Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dial Up

Hi blog friends. You all really came to bat for me yesterday!!!! Thank -you so so very much for all your good ideas!!! A Lot of you said don't worry about blogging everyday!!! I think you are right!! Most said blog about what I like and don't worry about trying to be interesting. GOOD advice!!!!
The first thing I would like to talk about is that I am on dial up!!!!!!!!!!! That makes for a lot of problems. One thing is when blogger is happy and will let me get to your blog it will only load 3 to 5 pictures in about 10 minutes and if I want more pictures I have to wait 10 or 20 minutes more (that is when blogger is playing!!) I really don't have that kind of time!!!!! So I usually don't wait for all the pictures to load and go ahead a comment without seeing all your pictures.
Am I the only one on dial up???????? It takes me (if Blogger will let me ) about 30 minutes a comment.

The crazy patch quilt is the first quilt I ever made. I made it in 97. It took most of that year to make. It isn't straight I really don't do much better now and it is b/c of the arthritis in my hands. It is hard to cut straight.

Thank-you all for all your kind help and I will try to get to your blog and answer your comments. I really love you all so much!!!!!!!
XXOO, Fern


  1. I had dial-up in the past, but now have a satellite dish - it is a bit better but not anything like cable modem. I might as well dream on - I'll probably never have that.


    PS - I love your quilt - crazy quilts are my favorite.

  2. Dialup is so annoying - wish you could get a better connection - it would make it so much easier for you.

    Beautiful quilt - it looks like a lot of work. I am working on a big thick afghan for one of my daughters now and my wrist is really getting sore from all the work. But I know she will love it when it is done.

  3. Dial up is so frustrating--my patience would be worn thin.....

    I'm working on a crazy quilt now! I love what you did.

  4. Mom wonders how she evFUR managed dial up without skhreaming!

    Nice khwilt!

    As fur blogging, do what feels fun to woo - after all, it is SUPPOSED to be fun!


  5. Dial up = cybermurder!! I am not one who that much patience with ANY technology to give away that much time. GOD BLESS YOU MY NEW FRIEND!! My pictures just go along with my stories & sometimes it's more for the crowd. My old blog people loved coming to see my critters. I have a couple who are highly photogenic which allows me to capture some beautiful shots. By all means, pace yourself with your slow dial up. heck you could build a perfectly good wall quilt in that time. heheh

    Can you not get cable or satellite where you are? Just nosey is all, feel free to ignore.


  6. You have so much patience to spend 30 minutes to comment! We can't even wait when there is a few minute glich in Blogger......we're very impatient!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We're going away for three weeks, so don't think we've dropped you or anything.

  7. We had dial-up but it was before we starting blogging, Fern. We can't imagine blogging with dial-up! It must be very frustrating!
    Your crazy quilt is just beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Love the quilt, it's very pretty. Don't worry about blogging every day. I started out determined to do Monday-Friday. Now I'm lucky to do 3 posts a week. Gotta do it though, or I'd never accomplish anything else!


  9. Patience must be one of your many virtues. I do not think I would blog, or read many blogs if I had DIAL-UP. I simply could not go back there. I do love the quilt.

  10. That quilt is beautiful!

    Oh man! I shudder to think about being on dial up! I'd go stark raving mad! You have got some serious fortitude to go with that. I salute you!

  11. Dear Furend, I would like to say that even with my Satellite provider... I OFTEN do not get all the pictures. That is especially true for the blogs that... have WAAAAY tooo much on the sidebars and that have the twitter thingy across the bottom of their blog PLUS... require me to do the dreaded SqUiGgLe word varification.. I have NO patience for those blogs sooo I just get the GIST of the narrative and comment on the WORDS. I refuse to miss out on the good stuff in these blogs... butt I do wish they were a lot more considerate of those who do not have Blazing Fast... Road Runner type ISP. SIGH
    Blog when you CAN about what YOU love. Enjoy.... the parts of the blogs you can see and do NOT worry about the rest. Those of us in Similar Boats... understand!!
    I am giving you a SOLID GOLD...< star > for putting 30 precious mins. into one comment.
    I hope the blog that you devoted that time to knows that!! Gosh.. that was 30 mins. you could have been petting or brushing or playing with... well, nuff said. BLESS YOU !

