Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thank you all for your comments !!!! Thank you for understanding that I am busy busy busy !!! Look at that sweet picture, I miss those days so much!! I know that Tinker will come around and be a wonderful dog, she just has to get a little older. She really is doing so good. When she finds places in the fence she can get out I call her and she comes straight back to me!!!! Every time so far when I call her she comes!!! I spend a lot of time loving her and she loves that and who doesn't!!!
When you want me to talk back to you E-mail me at It is so so much easier and quicker then trying to comment on your blogs.
I have some photos of Tinker in the "now her chair" . I have some pictures of some harvest brought in to work and get it ready for freezing.
Next time you will see them.
Love coming your way, Fern & Tinker


  1. I am glad that Tinker is being so good and coming back right away. Just keep loving her!! YES, we all love that!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  2. Tinker sure sounds like she's doing very very well. Great job, Fern!

  3. Glad Tinker is being a good girl! Don't worry about keeping up with me right now... just enjoy bonding with Tinker.


  4. Hey Tinker...Opps, I mean Fern!! LOL
    Your posts are great! I am so glad Tinker is adjusting well :) That makes me so happy!
    Stay cool, it is like fall here, it's kindof cool and we are in for a lot of rain! I have been working like crazy this past week, that is why I haven't been around! I'll be gone most of the following week too! Don't worry about visiting me, I know it takes your computer forever to load~~
    Have fun and stay cool!

  5. That's amazing, Fern! What a good girl she is to come back when you call her.

  6. Hello Fern!! Its been so good to hear from you, and I'm so glad that I can stop by your blog and read your news about your new girl! I'm so glad that it's coming together, and I know that each day your bond with one another will grow stronger.

    We've had a long day here--We put down our girl Rudi today.

  7. Woof! Woof! Golden Hello! Passing by to say Lots of Golden Thanks for your Barkday Wishes. I had a PAWSOME 10th Barkday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    We totally understand what it means being busy. Trying to get caught up on visiting n making comments is what makes us busy this weekend. Golden Woofs

  8. It sounds like Tinker is doing great, Fern! We can't wait to see your harvest pictures! We love veges!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Hi Fern, I'm sorry I've been a little late with my posts but my dad is out of town and my mom is really busy trying to mange the four of us by herself. Wow, you're a pretty good gardener - that's a lot of food. I'm glad that Tinker is fitting in well and that you have both bonded so well. I hope that Happy is coming around to Tinker. My e-mail is