Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gardening mostly in pots

Good afternoon friends. I have been out in the yard this morning. Bambi and I took a long walk. I loaded a assortment of pictures today.

The first photo is the tomatoes one year when we had the big garden. We had a very big garden 10 years!! I worked my self to death!!!!! Look at all the beautiful tomatoes. I caned, I pickled

and I jammed!!!! I worked harder than I had ever worked before.

This year most of are garden will be in containers, is in containers!!! I still have some more planting to do. Last year all are garden was in containers.

I thought you might like to see a quilt today. This quilt was at Paducah, Ky in 99's big quilt show. I really liked this quilt.
A picture of me in, I think 2000, I made the collar. I am planing to TRY to get back to sewing. I have been going through my fabric stash looking for fabric that I would like to make shopping bags out of. We always shop with cloth bags. We try not to bring home so much plastic bags!!!!
I hope my body will let me sew, we will see.

By the way, people, I have not had a dizzy spell since last Saturday. If I can get by without one today it will be 5 days in between spells. Maybe they are over for this go around!!!!

Thanks for coming to see me!!! I love your visits.
Love you all lots, Bambi and her Mom, Fern


  1. Great to hear no dizzy spells. Love the pics and LOVE that quilt! Have a fun filled day and keep smiling!

  2. Hi Fern,
    Great news on your lack of dizziness!!!
    I too hope you can sew again you do beautiful work.
    Madi and Mom

  3. I used to have a huge garden too. My late husband loved to work in it and was out there every day after work. I put up a lot of food too,LOL! Your quilt is beautiful!

  4. I love the quilt and I am so glad you are not having dizzy spells any more. I hope they don't come back either.
    I love to flower garden but never vegetables. My dad (before he passed away) and step dad both had big gardens so I would get plenty of vege's from them!

  5. Opps, PS. That is a great picture of you! You should sew again, it is very relaxing, so I hear! xxoo

  6. We are so happy to hear no dizzy spells. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. Love the Quilt it is beautiful.

  7. Beautiful quilt! Keep sewing. We don't have a vegetable garden so love hearing about yours.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. The dizzy spels are hopefully gone for a good while.. That quilt is so very beautiful. You take care.. Love GJ xx

  9. Glad your not getting dizzy anymore, that must have been scary. The butterfly quilt is AMAZING

  10. Glad you have had good days, Fern. Maybe you can sew some. The collar is very pretty!


  11. Greetings Fern, What a beautiful photo of you!
    I love the harvest you had of tomatoes, and being a quilter I love the quilt. I've had vertigo several times and know how hard it can be-so glad to hear you aren't having the spells anymore.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hi,I just got my first Quilt Lovers for Beginners book today. Here's hoping.

    M xx

  13. No more dizzy spells? That's that best nws I've heard in a while! Whatever you're doing, keep it up!
    I had a huge garden several years ago and I never will again...too much work! I have some tomatoes plants and that's it this year...
    Do you have deer dome in your yard and eat plants? The silly deer here are eating my roses, thorns and all!!! Makes me so mad, but I do love my deer!
    Love the picture of you w' pretty collar!
    Hugs to all,
    Kit and Pups

  14. Thanks fur sharing!

    What a nice khwilt and pikh of woo!

    Mom says she always preferred to plant in khontainers as well -

    Glad woo've not had another spell fur sometime!


  15. Hey Fern, my husband has been off work this week so I have not had the time to blog. I really miss you guys. I love your garden. I wish I had a green thumb and a better back so I could do that kind of stuff. The Quilt is beautiful. I hope your dizzy spells are gone for good.

    Paws & Whiskers,
    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

  16. Hi Fern, glad to hear you aren't having anymore dizzy spells! Careful.

    We do a lot of container gardening. Specially since we got Betty... LOL!

    Shannon and the Gang

  17. Fern,

    Great news about your lack of dizziness. Hopefully it will just stay away.
    Have a good weekend.