Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zoie is here

No pictures yet!!  I have to wait for Tom to come home tonight b/c the camera is not doing right!!!!! 

Zoie is a  BIG  girl.  A year old and not been spayed yet. She is a Weimaraner  (if that is how you spell it) !!! So far she is a sweet girl but she doesn't listen to you well at all.  I don't think she is use to people talking to her.  She is doing her job~~ by getting me moving!!  We have walked as far as I would have walked all day (without her around.) It is only almost 11 AM now.
This is a trail period for us!!  Last night Happy didn't like her at all!!!!!!!
One thing she is not and that is a bittie  face at least with me yet!!! 
She will not be digging out at least I don't think!!  She would have to dig a really big hole!!!!!
Maybe tomorrow pictures of her!!!!
I will not have the computer time for the next few days, giving my attention to her so I probably will not be commenting much.  Please excuse  me.>>>>>>>>>
Love coming your way ,  Happy, Zoie and Fern


  1. Hi Fern, I know you were probably hoping for a smaller, less active dog to keep you company. But let's see how this one works out. Poor Happy - hopefully that aspect will work out as well.

  2. Young Weims are VERY high-energy dogs, but if you can stick it out, you'll have a darling (big!) companion.

    Good luck... especially to you, Happy!


  3. Can't wait to see pictures...hope this works out for you ALL!

  4. That breed is pretty big. We hope things work out with Zoie. Looking forward to pictures!

  5. We hope that Happy and Zoie will be friends before too long! We can't wait to see her picture, Fern!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. I hope she works out for you Fern. With your Love, I am sure that she will be good for you. Cant wait to see the pictures.

    Diana and Jazzi

  7. Hope it works out with Zoie!
    Crossing my fingers!

  8. Hi Fern, we had friends with the same breed and she was a lovely dog. She was active but by the sounds of your huge yard she should be fine. Rory says he's glad you chose a little dog hehehe.

    We keep all fingers and paws crossed everything works out wonderfully and that Happy adjusts to her new family member. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  9. Oh Miss Fern, I think if you can just be a little patient with Zoie.. you will be THRILLED. Weims are WONDERFUL and they LOVE LOVE LOVE to be with PEOPLE. THE HATE to be away from them. I also think that if you will give her some OUTSIDE TOYS to amuse herself with... she will pretty much exercise herself.. BUTT.. SHE WILL PROBABLY WANT YOU TO BE OUTSIDE WITH HER!! She will BOND to you and to Mr. Tom and you will have a real companion fur sure!!!
    Can't wait fur pictures.
    You know Weims are German... just like ME!!
    The say VI mur onner.

  10. I am so excited for you Fern. Good luck. Hope she fits in well at your home. Hugs, Karen

  11. Congratulations! I'll be looking forward to pictures and hearing about how she's fitting into her new home.

  12. Cant wait for photos

    Stop on by for a visit!

  13. Good luck!!! Hope she's amazing for you...they are great dogs and true companions!!! Can't wait to see her!

  14. Hope the trial period works out for you guys. Looking forward to pictures!

  15. She sounds like a large dog but no matter the sixze they all need our love. I do hope you both find what you are looking for. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her.
    Hugs, Gail and the girls

  16. I hope this works out well. She sounds great too. Can't wait to see her pictures.

  17. Looking forward to the photos! Paws crossed that the three of you become three's company :D

    Waggin at ya,