Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pictures today and I did it myself!!!!

The picture of the frog quilt is a quilt at a quilt show in Jacksonville that I went to in 2000 ( I think ). I thought it was a very cute quilt and the maker had a sense of humor that I enjoyed.
I thought you might also.

Now, my sweet girl in her chair!! You may recognized it as the chair Amanda was in, in another post. Anyway Bambi use to love to sit in her chair, until, we moved it when we changed the living room furniture all around. Now she will not sit in the chair at all. You can not get her in that chair. No way will she sit in it!! So no one sits in that chair now for 2 years. Of course it is a dog chair. Not good enough for people. But maybe Happy will pick that chair to sleep in some day. Happy has been looking at it lately.
Well my friends I got the pictures on the blog all by myself!!! I should have told you about it sooner. By telling you it made me try to upload the pictures all by myself and I did it!!!!!
I will try again tomorrow and see if I can do it again....
Love you guys, Bambi, Happy and Fern


  1. YEAH!!! Fern

    You did a great job!!

    Piper, Carreligh and Java

  2. Hi Fern I love that quilt. That would be so cute hanging on a wall in a child's room.

    Our animals are 'creatures' of habit and kitties in particular do not like their world changed AT all. Madi freaks out if anything is moved at floor level. Once I bought a new rug to put in front of the kitchen sink. It took weeks and weeks for her to get used to it. She would walk way out of her way to avoid it. She is a funny bunny.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Hey Fern,
    Aren't some animals funny!?! They are creatures of habit, just like me. I'm not crazy about a lot of change either.

    Thanks for asking about the job situation. Yes, I got the temp assignment. I don't want to put any details on my blog for the world to see, but I'm very happy about it. I won't be able to make ends meet unless my house payment gets reduced (I've applied to the mortgage lender like so many other folks). I'll get that answer in a few weeks.

    Yay to you for learning how to upload the pictures by yourself! I want to see that old house!
    Hope you have a good day :)

  4. Hi Fern: We like the froggie quilt. Teka says it looks delicious! She eats froggies and toads when she can find them in the yard. Sort of put muzzer off the idea of a "water feature." Who knows what would happen to the koi!

    Any.....congratulations and many more happy postings.


  5. What a cute froggie quilt, Fern!
    Congratulations for uploading your own pictures! It makes you smile and feel good when you get it right, right?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

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