Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Saturday, June 4, 2011

She has been gone now 30 hours

Thirty hours and counting!
In 2008 when she started getting lumps we took her to the vets of course.
The vet did a MIR of her that cost 650.00$. All her lumps except one was on the outside of her body cavity. She had one pretty close to her heart. The vet did surgery and removed 5 lumps that were on the outside of her body cavity.
Three came right back with in a month.

Bambi was fine Over the Memorial Day week-end. Tuesday evening she turned her fist meal down ever. I knew something was wrong. Wednesday morning I called the vets and they could not see her b/c they were booked solid. The earliest he could see was Thursday 5:15 PM.
We walked Thursday morning as usual. But I knew she was in bad shape.
I cried!! She was trying to cough up fluid. We had a ruff day.
When Tom took her to the vets Thursday the vets was sure it was the lump by her heart that had grown and causing the fluid. He wanted to do another MIR for 700 hundred dollars. We don't have that kind of money.
Tom made the appointment for surgery for Friday 7 AM. The vet was going to go in and remove the lump next to her heart.
I stayed up with Bambi all night holding her, cleaning up the fluid coming out of her mouth.
It was her time to go! She died of Congestive Heart failure at about 5:30 A.M. June 3th Friday. I don't believe that the lump hear her heart had anything to do with her death. I really don't......

I am in shock!!! I am devastated!!! I am in morning!!!!
When I lose a fur-baby I can not go right out and get another dog. I don't know why. I have to have time to grieve, I just have to.
I am so very sad, so lost.
xx, Fern


  1. Dearest Miss Fern,
    I am so very much sorry that your heart is so heavy. We are here fur you at this most difficult time. WE UNDERSTAND!!!

  2. My heart goes out to you, Fern. I would be just as devastated. And there's nothing wrong with needing time to grieve.

    You are in my thoughts this weekend.

  3. Dearest Fern, I know the ache you are feeling in your heart. Give yourself time to grieve, and don't let anyone pressure you into moving forward when you're not ready too--This is a time for you to reflect, mourn, and remember the amazing companion that was part of your life. Thank-you for sharing Bambi with us Fern...I am sending prayers for you to find peace in your heart...

  4. We're so sorry to hear your sad news, Bambi looked such a lovely lady and we're sorry we didn't get time to know her better. Run Free at The Bridge Bambi xxx

  5. My Dear Fern,
    My heart aches with you during this very difficult time...Bambi was a special girl and we will all miss her greatly, but the loss for you is overwhelming, I know.
    Please know that many people care for you and are sending comforting thoughts.
    With heartfelt sympathy and lots of hugs,

  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. All of us who own dogs know what you are going through. Give yourself time to heal and know that you gave Bambi a loving home while she was on this earth. God bless you.

  7. Dear Fern,
    I'm so very very sorry to read about Bambi illness and passing. It is so hard to see our fur babies so sick. My sympathies to you and Tom.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Oh, Fern - I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. Your Bambi looked like such a beautiful girl - I hope your happy memories of her and the good times you had bring you much needed comfort. Hugs to you -

  9. I hope you have some comfort knowing you were with her helping her over the Rainbow Bridge. I know it doesn't do much for the pain you are in right now, but be assured there are many out there in the blog community who are there to give support.

    It's only been a year and a half since we lost our Maggie and I still miss her.

  10. Dear Fern, My heart grieves with you too; knowing how terribly sad it is when one of our fur-babies leaves this earth. Bambi was such a beautiful girl and she would say thank you for all the love you gave her and for holding her til the end. Like all above have said-give yourself time and the right pup will come along. Sending lots of love to you today.

  11. Fern you have to do what is right for you. I'm just sorry I can't take some of the pain away, its something we have to go though when we lose a furiend, put please make sure you look after yourself as you looked after Bambi, shes still with you in spirit and always will be.
    Love and Hugs Jan and George xxx

  12. We are ever so sorry Fern. Theres nothing wrong with greiving, it is good to do that. Bambi was loved and she loved you too. Take care of yourself, greive and you have time to think about another dog later. I am sure there are other dogs that could use your love too!!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Tom.

    Diana and Jazzi and Addy

  13. Everyone grieves in their own way! I think you're right, it was just Bambi's time to go. It sounds to me like she was lucky that she was able to go in her own home and not on the operating table in a strange place. She'll send you a message when a new dog is ready to join you on life's journey!


