Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictures of 2 of my Critters

Bambi loves her crate. It came with her from the kennel. At that time she was a little puppy and the crate was really too big. She soon grew into it, and than , she was a little too big for her crate and I thought about getting her a bigger one. I have never gotten a bigger one, because she seems to love it that way. Bambi acts as tho she loves a tight fit. Bambi spends all her time in the crate, the time she is in the house. When I sit and watch TV she will be next to my feet. When I am busy or sleeping she will be in her crate. With the exception of when dinner is almost ready, than she is on the rug right next to the kitchen table. Bambi really loves her crate!!

My special coon, Pretty Boy. He is 7 years old. I wish he would come everyday, but he does not.
I worry about him when he hasn't come in weeks. I have thought many times that I had lost him. Then he shows up, and I will sing right out Hes alive!!!. He will come right up to me and want to eat out of the container I take out full of Walmart dog food. He and his sister, Pretty Girl are the only 2 coons that will do that. I think in their minds it makes them special. They are my oldest coons. Years ago I would have said that coons only lived about 2 or 3 years because that was how long they lived when I was not feeding enough food to keep them satisfied. They were having to go look for food other places, and in doing so they got in trouble and got killed. Now I try to feed enough to keep them around home and out of trouble.
Thanks for coming to visit. Come again soon. I will be back on Monday .
Love you all, Bambi, coons, and Fern


  1. The puppy look comfy in his crate....however the other little 'puppy'--I've not any of those in our back yard. Tommy says he's cute! :)

  2. My dogs love their crates too...Kind of like a wolf in a den.
    I have raccoon visitors every night at the birdfeeders on my deck. I love to watch them use their little paws to scoop out the food. Beautiful critters Fern!

  3. Kit, The coons are not dangerous at all! You can go out on the patio and say Hi if you want to. At first they will all run away and be afraid but after time they will get use to you.
    I love to watch them too. For years I would never go out in their feeding station when they were around. Now I go out with them all the time. I know them so well I know ate first sight if they are not feeling well and just how bad they feel.
    I love having you as a friend, Fern

  4. Bambi is so beautiful! I believe in giving pups a place that's all theirs, even though I had a doxie rescue woman vehemently disagree with me. Never could convince her that a lot of dogs are burrowers, especially doxies. They like their own private space to snuggle into and feel safe.

    Love your racoons. Every time I see a picture of them, it reminds me of the two coon babies I bottle fed - Tubby and Little Bit. They grew up happy and healthy and were released on a friend's farm. He saw them for years coming back to beg on the porch. He laughed when he said they brought along friends and family, too. lol

    Hope you're having a good weekend. (Hugs)

  5. Your coons are so cute!!

    And Bambi's crate looks to be just right.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java