Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aunt Fern and her husband and me in the early 80's

Good Sunday morning to you all out there in blog land. It is a cold morning but no as cold as they said it was going to be thank the Lord.

The picture is of my name-sake and her husband and me in the early eighty's. Sunday is for family.

The answer to the question What is blooming ---- is the first picture is a tomato plant. Our tomatoes where cherry tomatoes and they have been WONDERFUL. We had such a very good crop this growing season. They are through for this growing season and we will start seeds in February for 2010 crop.
The second and third picture is jalapeno0 peppers. A man in the park where Tom has his shop gave him 6 jalapeno peppers in June because he bought the wrong kind of peppers. They are miniature hot peppers and they too have been wonderful in our stir-Fry's all this summer and fall and winter and are showing no sign of slowing down. There are in pots and can be brought in the back patio to keep them from being hurt from the cold.
You all did pretty good with some doing very well!!!!
Thank-you for playing! I love the plants!

Ms Sew ans Sew do you know how to be a follower ?? I could not find your follow button on your blog.

See you all tomorrow!! Leave a comment and tell me what you are thinking about.
Love you all Fern


  1. You look lovely in the picture!
    I was almost correct about the plants...
    I knew it was some kind of pepper...

    You're so kind to feed all the raccoons! I know they love you!

  2. Hi Fern

    I was glad to see I was correct on my second guess about your plants. Bet it is not snowing there, it was here earlier. Check by our blog when you get a chance, we put up pictures of all the pets except for Leo, he was hibernating.

    I am off to do some quilting now. I am making paper pieced Golden Retrievers, will post pictures someday.

    Heidi, Tucker and Daisy

  3. What a lovely picture of you and your aunt, Fern! Mom is busy doing kidney failure research! She wants to be sure that this doesn't happen to me!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Fern What a beautiful picture of you and your namesake. Boy it was cold in FL last night.
    Today it is 31 in Raleigh and windy but the sun is out and we have NO that is good and thankful the air is dry so there will be no frost tomorrow monring at 6:45 am when I go back to work after being off for 2 full weeks. HA!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. Hey Fern,

    I like the picture of Bambi in your header. I need to get a good picture of my Princess on mine.

    Yep - it's really cold here today too. It took me 45 minutes to get the chickens and geese some water this morning. Everything had an inch of ice on it. brrrrr

  6. Cute picture Fern,
    Sasha's mom said she sent the gift but apparently she didnt and Sasha recieved her gift cuz her mom let me know. I am soooo sorry.

    I will get a gift in the mail Tuesday, I certainly dont want Bambi to get stiffed. I hope Bambi will like it. I think Bambi is the only one that had a problem. So be on the lookout come the end of the week.

    Again, I am really sorry

  7. Another furry interesting post!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  8. It is cold here too - maybe some snow. D doesn't have any veggie plants - but she brought in her miniature roses - they can be a bit delicate - Her Aloe Vera is doing fine - which is odd as it has been left outside - but it is still happy? Not sure it is suppose to survive the snow and frost?

    Love the photos

    Sally and Paddy

  9. Hi Fern! I guess you found my follower button. You are on my follower list. Thank you.

    I did try my hand at growing tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets this year. Our growing season is short and I didn't do well this year. I should have know that photo was a tomato plant. LOL!

    Once again thanks for becoming a follower. Hugs, Karen

  10. Hi Fern,

    What a great picture of you and your namesake. We love seeing old photos.

    Happy Monday,

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  11. Hi Fern,
    You have a good b-day is this week on January 7.....and I'm proud and thankful for each year!!!
    Cecilia aka Madi's Mom

  12. Hi Fern!
    Saw your comment on Cecilia's blog! Dont' worry, you didn't miss it! Her birthday is on January 7th!!

  13. We left an award for you on our blog.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  14. We love your "old" pictures. They must bring back so many memories. There is nothing better than family photos. Thank you for sharing them.

    What are we thinking right now? That we are happy happy happy to be home. That we miss our Girl. And that it feels good to be clean!

    Now. Back to reading.
    Jake and Fergi