  14. Sweet Fern, take time to grieve. Just let it cry out of you when you feel the need to cry. I am so sorry you lost Bambi. It sounds like she was really sick. Houndstooth is right. Bambi will let you know when it's time to welcome a new dog into your heart. You have a lot of love to give and there is some little dog out there waiting on your love. Just take time.

  15. Our thoughts are with you.
    Lorenza and mom

  16. I am so sorry Fern. Your are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Gail, Mistaya and Maggie

  17. We so understand -

    You gave her an awesome life -

    Please focus on that as part of the healing process -

  18. visiting from Miss Kit's Blog... nothing we can say or do will ease your heartbreak other than to know your sweet pup is suffering no more and will be waiting for you with a happy healed body when it is your time. We send you much love, I have been in your shoes and will be there again. You can be sure Bambi will never leave your heart. So sorry. We care. xoxo

  19. I'm so sorry Fern! You gave Bambi a beautiful life and I'm sure she misses you too. Bambi has become the brightest star in the sky at night watching you now.
    Take care, Fern. You'll know it when it's time to get another dog.
    Hugs to you!

  20. Our hearts hurt for you, Fern. We are so happy that you were with Bambi and holding her at the very end.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Learned about Bambi on DogDaze. Thinking of you in your loss. She looks like a wonderful pup! Focus on the good times, and hold her in your heart! Glad you were able to be with her.

  22. My heart aches with you, nothing I can say can make it better, the tears for you and Bambi are mixed with some for myself. There was no better place for Bambi to leave then from her own home surrounded by the love she had always had with you.

  23. Hi Fern,
    I just wanted to let you know that you in my thoughts constantly!
    My heart is so sad for you!

    How are you doing today?
    I know it's hard....anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet understands your loss and pain.
    Please remember, many people care about you!
    Hugs from your Georgia Girlfriend,

  24. Dear Fern,
    Did you know that dogs hang on as long possible when they are sick. They don't want their owner to worry. It sounds like Bambi put on a brave front for you because she loved you so much too, just as much as you loved her. Hang in their my friend, no need to by a new dog right away. I have never done that but my husband did that with Smokes. His husky died and the next day we had Smokes, I couldn't believe it, but everyone is different.
    I'm praying for you.

  25. Dear Fern,

    My deepest heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beautiful Bambi. I am teary-eyed reading your post, as I can totally relate to the sudden loss of a much-loved pet. I am sorry you are feeling such loss and pain, but know that Bambi will always be with you in your Heart and your memories.

    Take all the time you need to grieve, and do not feel guilty about it. Be true to yourself, and honor Bambi's memory as you see fit.

    We send prayers and healing thoughts to you and your family over your loss. Peace.

    K and Suka

  26. Thinking of you today, big hugs from us all xxx

  27. The words that you wrote to us made mom start crying again, Fern. We feel your pain and we think about you CONSTANTLY!
    We love you!

    Maggie, Mitch and Sue

  28. Dear Fern, I saw your post on another blog and wanted to stop by and drop off some puppy prayers for you. My mommy says it's hard losing someone you love -- she knows how you are feeling.

    I will keep you in my thoughts. :)

    Puppy hugs,


  29. I am so sorry you're going through this and had to let your Bambi go. Know that she is whole again, not suffering or uncomfortable. Your heart will heal and when you are ready to share it with a new furry, you will. Just take your time.

  30. Oh, Fern. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Bambi. I saw your comment on Tales and Tails. My heart breaks whenever I see that someone has lost one of their precious fur-kids. It is a terrible, hurting loss. I am thinking of you and wish I could make you feel better, but I know I can't. The loss is horrible and it hurts so bad. My prayers are with you as you navigating this difficult time.

  31. Hi Fern, was thinking of you and wanted to stop by and drop off some good thoughts. :)

    Woofs & hugs,


  32. Upon reading your post about your beloved Bambi, it brought back the heartache of losing my babies in the past. My heart hurts along with yours. I know how much the furry ones mean to us. They really are blessings from Heaven. Bambi will wait at the gate for you....


    PS: you will never believe what the word verification was for this post: blessu.
    No kidding!

  33. Oh Fern, I wish I had something comforting to say but no words will ever be able to take away your heart ache...just know we are here for you and we send our love and support to you. All of us here understand what you are going through and it is so hard.
    We love you Fern.