Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, June 3, 2011

She has gone

My Sweet Sweet Bambi Died this morning at about 5 :30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is no longer in pain!
I am the one in pain!!!
xx, Fern


  1. Dear Miss Fern, My heart is just broken fur you. I know that you wanted Bambi to be with you furever, butt she must have been ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge where she will feel young and free and be comfortable.
    Bambi has left us with so many lovely memories of a life filled with love and happiness.
    I hope that you can focus on those memories and try to avoid the pain of seperation.
    Rest in Peace Sweet Bambi

  2. Oh Fern, I am so very sorry! I had hopes that everything would be okay and Bambi would be back home with you soon. Please don't have regrets! Bambi lived a very happy (and long) life with you and she lived the kind of life that every dog should have. She was loved and cared for every day, and she knew it. I've often said that dogs would be perfect if only they could live forever. Our hearts and prayers go out to you!

    Carrie and Bunny

  3. OhFern, I thought of you both early this morning. Now I know why there was a feeling of calm with that thought. My heart goes out to you. Many hugs.

  4. Dear Fern, we are so very, very sorry for your loss. Bambi was ready and she knew it. We know how much your heart must be aching. We have no words to make you feel better, but we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs and woos, the OP Pack and Mom

  5. Oh, Fern, I'm so sorry. I know how worried you have been. At least she had a long life and was happy and comfortable almost to the end. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Remember that she is a young dog now enjoying lots of new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Love, Heidi, Tucker and Daisy.

  6. Fern, we are so very sorry for your loss of sweet Bambi.
    Many hugs to you.
    Run with the wind Bambi.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  7. Oh Fern, we are so very sorry. We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Rest in Peace Bambi.
    Eliana, Thor and Jack

  8. Oh Human, I just learned about Bambi and was coming over to wish her well during her surgery today. I am so so sorry that she has left you and so sorry that I didnt' get a chance to get to know her.

    Bless your human heart as this will be so hard for you. I will send some golden love through the night sky to you.


  9. Oh no Fern!!
    We are soo soo sorry to hear about Bambi, Yes, she isnt in pain any more and she is happy and running free!! My heart goes out to you and I know just how you feel~~before we got Jazzi, we lost our dog of 18 yrs. It broke our hearts.
    You have many wonderful memories and please remember those. We all love you here and we will always be here for you, Our thoughts and prayers for comfort go out to you and Tom,

    Diana and Jazzi and Addy

  10. I am SO sorry to hear are in our thoughts and prayers, my friend....

  11. Oh, NO. Fern, I'm sooooo very sorry about Bambi. She was so very dear to you and will always be. I know the pain you are going through right now. It's never easy to lose one of your very best friends.

  12. OMG, we have been praying all morning for you and Bambi, Fern. We are just devastated! We are so very, very sorry.
    God speed, Bambi.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Dear Ferne, I'm so sorry to hear this about your sweet Bambi-girl. I know your heart is broken in pieces. Please know I am sending loving thoughts to you and prayers up for your comofort.

    Lynn and the Rocky Creek Scotties

  14. Oh no, I am SO SORRY!!! :( sending you lots of hugs...

  15. We are so sorry to learn of your loss. Se are sending you strength and wisdom. And some rottie love.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  16. Oh fern I am so very sorry to hear this, my heart goes out to you, she had a long happy life, I know its so hard to see them go
    I wish I could be there to give you a hug.
    Thinking of you Jan and George xxx

  17. Ah sh*t, I came over because Maggy and Mitch suggested we visit. I'm not sorry I dropped by but I'm really sorry to learn about Bambi. My dad's got that far away look again.

  18. Oh, Miss Fern. We've been away but we heard the news from one of our furends. My mom and me can't begin to tell you how much our hearts hurt for you. We know how much you love Bambi and how very much you're going to miss her. But if it helps any, I bet my Grampa J was there to greet her and will take care of her until you see her again.

    I'm sending you a million brindle kisses and my mom sends lots of hugs and love.


  19. Fern I am so so sorry to hear you lost your sweet Bambi. I know you will be hurting so badly and want you to know that I am thinking of you and send love your way. Your sweet Bambi will be running free now and free from pain. Please take comfort from knowing you loved her and gave her the best. Love Carol and GJ xx

  20. My name is Oskar & we are so very sorry for your loss. We will be praying for your hearts to heal.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  21. I am so sorry to hear about Bambi. I could tell the way you talked about her that you loved her to the moon and back. Prayers that you both find peace very soon. Losing a loved one is so so hard. You took such good care of her. Hugs, Karen

  22. Sad woofs, ooo Fern, we are sooo sorry..we keep losing our "furkids" to the bridge...ur in my prayers and thoughts...RIP Bambi, run with the wind..

    a sad,
    rocky and jodee
    bear and mama...

  23. We're sooo very sorry to hear about Bambi. Like, you, we're glad she's no longer feeling pain.

    You gave her a good, long, happy life...that's all we can hope for. But we know you'll miss her.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  24. So sorry to hear about Bambi. She is running free now, but it is a sad day for those she left behind.


