Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Butterfly Quilt, Me when young and Tom and his tractor

The Butterfly Quilt was very beautiful. This is not a good picture of it. There where lots of people around the quilt and I was trying to get only the quilt and not the people in the picture.
The butterfly stood out in the quilt really well!! I am sorry I did not get a better photo.
Below me at 43 years old.
I was born in the southern part of New York. Brought to Florida when I was 4 almost 5 years old. So I really am a southern girl. We hit Daytona Beach when I was 6 almost 7. Because of my birthday being in December I did not get to start school until I was 7 years old, going on 8. That put me so far behind!!! If my Mother had taught me anything, it would have helped. She did not spend any time with me at all. Never did. I was dumb. I had a very hard time learning to read and I could not learn to spell at all!!! I started life at a disadvantage. I was legally blind in one eye. I needed glasses. I had had one eye operation and needed another. Nobody knew what was wrong with me, why could I not learn. In 71 I found out that I was Dyslexic!!!
They say that the dyslexic 's are really smart because they have to get by with a handicap. I got by. I was the reason we were successful in our business in my first marriage.

Above is my second husband Tom. We live on 3 acres of ground. It is a beautiful land. I love it here. It is too big to take care of with just a power mower, so Tom got his tractor!! He loves his tractor! He has done a lot of work changing the land to be easier to mow, and make the water flow where he wants it to flow. He has levelled the drive way many times and on and on.
He is a real good guy!
We have come to another end to another post. I have told you a lot about myself tonight.
I hope you will come again soon. It is very good for us to have friends and you are my friends.
Love you all, Fern


  1. Mom says fur some reason she's going to have an earworm about 'she thinks my trakhtor's sexy'


  2. Hi Fern and Bambi,
    We think so far that the Butterfly quilt is the quilt we like best - we find them just stunning pieces of art. We bought a hand painted one once with little beads sewn in - but our Rowan (welsh terrier) use to sleep on the bed - and he pulled out every bead and started on the padding as well. So now all our pretty quilts reside in a cupboard and are only brought out to look at!
    I am sorry you had a bad start - sometimes the people that should care for us- do not - I guess it is just the hand you get dealt. BUT you sure have made a good choice in Tom - we are happy for you. There must be something about men and tractors - We went shopping for a lawn mower and my C wanted a really fancy red one - but we have such a small garden - I think it has more horsepower than our car!

    Take care, D licks from Sally and Paddy

  3. It is too bad that you had trouble in school, but momma thinks that sometimes things were better when she was a kid because folks with the learning things had to learn how to learn and that makes them very smart as adults. Does that make sense?

    Yuh, my master does his landscaping to make it easy to mow too.


  4. Hi Fern,

    Men and their tractors - what is it about that? My hubby is always looking at a newer model but so far makes do with the old one we have.

    So you are a December baby too - I wonder if we have the same birthday - mine is December 15th. Lilly's is December 5th and Piper's is December 27th.

    Have a great day.

    Lynn and the Rocky Creek Gang

  5. Hi Fern and God bless you for all the trials and tribulations you have risen above!!! I'm so proud of you and all you have accomplished.
    Your friends
    Madi and Mom

  6. Sounds like you had a bad start but overcame that to come out well.. Brilliant.. I just love that quilt.. I think to be able to make quilts must be a brillant thing to do.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Fern,
    I think that the quilt is very pretty with the butterflies.

    Diana here: Sorry about the bad start, I too, had problems with my mom and I have learned that, through it all it has made me a stronger, more independent person. Sometimes these things happen to us, so that when we come across someone else who is dealing with the same problem, you can sympathize with them and share your story and be an encouragement to them and help them out. There is a reason for what happens to us. It is all in your attitude and how you chose to deal with it.

    Tom looks like he loves his tractor. Also seems like guys want trucks too!! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Diana and Jazzi

  8. Hi Fern & Bambi,

    Have truly enjoyed reading about your life and you seem like such a sweet person. I'm sure you are! I wonder a lot too about what Teddy & Louie are thinking or dreaming about. They have bought joy to our home. Our little children now, since the ones I gave birth to are all grown and we have no grandchildren. But my four-pawed babies are enough. I don't know how to get peoples blogsw/ pics on the sidebar, ask RockyCreek, I need to know too. Keep dropping by & visiting me, I enjoy them.
    tammy p.s. the quilts are beautiful, & their is another quilter/friend I will ask to drop by your blog and visit.

  9. Wow - that butterfly quilt is amazing! Totally gorgeous - you are just so talented! Thanks for telling us about you - the place where you live sounds beautiful - your hubby sounds very handy and looks pawesome on that tractor!
    Hugs xo

  10. Hey Fern,

    The quilt is beautiful!

    Back in the "old days", a lot of things were mis-diagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Things were so different then...

    It's so nice that you have a handy hubby. I could sure use his tractor on my land!

  11. Our dad has a tractor too! It helps him do all sorts of heavy-duty chores!
    What a beautiful butterfly quilt!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. We don't have a tractor. We don't have a Tom. But we have a Moma with a December birthday and she loves all sorts of handwork, including quilts! So there!

    Now, we must defend her. Sometimes she gets really behind in her reading and commenting. Please forgive her and be patient!

    We're happy to know you and we thank you for sharing your story. You are one strong woman! We admire you.

    Jake and Fergi xxoo