Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Last 25 Years

Hi blog friends! I have lived in this house for the last 37 years. I have lived in the woods that long!!! I have gotten use to seeing every kind of wildlife (except bears) there is. We have a screened back porch were we use to keep birdseed. For years that was fine. Then there were holes showing up in the screen!! Then we could tell that something had been trying to open the big garbage can to get to the birdseed. It turned out to be possums. A few years went by that way. They didn't get in the garbage can at first but persistence and then they did!! We bought a shed to house the birdseed and the garden tiller. The holes kept coming in the screen. We found out then,, it was coons. The coons made a mess looking for food!! We talked about it a lot. We decided that this was the way it was going to be period!!! What to do about it?? Feed the animals out the back gate was our solution. It first it was table scraps, then cooking for them, and now and for the last 25 years it has been buying dog food at Wal-mart, 40lbs of dog food!! It has been a eye opening experience!! Coons are not mean unless you try to touch them!! They will not attack you!!! Possums are not mean. Coons are entelligent animals. they learn their name and will come when called.
Meet Johnny! He is the son of Abby. He has a sister. Her name is Issy.

Johnny (in the middle) is trying already to be the boss of everybody!!! He is real friendly with me b/c he knows where the food comes from!!!
In years passed I have been able to doctor their bo bo's and have kept many alive when they would have died without my help!! Like dogs they know you have helped them!!
If you see a coon or possum remeber they are not bad animals!!!! They will not hurt you unless they have rabies. In 37 years I haev only seen one possum that had rabies, no other animal has been sick with rabies!!!!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know some wild animals a little better!!!
Love coming your way, Bambi, coons & Fern


  1. Wow!! Fern, you sure know a lot about coons - maybe I should talk about cows on my blog. I've lived with them for a long time too - I think I will one day.


  2. They are very cute. We don't get racoons where we live. It is too cold for them.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Hi Fern. Thanks for sharing those cute animals with us. It´s nice to learn more about them.

  4. We aren't too keen on Possums here. They are ... rather... um.. un-lovely creatures. We do get a real kick out of the coons though.
    Thanks for sharing your Raccoon family with us. It takes a gentle and patient hand to do what you do. I'm just sayin'.

  5. Hello Fern....You sure do know a lot about raccoons which reminds me of my grandmother who lived near raccoons all of her life. She used to feed them scraps from her dinner every morning and evening. I thought she was a very kindhearted person to care for wildlife like that and you are just like her, I think.

  6. Isn't it fun to learn all we can about the wildlife around us....Great pics! And what a blessing you are for your furry friends....and also for us here in Blogland! Thank you for sharing. Keep smiling!

  7. Fern,

    What a fascinating life you lead, I admire what you do for the animals in your part of the world.
    I love reading your blog Fern. Keep up the amazing work!!

  8. Hi Fern! Your little raccoon family is cute! What fun to watch them all the time! You are good to take care of them and feed them.


  9. You are truly an amazing person, Fern!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Fern
    the coons are so cute. So do they come right up to you?? Thats so neat that they let you take care of them and I know they love your food.


  11. Hello Fern! As I said in my last comment to you, I really love that you've given so much to this raccoon family and they are part of your life and its history, what a great gift for you, and them! :-)

  12. They know a good human when they see one!

    Thanks fur sharing them with us!


  13. oh my! I can't imagine having them around my house... I would be trying to chase them lie I do the Bunnies :)

    Licks from me!!


  14. Great photos Fern and a very interesting post. Good work! Gail

  15. Sometimes I think it would be fun to live that close to nature, but then I start thinking about my creature comforts and how much I'd miss them, and being a town dog doesn't seem so bad! We're close enough in our tiny village anyway!

    You have some very cute friends there!


  16. HI Fern - sorry we have been away so long - but it has been a very eventful summer. We enjoyed reading about the racoon family - they look very naughty - but cute!

    Lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  17. Wow that is crazy they eat dog food - I had no idea!! Fred cant come anywhere need a coon or he just looses it - I guess thats the hound in him!

    Thats so cool you take care of them!!

  18. What a cute raccoon and nice story that you have ^_^

    We never see any raccoon here thou sometimes ppl do found these kids at the back of their yard and mom told us before that she saw a raccoon was put into a small cage and was putting up for sale near our house last year. It was heartbreaking to see it but I hope no more raccoon was putting up for sale in the future.

    btw, do drop by to our page when u free as we had pawsome holiday to share ^_^

    Autumn & Jasmine

  19. Hi Fern...
    What an informative and interesting post!!
    Well done.
    Madi and Mom

  20. Can't believe you still get summer! I am jealous. I had the fireplace going today! Suppose to get 4 inches of rain tonight. Be my luck it will turn into snow....ha ha! Keep smiling!

  21. Hi Fern -
    What a great story about your coons. I used to rehabilitate wild creatures with Wildlife Rescue Team - I did birds but my friend had 4 baby raccoons that she rehabilitated. I helped her one day take them to the creek to teach them how to look for food. When a car would come, she would give the "danger" call and they would scurry and hide in the bushes. She acted just like their Mom did and she taught them well and was able to let them go when they were ready. They would come back to her place from time to time with their families - so interesting. They are very intelligent like you said. Also, oppossum babies are the cutest things. I know some people are creeped out by their tails, but I've always liked them since seeing them as babies.
    Take care and keep up the good work -

  22. Hey again, I did not know that! Again, you are AWESOME for taking care of these cute little raccoons! I can't believe they know there names. that is amazing! You should write a children's book and get it published!
    Have a great day my friend!
    PS Thanks for telling me about your raccoon posts! That was very nice of you!

  23. Hi Fern! First day full day of Fall....fireplace going and a cup of hot apple cider in hand! You are lucky that it stays nice there....take care and keep smiling.

  24. Good morning from a chilly, rainy 48 degree Minnesota! All bundled up here in my warm clothes. Suppose you are out sunning yourself! Hope you have a fun weekend, my friend. Keep smiling!

  25. Love these photos of your special friends!
    Happy weekend to you and Tom!

  26. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  27. Hi Fern

    I saw your post yesterday at work, but couldn't spend the time to comment then. Since our internet is not great at home, I sometimes sneak a peak there. You are lucky to have such a good relation with your coons. They are often rabid her, so we stay away from them. I envy you living in the woods, I would love to have a house like that, though it is a pain to have to keep fixing the screen. Have a great weekend. I am off to the Big E-one of New England's biggest fairs, to see the 6 horse hitch of draft horses, with my Mom.

    Heidi, Tucker and Daisy

  28. I love that you're taking care of the raccoons! Too many people just view them as a nuisance. Even though I live in the city I'm pretty sure that we have raccoons in the area, especially since we're pretty close to the edge of an enormous park. I've never seen one in my own yard, though.

  29. Good Morning Fern! Heading up to Duluth today. Really chilly here today. 45 degrees am sure it will be colder by Lake Superior. Have fun in your warm weather out in your garden. I am jealous....ha ha! Hope you have a fun day. Keep smiling!

  30. Sounds like you have a great life.

  31. The raccoons are really cute. Stanzie does not like raccoons or possums, so they don't come into our yard.


    P.S. the white veggie in our basket was Kohlrabi. First time we have planted those seeds!

  32. Just wanted to thank u for visiting my blog and your gracious comment; to God be the glory. To anwser your question; I work as a coordinator for an hospital. Itis my day job. My passion is really writing and encouraging others. Am still waiting for God to open all the right doors in my life.

  33. Hi Fern! Just enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of football! One of our families favorite things! Hope you got all your garden stuff made. Lucky! Hey, why don't you bottle up some of that sunshine and send it my way! ha ha! Take care and keep smiling!