  25. Oh honey...I am so sorry. I share your tears and your sadness. Sending hugs for your heart. I know very well the pain you are feeling. I'm so sorry.
    xx, shell

  26. Oh dear, I'm so sorry, Fern! This breaks my heart.
    I'm new to your blog but I enjoyed reading everything about you and Bambi, she was such a sweet girlie.
    I hope she's happily running at the Bridge and I hope she has met my Laura and Hana too. Both of them are the most gentle souls in my life too, I hope they can be Bambi's best friend soon. It's never easy to let someone leave our life and this always leaves a hole in our heart, I hope those fond memories of you and Bambi can fill up this hole.
    Take care, Fern!
    RIP Bambi.

  27. Oh Fern, I just read your message about Bambi's passing. Saying I'm sorry for your loss, somehow doesn't seem like enough, but I truly am sorry!! I know how much she meant to you and I know how much unconditional love you both had for one another. What a wonderful life she had with you, and it's all a tribute to your devotion, care and a bond you had that I know didn't end when she left this life for the next. I hope you find comfort in your precious memories of her that cannot be taken away. I know that you'll see her again, and what a wonderful day that will be!

    Good speed Bambi...We'll light a candle to help her find her way to the bridge where she'll wait for you.....

  28. I am so sorry for your loss.

  29. She will forever leave pawprints on your heart.

  30. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Fern. I know that Bambi was loved and had a happy life with you.

  31. So sorry for your loss, one of the hardest things we all have to go through when we love an animal.
    Run Free Bambi, Gods Speed.

  32. sorry for your loss! Keep her memories in your heart always and it will heal for sure! Thinking of you!

  33. Dear Fern!!! I am so sorry to hear about your Bambi!!! You loved her so much and she knew it. Hugs and prayers for you!

  34. Fern, we are so sorry to see this. We have been hoping the whole day that things would turn around for Bambi. We know you're hurting terribly. Please take some comfort in the good, long life you gave her. She was a very lucky girl to be part of your family and now she's running free and out of pain and you'll see her on the other side.

    Much love from all of us.

  35. Maggie and Mitch told us of your sadness we send you pawsome loves and licks in the hope it brings a bit of brightness to your gloom xxxx

  36. We were so sorry to see the news -

    Please remember what we always paw:

    It's not's just...fur now -

    Our khandle will be lit again this evening to help her with the journey -

    Khyra and Her Mom

  37. We are soooooo very sorry! Run free, sweet Bambi and play with all our buddies who got to the bridge before you! We will all watch over your family, just like we are watching over Butchy's and Joey's families and all the others who have left us recently!

    Penny & Patches & Lana

  38. Oh Fern, we are so very sorry to hear about Bambi - we haven't been around much lately - but we always read your blog - we send you all our love and hugs - Diana, Sally and Paddy

  39. Dear aunty Fern,
    We Mango, Ximui and Chubbs are very sad this morning when we hear Bambi has gone to the rainbow bridge.
    Words can't neither express our sorrow nor comfort you, we'll be thinking of Bambi and you.
    Bambi, run free and meet our angel brother Ringo, you'll be furever missed!
    Hugs and kisses.

  40. My Dear Fern, I am so sorry for your loss, I didn't know Bambi got sick this week. This is so sudden and you must be in shock. I am so sad for you and your family. Bambi was such a wonderful part of your life. Bambi is now at rainbow bridge and I know she feels better. I am so sorry Fern. I will keep you in my prayers during this very difficult time.

  41. Fern,
    So sorry to hear about Bambi. What a wonderful dog mom you are. You took the best care of her and always fed her such healthy food. Bambi had a great life with you and could not have asked for a better home. I hope she finds our 'Leo' over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Love Wyatt and Family

  42. We didn't know Bambi, but it's always sad when a fur-friend leaves us. Wishing you peace, and sweet memories to sustain you.

    (We're having trouble with Blogger... you can find us at

  43. Oh Fern,
    I was so shocked and saddened to read this sad news. I know your heart is broken, but you must take comfort in knowing that you always took the best care of Bambi. She knew it and she loved you for that.
    I am sending you and Tom hugs and prayers,

  44. I didn't know Bambi, but I can feel your pain and I know how bad you feel. I am sorry for the loss of your beloved Bambi. Let the tears flow and wash away your sorrow and know that Bambi is no longer in pain, celebrate the life you had with your pet, remembering all the good times.

  45. Fern,

    I am so very sorry to hear about Bambi... please know I am thinking of you. Hugs to you and all my love...

    Stephanie and Olive

  46. I am so sorry Fern. Your are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Gail, Mistaya and Maggie

  47. I am so sorry to hear about Bambi ...
    I know how much she means to you.

    Her memories will live on and Bambi Angel will be watching over you from above.


  48. Fern,
    I have been away for a few days and just saw heart is breaking for you. I know how much you loved Bambi...and she loved you.
    I know how much you are hurting and we are sending you our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
    Run free Sweet Bambi, you'll always be in our hearts.

    Puddles and family

  49. Fern, I am so, so very sorry to learn of Bambi's passing. I am catching up and this was such sad news to learn. I know she will always be with you and watching from over the Rainbow Bridge. She was so lucky to have you for a hu-Mom. I know no words can ever really ease the pain, but please know we are out here thinking of you. Gentle Husky hugs to you.