go, they have to go, I well tell them what they are doing and I tell them what I am doing and I never had a mess to clean up even tho I had a 7 week old puppy.
I hope you all have a good week-end. I will blog again on Monday.
Love you all, all my animals stay here forever in life and in spirit, they stay. never leave!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Micky, Bruce, Happy and Bambi

Hay blog friends, Meet Micky. I use to call him Micky Mouse. Micky lived here when Tom and Tiger came to their forever home. Micky was born to my home by a stray female that just showed up one day. Two weeks later she had kittens. I had planned to have her spayed when she stopped nursing her kittens, but that never happened because she got her self run over when her kittens were 4 weeks and 3 days old.. The house was about 350 feet from the road,
and the animals use to stay out by the house and when they went out they morally went to the back. She did not stay in the back like she should have. I gave all away except for Micky.
Bruce here at 4 and a half months. He was chewing on a very big bone. The thing Bruce loved the most were sticks and balls. I had just come home from surgery when Bruce was brought home for me to take care of. He was 7 weeks old and full of fun and wanted to play all the time.
I took care of him, and it took me a lot longer to heel from that surgery too!!! When I did I went back to work and took Bruce with me. He went to work with me 6 days a week for 5 years.
When I changed jobs, I went to work at J C Penneys and of course I could not take Bruce to work there, so he had to stay home and he did not like that at all.

Meet Happy! Happy just showed up one day and said that she had been watching us and thought that she would like to live with us. Of course she was invited in and that was 12 years ago. She had been spayed, we found out when we took her to the vets. The vets said she had had kittens at least 2 times but he would guess more like 3 or 4 times. He thought that she was about 3 or 4 years old. So Happy is 15 or 16 years old. She is still in good shape.

Bambi is hunting for a mole. She can smell them and there is one under there . She is waiting for them to move. Then she will dig really fast and try to catch and kill that little thing. Of course I do not want her to kill any animal so I am hopping for the mole's life!
Well this is it for today. The computer is feeling a little better today. She is a very old computer. She doesn't like to work so hard!!!!
Love you lots, Bambi, Happy and Fern

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Animals

Hi blog friends, I am on my second marriage. My wonderful husband's name is Tom. Tom and I have been together 27 years and counting. Tom came with a cat, Tiger. Tiger was a little over 2 years old when we all got together. Tiger loved his Daddy very much and he fit right in, in no time.
At the time Tom came I had a GSD and two cats. ( I will show you the two cats at some later post ) My GSD was 4 and a half. His name was Bruce. All the animals got along really well.

The picture below is Tom's Tiger. Tiger had personality plus. He loved dogs better then cats!!You could always find him near Bruce.

Below is my rescue mutt Bambi. The people that have been following my blog know all about Bambi but the newbes don't. So I will try to slip something in that is new for them too. Bambi came from the animal shelter. She had been adopted out 2 times before me. So I was her last change. She had been spayed and still had her stitches in when I got her. The first time she was adopted out the people bought a crate for her, and when they brought her back they brought the crate too. I got a pretty good deal. She was spayed and had a crate and been named Brandy.
Tom and I are tea totalers, so I changed her name to Bambi. Bambi had picked up kennel cough
in her stay in the animal shelter. The very next day after getting her, I took her to the vets, and the vet said that it was a good thing that I got her because she was real close to dying.
Bambi is a very good girl. She works very hard to please the people around her. We think that Bambi was about 4 months old when she came to her forever home. She is having her birthday right now. The last half of October. we celebrate her birthday! She is 12 years old!!!!!
She has been with me 11years and 8 months.

