Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More questions answered

6- Four words to describe yourself. I am a lover! I love my husband very much and I love the animals very much!! I am a Mother of two grown sons. With male children you do not keep as close as you would if they were girls. Both of my sons do not live close to me, so I do not hear from them real often. I am a grandmother of one grand-daughter! The last time I saw my Grand-daughter was last Christmas. I do talk to her pretty often tho by phone. I am a loner!!!!
When I was a little girl I was alone all the time. I was alone at night! I was alone most all day!
I had no family except Mom and Dad, and they were away or sleeping . So I learned to be alone!
7- What was your highlight or your low light of 2008? Pain!!!!!!!
8-Favorite film? That is very hard... just one? The only one I own on D V D is Dirty Dancing so I guess that is my favorite.
9- Tell me something I don't know about you? I am dyslexic!!! Words are very hard for me!!!
Tom bought an Franklin Ace speller and that helps a lot and the computer helps a lot and writing you all has helped a lot!! It still takes me three times longer for me to leave a comment
on your blog than it would take you.
10- If you were a comic strip who would be ? I would be Super Man!!
Well you have learned a lot today about me!!
I do thank-you for coming to see me !!!!!!!!! Please come again soon and if you are not a follower please push that follow button, please!!
Love you all, Fern


  1. You are a super woman, for sure!!!
    Hugs to all,

  2. Yeah Fern!! You did it!!

    I know a bit about being dyslexic myself. Every time I go to the eye doctor, they are always reminding me to read from left to right.

    Have a wonderful evening and give Bambi a scritch.

    Lynn and the Arrooo Crew

  3. Hi Fern,
    Thank you for allowing us to get to know you. You are a very interesting person. I agree blogging is not only good for the soul, challenges our minds and it helps us ALL learn to put things on in writing. Have a good Labor Day weekend. We'll be celebrating my Daddy's 80th bday and my daughters 38th bday on Sat.
    Madi and Mom