Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A painting of Joker-- Picture of Joker-- A rose

Hi friends
This is a painting of one of my rescue dogs-- Joker. My mother painted this of him in the late
80's. It is a good painting and I appreciated it very much. She gave it to me one Christmas.
Joker was bought by a couple who made their living showing dogs. Joker was an Ibsen Hound. At the time there was very few in the US. They bought him when he was a puppy. They had planned to show him and put him out for stud. Joker turned out not to be a good breed dog He was too tall and too long and had a bad bite. We rescued him from them. They had given him away but the people kept bring him back. He was 5 and a half when we got him. We walked everyday kind of like Lulu and Bogart does. Joker was an lets go kind of guy!! He would have been happy to walk all day long!!!!
Something to remind us that it will be spring someday! It will warm up!! We have had 12 days of below 24 degrees and we are sick of it!!!
Love you comments!! Kari will you leave an email or blog address???
Thank-you all for your friendship!!!! Love ya, Fern


  1. Hi Fern,

    Your Mother was really a talented artist. How I wish I could draw/paint something that is recognizable. I guess it's just not meant to be.

    Thanks for the picture of that lovely rose - spring will come one day. Until then, I feel blessed by the fact that I have a warm house and dogs that love to sleep - I might just join them!

    Hugs to all,

  2. Beautiful painting of beautiful Joker...
    Yes, we're warming up some in North GA this week, thank goodness!

  3. Yes your mum was talneted, a great painting. My mum has a dream to paint watercolours, I really hope she does it soon, she needs the relaxation benefit.

  4. Very good painting of Joker. Your mom was very talented.

    I know you told us not to....but Bambi's Christmas package is being mailed today. We dont do what we are told, lol Hope she likes it when she gets it.

    Jazzi and Diana

  5. Wow your mum was one clever lady, that painting is beautful and no wonder you love it.That little woofie was lucy that you tok her and she got some loving.. HUgs GJ xx

  6. Hi Fern
    That is a lovely painting of Joker by your mom. He was a handsome dog. Here's hoping the weather is warming up everywhere and we'll start seeing Buttercups soon,
    Madi and Mom

  7. What a nice way to share Joker!

    That was khwite a special painting!


  8. Hi Fern, Thanks for stopping by my blog to encourage me to post. Joker was a gorgeous dog. The painting your mother did of him is fantastic. My boy just woke up from his nap so I will go for now. Stop on by and read my new post. ~Blessings and hugs, Karen

  9. Joker was certainly a beauty of a doggie. Some dogs can just walk for hours! Very healthy for them and their owners too!
    We don't have a bloggie. Too hard to do!
    We just like to visit nice people.

  10. What a beautiful painting and what a gorgeous rose!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch