Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last Day of August

I don't know about you guys but we here,, are so tired of 100 plus degrees days!!! Monday it got up to 107 here at the house. Everyday it has been over 100 degrees for so long now!!!!!

Tinker has been here one month and 2 days today!!! She has learned a lot but it hasn't been easy!! She is very hard headed!! HARD HEADED!!!!!
She is house broken!!!!! That wasn't hard for me to do!!!
She knows her name and comes when called !! That was harder!!
She doesn't chew anything in the house but her own toys!! Hard!!
She is trying to be sweet to the cat ----- Very hard but we are making lots of progress!!
She has stopped biting me when we are outside----b/c I am carrying a squirt bottle of water and she hates water!!!!! She really has been doing pretty good for only one month and her being so hard headed!!!
Tinker is very loving when she wants to be.
She gos and gets in her crate when she sees me getting ready for bed.
When I am on the computer she is in her chair right next to me!!
Tinker is very much my dog!!!
That is our progress for the month!!

Love coming your way, Tinker and Fern


  1. Here's to a great September for you and yours.


  2. Sounds like pretty good progress to me. Hope September brings better weather your way.

  3. Well done, Tinker and Fern! The weather has been really HUMID here so that's horrible too.

  4. Sounds like great progress for a puppy!

    We have some nice 75-80 degree weather right now, we'll try to send it to you.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Hard Headed??? Sounding more Dachshund like every day!!! hehehehe

  6. Wow! You are making awesome progress for the short time that Tinker has been with you, Fern! We are super impressed!
    We sure hope it cools down soon for you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hi there, I knew all she needed was a bit of time, love and patience. She'll be coming around even more as she settles in.
    Hugs today.
    Noreen & Reggie

  8. How great!!! Water bottle?! That's a good one!! Glad all is coming together. Fern you are great for that dog!!

  9. Sure takes a lot of patience with doggies, doesn't it? Sounds like you are doing things right, Fern. We are hot here, too. Day after day of 100+ temperatures. We are nearing 60 days for the summer. Next week we will be in the 80's!!! I can hardly wait!

  10. It's crazy hot here, too! I'm glad Tinker is coming around. You two will be best friends in no time! One day, you'll be remembering what a great and perfect dog she was.


  11. Our weather in Oklahoma is terrible, Fern. Hot, hot, HOT and now a fire here in Edmond. A terrible one. :( I hope the heat ends soon!

    I'm glad Tinker is coming around. I promise took my Mollie a bit to get it but now she's my sweet little friend.

    Love to you~


  12. Sounds like great progress Fern,
    Just hang in there with Tinker, she will be your best friend. Sometimes the hardest one are the best ones. I think Tinker loves you already!!


  13. Hi Fern, we think of you and Tinker often and hope that everything is coming around for you. It'll take some time for things to work out between Happy and Tinker but it'll happen. I don't think that I could survive 100+ degree temperatures. I start to melt when it gets into the mid-70's. I hope that it cools off for everyone soon. Hope that you're well Fern.

  14. That's an amazing amount of progress in just one month, Fern! Quite an accomplishment.

    I hope your heat wave dissipates soon. I remember those days when we lived in Texas years ago.

  15. Lots of great progress!!! But then she has the best of teacher, YOU! :-)

  16. Good job, Fern! Now can you come over and train Wyatt...haha!

    Wyatt's Mom

  17. Tinker is lucky to have your loving hands and kindness to teach her...we hope and purr the worst of the hot is over,
    Hugs Madi and Mom