Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bruce puppy and Friend kitty

Good Morning my friends. Meet Friend. Friend was Tiger's friend, that is how Friend got his
name. He sounded just like Tiger when he spoke. We would hear him at the door and if Tiger was out we thought it was Tiger. One of us would go to the door and let him in. Some of those times it would be Friend and we would say, not Tiger, it is Tiger's friend. This went on for 4 years. Than one day, Friend showed up with a very bad injury that was infected. He was dirty
and full of ticks. Well I had to help him!!! I doctored his injury and pulled ticks off him for a hour, feed him and gave him plenty of lovin. After that day he never left. I had him spayed and he lived with us the rest of his life and he did not go off like he use to. You could not run him off with a stick!!! He was in his forever home!!!

Above Bruce at 9 weeks old and the picture below is Bruce at 7 weeks old. I got the pictures mixed up. I had wanted the 7 week old to be first. Oh well. This was my little puppy that was full of life and wanting to go go go!!! I came home from the hospital with a puppy. It seemed that way. I had had cancer had it cut out and came home with a baby. He was my baby boy!!!!!
One of my blog friends said that people might want to hear what the animals would say about me. I can tell you that once an animal has meet me they want to stay with me. I feed the birds and hummers and squirrels and coons and possums and when we had the big garden we had a snake that hung around for over a year. When the baby coons have been born I will go through 50 lbs of Wal mart dog food in a week, feeding the critters!!

This is what Bruce looked like when he was brought home to me. 7 weeks old, he melted my heart. I was in no conduction to take care of him but I did it anyway. I have never had a problem house braking a dog . When I have to go, they have to go, I well tell them what they are doing and I tell them what I am doing and I never had a mess to clean up even tho I had a 7 week old puppy.
I hope you all have a good week-end. I will blog again on Monday.
Love you all, all my animals stay here forever in life and in spirit, they stay. never leave!!!


  1. Friend was a beautiful boy. Obviously he knew where he would be loved.

    Tucker, Daisy and Leo

  2. Two beauties..Mum loved friends pictures, but then she has a soft spot for Gingers.. Gorgeous puppy too.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Hi Fern,

    We love to hear about your babies - sounds like you're a great Mom.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  4. Tank woo fur sharing your special furry furiends!

    PeeEssWoo: Blogger loads your pikhtures from bottom up - if that helps! So work bakhkwards with pikhs!

  5. Animals know who will love and care for them. They seem to show up at places like that. They know what they're doing :)

  6. HI Fern
    Guess Friend and Bruce knew to stay where they would be loved!!

    You must have the Love knack for animals and they can sense who will love them, Thats great!! Your a good mom


  7. Hi Fern,
    I'm really enjoying all you pictures and reading about your beloved pets. What an afternoon here...power has been off for 3 hours. It just came back on and I'm trying to play catch up. Now on to cook supper.
    Talk to you soon,
    Madi and Mom