Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweet Bambi and a quilt

Hello friends... Yesterday I made soup from scratch and did a little housework... I was not on the computer as much as I had been on. Today I was not on much because the computer was not happy this a.m.. I am on dial up and when I try to load a page that has a lots of pictures on that page it takes 15 to 20 minutes . After waiting that long and then it does not come on or it will not let me leave a comment. I have spent 30 minutes and gotten no where. That was my morning!! I spent almost 2 hours for nothing. I could not get on most of the blogs I wanted to go on. I did get on 2 blogs that is all and that was later in the a.m.. I wish I had high speed but we just can not afford it.
Below is the African Quilt. I loved this quilt when I saw it in a quilt show in Kentucky. I went to that show in 99. Our quilt guild had 32 of us that went on a big bus. We were at the quilt show for 4 days. It was very tiring for me because I have a great deal of trouble sleeping at night. I had a good time but I was exhausted. For those of you who read my post about how I was left alone at night from the time I was 2 years old know why I can not sleep at night!!!!!!!

Have a good day. I love you all. I am sorry I was not all that interesting tonight. I have a little writers block. I will try to think of something to write about in a day or two.


  1. I'm sure dial-up is a challenge!

    We were khwite happy to see Bambi's news... more hoomans should inkhwire about not getting shots unless they are needed...


  2. nice quilt. I remember those dial up days and yes, it takes awhile sometimes. Hopefully it will work better for you next time.


  3. Dial up? Oh no!

    The quilt show was worth it, right? Now you are home and can take lots of naps. Naps rock.


  4. HI Fern,
    I know how frustrating dial up can be....we had it for years. I commend you for efforts on your blog using dial up you are a very patient lady. What a beautiful quilt.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Hi Fern - quilts and dogs - it doesn't get any better!

    I'm just a little faster than dial up- I have satellite and it fusses with me all day long.

    Have a great day.


  6. Hi Fern. We are behind on our reading and we're trying to catch up. It was nice learning a little about you growing up. You look so pretty in that photograph at Daytona Beach. Our moma used to go there when she was a young girl. About your age. Maybe you were there at the same time!

    So, there's a Jake the raccoon in your yard! We have 'em here, but they mostly come out at night, and cuz of the coyotes we don't spend much time out at night.

    That African quilt is beautiful! Thanks for showing us.

    And good luck with the internet connection. It can be soooo frustrating sometimes!

    Jake and Fergi

  7. Dear Fern,
    Oh so sorry we're so late in visiting! Dial-up is sure super tough, but hang in there! That soup from scratch sounds awesome and the African quilt is just simply lovely! You live in a beautiful place - saw your post about the raccoon!
    Hugs xo

  8. Hello Fern - things have been a little busy here - and we are behind in our blogs! Lovely quilt - I guess you are back home and napping. Dial up is a pain - but it is better than nothing! Fast or slow - we enjoy reading the blogs.

    Douglas is still fine and this weekend his full month trial ends - so he may move to the ADOPTED list! Will post on Sunday some photos

    D, Sally and Paddy

  9. Happy Thursday Fern to you and your crew!!
    Madi and Mom