Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A fence that is 35 years old!!

Hi Friends, thirty five years ago I had a chain-link 6ft fence put up around 2 and a half acres of our 3 acres. We live on a very busy highway.
That fence is still here. It has been through hurricanes, one tornado, and lots of abuses from the critters. It has stood through 4 dogs. One corner of the fence is completely down b/c a big oak limb fell on it about 6 years ago. Why didn't Bambi leave the fenced area you asked?? The gate could have been wide open and she would not go out of that gate!!! She knew were the fence would have been if it was still up, so she never crossed that line. She was a very smart girl!! Tom would say, you couldn't run her off with a stick!!! She knew where her home was and she stayed!!!
Now I am thinking of a new dog and I don't have a secure fence and don't have the money to fix all the places the need to be fixed!!!!!! I have had a couple of people out to give me an estimate. They want a lot to fix it!!!!
Even repairing just the one corner is more then we can afford!! I really want to be able to let a dog out with out having to take them out on leash.
I have such good dogs I know that in just a short time as long as I was out with them I could trust them.
Tell me what you think about this please.
xx, Fern


  1. I know you would PREFER to have CHAIN LINK... butt there ARE some other fences that are much cheaper... they can be installed in just the areas that you need them... like the Corner.. and they go in with posts that can be easily "pounded" into the ground with a Post Driver... which you can RENT. My mom and dad did this at our other house. They used Children's Play Yard Fence and it stayed up fur years. This kind of fencing can be found in a hardware store and prolly at Lowes or Home Depot.
    Do you need a new GATE also???
    That can be made with PVC pipe and the same fencing that I mentioned above. My dad did that too.
    It would be very much HELPFUL if you would take some pictures and show us what EXACTLY needs to be "fixed".

  2. I agree with Frankie, it's hard to know what sort of advice to offer without knowing how much of an area needs to be fixed. Two and a half acres is a lot of area. If the corner were small enough, would it be possible to block that area off?


  3. You're right, though, Fern, you need to have a secure area before you bring in a new dog :-)

    Your friends,

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  4. We wish we had a fence! We're always on the leash when we're outside or on our doggie tie-outs for short periods of time.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. We have just a ... wire and wood fence. I think the wire is called "rat wire", but it was in place when I bought the house some 15 years ago, and it's going strong.

    Some breeds just have to have fences. Terriers and bassets for sure, although both of my most recent JRTs were very good about staying in the boundaries we defined for them. The bassets? Not so much...


  6. Hi Fern, you'll have to take some pictures of what needs to be repaired so that everyone can pitch in with some ideas. I agree with Mitch and Maggie's mom - we're not allowed off our leashes if we're outside our fenced in backyard. Some years ago, I got away from my dad and he ended up chasing me throughout the neighborhood. He was out of breath and I kept running. Eventually my mom got ahold of me and then my dad and I had a really, really long talk and I've never been off my leash outside the yard since (except when I used to go to agility classes).

  7. We understand the security of a chain link fence. We have one all around our house so we can run free all the time. Good luck with the fencing so you can rescue another pup that needs your special love.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya and Maggie

  8. I agree, you need an enclosed yard for dog...I bet Tom can come up with something cheaper to secure that one area of the damaged fence...D made an exercise area for our pups and used goat great!
    So happy to hear you thinking about a new pup to love!
    Hugs, Sister!

  9. Hi Fern! I know all too well how expensive fences can be--We spent almost $6000 on the fence we have now, and hope it'll last as long as yours has! I think you've gotten some excellent suggestions, and I know you'll find that perfect solution!!

  10. I hope you can figure something out Fern... Bambi was such a good dog!!