Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Sweet Bambi!!! Have you all noticed that when I talk about Bambi I say SWEET !!!! She IS the sweetest dog you would ever meet!! She has protected me once but once was all she ever needed to protect me!!!!!!
This is just some of our spinach. We have a hole LOT more ready to go in the garden this coming weekend!!!!
We still have lots of strawberries to go in the garden as some as they stop giving us strawberries and start just growing and multiplying........
The tomatoes are coming along nicely. We have 5 tomatoes set!!! We will probably have our first fresh tomatoes for the dinner table in about 2 and a half weeks !!!! I can't wait!! The cucumbers are already in the garden and one has sent out feelers to climb up the little fence Tom put up for them to climb on. This coming week-end will be a busy one getting the front garden starting to be planted.
I love our organic things from the garden!!
I love how I feel eating healthy and Tom and I have been eating healthy for almost 6 years now!!!!

Love coming your way, Happy, Bambi & Fern


  1. I just got myself a pot of Tennessee strawberries. I tried to grow them from seed before, but they died. So I got one already grown but not berried yet and I hope I can keep that one alive!

  2. Your garden looks so nice. And Bambi is a sweetie! Have a fun day! Keep smiling!

  3. They are easy to grow I think!! One plant will give you many. This first plant you should not eat any strawberries at all. We started with one plant 3 years ago and the first year was hard not to let it bloom!! You have to pick the blooms off. The plant will start having babies. It will shoot out runner plants. With each put a new pot with good soil in that pot under the runner. leave it hooked up to Mom for all of this summer and fall. Protect from frost. You will have wonderful home grown strawberries next year and the third year you will have LOTS & LOTS of berries to eat!!
    Congrats!! Fern

  4. Hi Fern
    You sure have green fingers, I will be planting some veg this weekend hope it grows as well as yours.
    Hello Sweet Bambi and can tell mom loves you loads ;)
    I know you have problems with loading blogs, but I have a post going up tomorrow about the dogs I have owned over the years and why we ending up with George.
    Love and Hugs Jan xxx

  5. Bambie just has a sweet face...hehehe! My Brudder is definately da protector around heres, he thinks he has to protect mum from dad when they is goofin' around. Mum has told dad not to be silly around Albert cuz he thinks it's real.
    Your garden is just gorgeous! Oh and My little girl wanted strawberries (we thoughts of you) and dad bought some...he came home and they had MOLD all overs them!!!!!!! Mum wasn't happy.


  6. Mom's never tried to grow strawberries, but she says she's thought about it. We haven't even tilled our garden here yet, though! It's still much too cold for growing vegetables!


  7. Yes a sweety for sure. That garden isn growing so well and early too.The strawberry's look yummy.. Hugs GJ x

  8. Well any dawg named after that little deer guy... just Has to be SWEET.

    You are gonna eat healthy fur sure!!!

  9. Hi Fern and sweet Bambi! My mouth is watering thinking of all those wonderful veggies and oh how I love a fresh tomato with olive oil, basil and mozarella cheese. Yummy! It will still be a while before I have that here.
    xx, shell

  10. Hey Bambi!
    Wow, I can tell you are Sweet! What a cutie.
    Hey Fern!
    Wow, you have a super-duper green thumb!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. You do look like the sweetest girl ever, Bambi! We hope you get one of those strawberries too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Bambi looks like she doens't have a mean bone in her body!!! Please give her a big hug for me!

    PS....those strawberries look yummy!

  13. The more I read about Bambi, the more you can tell what a true treasure she is!!

    I'm also jealous of those strawberries!!!

  14. Hi Happy, Bambi and Fern!! Beautiful photo of Bambi! Sweet!
    You have great plants there, pals! Enjoy your harvest!=))

    Thor and Jack

  15. Oh, you can just look in Bambi's eyes and feel her sweetness! Gosh, I'm kinda jealous of your pretty garden. I bet it would be lots of fun to dig in! Er, I mean, lots of fun to eats those delicious veggies out of.

    We haven't had enough warm weather here for hardly anything to start growing yet. But even when it does, my mom doesn't have much of a green thumb. Not even a green cuticle, really.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. Strawberries and tomatoes, isn't this time of year wonderful!?!

  17. This is great news! I would like to have a garden one day and have the freedom of growing the veggies I love to eat and have some control over what we eat :)