Below is the animal that made me the animal lover! Meet Bruce!! Here in this picture he is 4 months old. My first husband had a silver German Shepherd, He picked out this female to mate with him and Bruce was the stud fee. Bruce looked just like his Mother. Bruce was so smart. So well behaved. But he was a puppy and had to be house broken and taught a lot of things. We developed a very special bond.
I am getting tired, so I will see you all tomorrow.
Love you, The Animal Lover, Fern
P. S. My love for Bruce was the deepest love I have ever felt for any animal.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Dream House and My Boys When They Were Young

Hello Friends, I know that my new friends want to see my animals and I will put some animal pictures on tomorrow I promise.
I have been looking for my pictures of my dream house for over 2 months now and I have still not found them, but I found 4 of those that I have been looking for and here they are. The first is my dream house!! That house had a play room that was almost as big as the house I live in now. Just one room that had a full size pool table, a living room set of furniture, a refrigerator and in one corner my sewing room!! That was a BIG house! It also had a very nice kitchen!
I loved that house so very much!
This is my second son Don. He was in the third and fourth grade when we lived there. Don was a fun loving boy and he got in trouble with me a lot of the time because of his mischievous. I look back on it now and I laugh, but at the time it was trying.

These are my boys! David and Don. David was my good one who was always ready to help. He keep good care of this stuff. Never caused much trouble. Don was always missing. Where was Don, when you needed him??? He gave me a lot of worries all through his growing up. He is now head chef at a restaurant in Daytona Beach Fl.

This is David. He was in 7th and 8th grades at the time we live in the Holly Hill house. David is
smart, he had the advantage of a full time Mother when he was a baby till he was almost 3 years old. David married and got a job selling cars. He was very good at it. He worked up the ladder
to assistant manager of the whole dealership, then the crash in o7 !!! The dealership closed and he was out of a job. He' s now selling insurance for New York Life. He is not happy about this
Well, friends, tomorrow is another day and I will be all animals.
Love you all,

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Fall Quilt

Thank you so much for yesterday friends!! I had the most visitors I had ever had!!! I said in my little post this morning that I felt so full. I have felt that way all day. You all are a good diet!!!
I have been to a lot of your blogs but I sill have 4 more to visit. I will get to the 3 tomorrow and Mango's blog I will have to get permission.
This is a wall hanging I made and put up on the wall in the fall. It is the only one that I have ever made. I should have made a fall one that I like better, but life gets in the way. Maybe some day I will make one I really like.

This is going to be the only picture that I post today. I plan on blogging tomorrow so I will get some more pictures on than.
Thank you all for making me a very happy girl.
Love you all, Fern

Thank-you Rocky Creek Scotties!!

Thanks to Rocky Creek, yesterday I had 14 comments!!! Thank you to everyone who visited!!!
I had , I think, Mango that you can not go on the blog without permission. I did not even know that that was a option. There was so many nice people that said Hello. Thank-you to all that left a comment!! It will take me awhile to get to everybody, but I will get to everyone that I can as soon as I can. Thank--you, Thank-you Thank-you!!! I feel so full!!!!!!!
I will blog later tonight or tomorrow morning......
Love to you all,
Bambi, Happy and Fern

Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Frist house here and Chicken Quilt

This is the first house we bought when we first moved to town. The two in the picture is David and the first husband working in the yard. I love big houses!! I have lived in two. This was the second big one. I only lived in both 2 and a half years. I think that is very strange, the same time period for both houses in two different cities, two different time periods.
I like chickens! Oh I like all animals!! I would have loved to have had chickens at one time in my life. When I was a lot younger I could have cared for them, now I could not. Tom says my job now is to really heal before I start to think I am all well and re- injure myself. I have done that every time since 07. I will not do that again if I can help it.
I have a whole box of pictures that were taken in Holly Hill, when we lived in my dream house. I want to show you that house and I have been looking for them for 2 months now.
I will keep looking!!!
Thanks for coming!!!
I have a question? What am I doing wrong??? Other blogs have so many followers and so many comments. I keep losing followers and don't have lots of comments. What am I doing wrong?
Love my followers!!!! Thanks soooo much!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Angel Quilt

