Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, July 18, 2011

Had Rain over the week-end YAY

Yes we had a little rain over the week-end!!! Thank-you Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your kind and helpful idea's about fixing the fence.
One--- you said take a picture of the creamed fence. Well--- that part of the yard has not been maintained in--- since the tree dropped one of it's BIG ARMS on the poor fence!!!! You can not see where that is b/c of all the growth of greenery. It would take days of cleaning up all the greenery to see where the fence was!! Well people,,,I am not up to cleaning all that stuff out!!! I am a 75 year,, old rolling down the hill to 76 lady. My age is one reason I want a smaller dog next time. I can't walk the amount of time a dog of Bambi's size needs when young!!
I would like two dogs so they could exercise each other. But we can not afford two!!!
Tom thinks HE CAN FIX the fence!!! Well truth be told he could if he had the time and energy!!!! that is a big IF!!! He works 12 to 13 hours a day at the shop!! Doing big heavy work on big trucks. He comes home so tired. He is not that young guy he use to be either!!! We are in a fix!!
I am thinking that when it is time I will just get a dog and bite the bullet and the dog will be on leash when it wants to go out and I will not be on the computer so much any more!!! I will miss you all so much!!!
Love coming your way. Fern


  1. Glad you have a plan. Looking forward to hearing about that new dog... have you started looking yet?


  2. Fence issues stink - you get a feeling of exposure somehow - like it's not safe :(

    Glad you're considering a new pup. I can't wait to hear more!

  3. We're on a leash when we go out and mom always knows when we pee and poo and that's an advantage! And we do have tie-outs. They come 30' and 40' and it's room enought for us to do quite a bit of damage if mom leaves us unattended for too long! hehehe
    Dad has a certain amount of food that he feeds the swans and ducks. It gets dumped into 2 different spots so hopefully everyone gets some. The food lasts longer in the summer because the swans graze on grass and in the autumn, our apple tree will drop apples and they're scarfed up by the waterfowl too, Fern.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. I am so happy to hear you talking more about getting a new pup...a sweet doggie is waiting for you somewhere, right now!

  5. Ohhhhhh...a new doggie! Yippee! You know what, Miss Fern? I wouldn't worry abouts that fence one little bit. Cuz you're a Most Wonderful doggie owner and you luvs them so much that you need one in your life and cuz of that, you'll figure out how to make it work. I just know you will.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Hey Fern!
    Wow, sorry to hear about your fence. Trust me, any pup would be thrilled to be part of your pack...and we all love walkies! Fencing not required. I bet you could still do two dogs. Please let us see pix when you get your new furiend! We'll take as much blog time as you can spare.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Hi Fern, I like Maggie and Mitch's idea of tie-outs. Of course you'd have to check a few times because if you have a dog that's a "chewer" well they might get loose and run off. Can't have that happen. I'm glad that you got some rain though. It's been off and on cloudy and raining up here. But it's only about 72 degrees and cool.

  8. Fence issues are tough, for sure!

    Have you thought about looking for a dog that's a little older? A dog who's five or six years old still has a lot of living to do, but they often get overlooked for those younger, cuter models. Dogs that age are a bit more settled and might train to stay with you more quickly. Of course, there are also we Greyhounds who always stay on a leash but sleep sixteen hours a day! We don't need nearly as much exercise as people think we do!


  9. Hi Fern, So sorry about your fence. It is hard getting older isn't it. We had Reggie at the vet/kennel for two days and he did fine but the vet thinks he only has 3 or 4 wks left. The vet also steared me away from a cockapo-due to ear problems that cost a bundle. Now I'm looking at others, maybe a poodle but I just don't know-we need a dog that doesn't shed and will be good with kids and other dogs. I'm so confused so asking the Lord to direct us. Meanwhile we enjoy Reggie every hour and day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Dear Miss Fern,
    I think that it would be FINE to just do the short Walkies. Just think of dawgs in the City.. that is the only way they can get out and they are happy as clams.
    Maybe a wire clothes line with a Roller Pully thingy that you could attach a leash to... for some extra OUT time.. My mom and dad used to have that at their Other House... until they could afford fencing. It worked grrrreat they say.. the dawgs could run back and forth for a long way.