  12. Good gracious! Dial up! I would have tossed my laptop in the trash by now. If you can get cable, your whole world will open up.
    Your quilt is gorgeous. We love it!

  13. Hey there! Dial up does stink! Maybe you will get cable some day! The quilt is beautiful. I never made one!
    Have a good day! I'm glad you got a lot of nice advise! We appreciate you taking so much time to blog and comment! That is really nice of you!!

  14. Oooh, dial-up. That's a ruff deal. Blog Mom used to have dial-up, but way before she blogged at all. One thing that's a huge problem for you is that websites aren't done with dial-up in mind anymore. It used to be very bad form to put things on a site that were unfriendly to slow connections, but that's pretty much out the window these days. I can see why to a point, but there are a lot of things that people could do to make it a little easier for visitors with slower connections. Getting rid of captcha would help. That causes all kinds of lag time in commenting. It really works just as well to either enable approval for all comments or to make a rule about approval for comments on older posts (those are often spam.)

    One thing I think people should still do is to resize their photos. Some people put up photos that are the way they downloaded them out of the camera. Even if they're showing as very small on a blog, those will take as long to load as if they were full size and sometimes that's several MB. Resizing them all to a size that'll fit on a blog - 400 to 500 pixels wide - will help load time. But all this kind of web 2.0 stuff is murder for dial-up and older computers to handle, too. I give you all the credit in the world for hanging in there and going to the trouble to do it.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  15. I remember dial-up! I also remember how slow it was. Here in the country where we live, we are just 1 or 2 steps above that with DSL, but it can be slow too. But there are a few followers of my blog that also have it, and I purposely don't put a lot of "elements" on my page to allow it to load up quicker--Anyway, I'm glad you found some inspiration to blog about--Don't pressure yourself to come up with something every day, if you can't--Just have fun and be yourself, it's why I enjoy my visits to your blog!! Have a good evening!! :-))

  16. Wow, you are a patient person Fern. 30 minutes per comment!....I wouldn't survive blogville.

    Wyatt's Mom

  17. Hi Fern and Bambi,
    we are so glad to meet you. So kind of you to come by and leave a comment with all your problems with the net.Thanks a lot.
    we really appreciate your patience with a dial up.maybe you can get a sattellite dongle thingie or cable which will make things much easier.
    Don't worry about blogging everyday if it gets tedious. it is all about relaxing and having fun with something you like to do.
    You might like to join some memes many of us participate in. they are a wonderful means of making friends and also provide a great source of inspiration for blog topics.You can check out the ones we love in our side bar.
    your quilts are lovely. So very colourful.

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    Have a lovely week ahead,
    wags n love,
    Ginger n Buddy n Mummy too

  18. Great quilt - I love it!

    I used to have dial up. Boy, your Post reminds me not to take for granted what I DO have. Sometimes I think no matter how fast the Internet is, it'll never be fast enough. This reminds me to be grateful!!!

  19. Yes,,,,, I do have Ear Problems... They keep getting in my foods and waters when I eat and Drink... OH... I guess that isn't what you meant though.
    NO... I have never had any ear aches or anything. I asked my mom about all of the short hairs that came before me..
    She says that One had ear mites two times in her 13 years. That is all there ever was.

  20. Fern
    We had dial up before we blogged and what a pain!! Mom would have NO patience at all, so we commend your patience. Can you get cable in your area?? Just wondering!!


  21. Hi Fern....
    What a beautiful quilt and great post!!!
    Blogger has been giving us all a fit of late...
    some blogs it takes two times to get a comment to post. I guess Blogger is getting overloaded.
    my best to you all,

    Madi and Mom

  22. Oh Fern! If I had to go back to dial-up my brain would freeze!!!!!!

    You are quite a trooper.......relax and blog when you can!