Yes, I know this quilt was on the last post. I wanted a few more people to see it before I go on with more pictures and new subjects.
When this quilt was shown in our town in 98 it won best of show.......
When it was shown in Kentucky, it won best of show....... If it had been shown in other places it would have won best of show. In Kentucky there were about 33,000 people there and there was a crowd around that quilt the whole 5 days of that show!!! People were talking about that quilt every where you went! The maker of that quilt died of brain cancer. It took her so fast too.....
I am feeling off and this and last post was very hard to do, type, spell think how to say things, I am feeling off!!!! I get that way every so often. I am not seeing well and it is hard to think of what I want to say when every thing is blurry. I need new glasses and that always turns out to be a real hassle.. My computer is no happy either.
Love you guys, don't worry about me, this is par for the cores for me. I get off every so often.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our House and the Angel Quilt

Hi friends, this is a picture of our house taken in the spring of 04. Five years ago the dog woods trees looked really pretty and I took this picture mostly to show the trees. It is a nice picture so I thought I would show it to you guys

Below is the very special Angel Quilt. This quilt was made by a friend of mine, for her grandson.
This quilt was shown in the quilt show here in town in 98. There was a news paper article written about it. The quilt show was held in Oct. and Nov. 98. The next year she put it in the BIG quilt show in Kentucky that is held in April. In November she died of cancer.
This is one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen and I knew the maker!!!

She made that quilt out of 1 and a half squares. I don't remember who many there where now but it was in the thousands. It had been a cross stitch pattern and she had to get permission from the maker of the cross stitch pattern. The quilt took your breath away.

Again I thank-you so much for coming to read my blog. I love your friendship!!!
Please leave a comment and come again soon. Fern

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stain glass Window Quilt and Don at 4 years Old

This is a beautiful quilt that was in that quilt show in 2000. I was in AWA of this quilt because of the very small black bias, around everything!!!! The stain glass effect.... I really really liked this quilt!!

Below is picture of my second son when he was 4 years old. He was not as happy as his brother. He was born in the station business. He did not get the attention that David got from his Mother. When David was little he had his Mother full time, poor Don did not. When Don was not walking he was at the station all day long. David was a lot of the time too, but David was so in to the people that came in the station. He would great everybody with a big smile and a big Hi!! The customers were like family to him. The customers loved the kids too.
Don , was a whole other kid, when he started to walk he started getting in to everything that he should not get into. Once he started to inspect a parked motorcycle and it fell on him!!! He did not get hurt, only a bump. He and we were so lucky!!! I have hundreds of stories about station life with kids!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for coming to read my blog.
Love, Fern

P. S. I think he was a beautiful little boy and I wish I had had more time with him, one on one.
I was so lucky to have had two really good looking boys.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Great Quilt and Bruce

This is another great quilt I saw in that quilt show in 2000. I really like quilts, made from the makers imagination. I don't follow patterns well so my best work has come from my imagination. When I started sewing in my teens, it was without patterns. I have used patterns but most of my sewing and quilting has been from my creativity. I think the best quilts come
from creativity.

Bruce when he was 7 months old. Bruce loved balls and he loved sticks. It turned out, good that he loved balls because I had little time to walk him. We (Bruce and I) went to work 7:30am and came home at 8;30pm. So when we had a pepe break, we would play ball. We would do that about every 2 and a half - 3 hours. That was the way he got his exercise. Bruce went to work with me 6 days a week. My first marriage broke up while I had Bruce. When we left the station I knew my then husband could not run it alone. In less then 6 months he went belly up.
Thank-you for coming to share my life. Thank-you for your friendship!!
I will be back blogging Monday.
Love you all, Fern

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Old Days of when my Bruce was with us

I moved to north Florida in 69. That was 5 and a half hours or longer away from where Mother lived. She was not happy about the move, it was to far away. Me being an only child, it was up to me to care for her in her older years. It was a new adventure. I was happy about the move except I had to leave my dream house, that hurt some. To make a long story short she said that I had to come down to see her 2 times a year until she could no longer care for herself. Then she would come and live with me.

