Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, October 3, 2014

I have so much more of the story to tell you

I had many pictures that I had planned to show you of my eyes and me at that time in my life that were in the computer that got hit by lightening so no pictures and I am so sorry about that.
WE were at 4 and a half weeks after surgery where I left off.  Daddy was working so that meant my Mom and Dad  were sleeping all day so my dad called my Grandpa and grand mom to come get me.
My dad's Mom and Dad....   They were always there for me when my dad called them.!!!  I loved them so much!!! They took me home to south new York State with them until Dad  called  to bring me back to the city for more doctors visits.  By that time it was 5 and a half weeks after surgery.

It has just dawned on me that I will at some point have to give you some back-ground--- oh well not now!!
 Let us skip a few weeks~~~~~~.   to 6 weeks after Surgery.  Dad was sure the surgery had not worked.  WE were at the doctors office .   My eye was moving to the left some and a little to  the the right some!!!!  The Doctor was so happy-- he was ecstatic!!!!  He was sure that he had done a wonderful   thing~~~~~~~~~~  he was on the right track!!  But my Dad  WANTED THAT EYE TO LOOK NORMAL AND IT DIDN'T !!!  The Doctor said that it would one-day.  Dad said he wanted it now!!!!!    The Doctor told my dad it was working!!!  That was a miracle !!!!!   The doctor sent us home to come back in another month.   In another month it was not working much better.   Then it was come back in another month!!   My dad was not a patient man!!!  Dad was really upset the next month when we went  and there was still no change!!!
So buy the time it was 6 months after surgery and that eye still didn't look normal   the Doctor said he would schedule another surgery !!!!!!!!!  Another surgery---NO!!!!!
Well sweethearts I am tired but I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE  In a few days!!!  Sorry I can not keep going!!!!   really want to tell you the rest!!!!

Love you lots!!, Fern


  1. I read this and think what an incredible family you have and what amazing journey you have been on. Still want to know the rest of the story though, when you're ready.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I wish I could give the 5year old girl a hug... It must be so hard for a little child to go through surgeries and bad times...

  3. Auntie Fern? Were you going to schools in NY all that time? What did you do during the day when your pawrents were sleeping and at night when your dad was working? Did you have any animal pals in the trailer or at your grandma's?

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  4. That reeally is quite a story. Get plenty of rest!

  5. Fern, your dad certainly was determined. Your Dr sounds amazing too. Waiting for the rest of the story (when you feel ok). No worries, and love, Carol and Stella and Rory

  6. We'll be here waiting Fern when you are able to tell more of the story. Just take care of yourself dear.

  7. We agree with Sam. We can be patient. Take care of yourself, Fern.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Wowie, dear Fern! You sure do have a lovely, supportive family. It's hard to be patient, isn't it? I bet it was hard for everyone!