Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Animal Lover at 17 years old

In the later part of my Mother's life, she started to paint pictures with oil base paint. She painted flowers, landscapes, beach scenes and animals. Mother had painted probably seven years when she said she wanted to paint a portrait. She painted a picture of herself and a girl-friend. The picture was taken in their senior year of high school. She worked on that for probably a year. I really do not know if she ever finished it.
I got a phone call from her one day saying she was painting a portrait of me...... O K , witch one I ask. She said the one that was taken of me in a portrait class that I took. I took a class in photography and in that class there was a part in portrait taking,( a very small part)
Anyway she was painting a picture of me. This is the finished picture. Me at 17 years old.

Thank-you so very much for coming to read my blog. Do come again please.
Love ya, Fern


  1. Well, we like it, and we can see the resemblance to you do you feel about it?


  2. Gus, I like it. I think it looks prettier than I really was. It is very close to the real picture. She did good.....

  3. Fern,

    Your Mother did an outstanding job!! A beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl.


  4. Fern the picture is beautiful and as Lynn said she painted a beautiful girl....Isn't it strange how folks find hidden talents later in life. I'm so glad Tom is better...have a good weekend,
    Madi and Mom (Cecilia)

  5. Fern I don't think you knew my first there was not really any confusion on your part just a miss type...I like the name Lynne..ha!!
    Cecilia aka Madi's mom

  6. Fern
    Thanks for your kind comments on my name.
    I like it too as a child it was quite a unique I hear lots of ladies with the name.
    Have a good weekend,

  7. What a beautiful portrait of you, Fern! Your mom was very talented!