I did as she asked for a lot of years. This picture was taken on one of those visits. We would go to the beach and to the park to walk Bruce. The picture of me and Bruce was taken on the same visit as the one of Mother and Bruce, two different days.
There is a lot more to tell about my Mothers last 5 years of life, but we will save that for another post.

Bruce was a neutered male, that was gotten as stud fee when the Shepherd that was my first hubby's dog, mated with a GSD female. I had cancer and had to have surgery. I had that surgery and came home with a GSD puppy. He had gotten Bruce for me at an awful time. I was in no condition to take care of a 7 week old puppy but here he was, and here I was, just out of surgery. I had had uterine cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. The people who had had him had been calling him Brute. I did not like that name at all!! So I called him Bruce.

Here is another picture of a quilt that I liked very much at that quilt show I told you all about last post.

Well everyone I did it again. I posted and uploaded the pictures by myself. I will try again tomorrow and see if I remember how. I think I will be able to do it again.

See you all again tomorrow. Love you all Fern

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pictures today and I did it myself!!!!

The picture of the frog quilt is a quilt at a quilt show in Jacksonville that I went to in 2000 ( I think ). I thought it was a very cute quilt and the maker had a sense of humor that I enjoyed.
I thought you might also.

Now, my sweet girl in her chair!! You may recognized it as the chair Amanda was in, in another post. Anyway Bambi use to love to sit in her chair, until, we moved it when we changed the living room furniture all around. Now she will not sit in the chair at all. You can not get her in that chair. No way will she sit in it!! So no one sits in that chair now for 2 years. Of course it is a dog chair. Not good enough for people. But maybe Happy will pick that chair to sleep in some day. Happy has been looking at it lately.
Well my friends I got the pictures on the blog all by myself!!! I should have told you about it sooner. By telling you it made me try to upload the pictures all by myself and I did it!!!!!
I will try again tomorrow and see if I can do it again....
Love you guys, Bambi, Happy and Fern

Monday, October 5, 2009

No Pictures again!!!

Hello friends,
I am a dummy! I can not seem to learn how to upload pictures to my blog!!! Tom has to help me and he has not been available for a week tomorrow. So no pictures again today. The pictures that I want to post is of a house I owned a long time ago. It was my dream house. I will keep looking for those pictures.
Tom has been very busy at work and when he comes home, he likes to spend a little time in the yard, have dinner, watch the news and take a shower and go to bed. He is up at 5:15am and gone by 5: 45am. So there has not been time to help me put photos on my blog. He is a little short with me because I STILL have not learned. If I did it everyday I would have a better change of remembering. I will look for those pictures!! Fern

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talk to your Animals !!!

Madi and Mom blogged about her dog Toto who is now deceased. Tells a story about boarding their Toto, and Toto's response to them being gone and the way he felt about being boarded!!!
I have found over the years, many years that the more you talk to your animals, the more they understand what you say... Example When I have to go to the doctor, I tell Bambi and Happy
that I am going to the doctors and I'll be back in 2 hours. Bambi understands everything that I say to her because I talk to my animals all the time. I tell them everything!!! I tell them when I am going to take a bath, when we are going to the store and how long we will be. I always tell then how long we will be gone and that we will be back. It is very important to tell them that we will be back. When Tom is going to work, I tell them ,Dad is going to work and he will be back tonight. When you just leave and you say nothing they do not know if you are ever coming back. They are a big part of the family and they need to know what is going on. When we have had to board them, I tell them they are going to a place that will gave them their dinner and walk Bambi. Mom and Dad will be back in 3 days and come and pick them up and take them home. I tell them everything!!!!
So talk to your animals and tell them all about your life, they want to know it all.
Do you have any questions? If you do please ask.
Love you all, Bambi, Happy and Fern