Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My friends in blogland, how are you feeling today?? I was not dizzy yesterday and so far not today so maybe they are over for a while.
Bambi and I were out putting fresh water out for the critters yesterday and I had the camera with me in case something interesting happened. Bambi got right in my face and said to me you will not take my picture when I am this close will you? So I did !!!! There she is right close!!
The pictures below are of my friends that have gone to the rainbow bridge. We miss then everyday!!! But they are happy now and not sick anymore. Run free sweet friends!!!

We are suppose to have some rain today. We sure need some rain, we haven't had any in a long time. I have the little seedlings out and have had the out for about 8 days now. Bring them in at night, take them out every morning.
Thank you guys for coming to my blog!!!! You all mean a lot to me!!!!
Love ya lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern


  1. Our temperatures have been in the 80's!! Beautiful but much to early for this kind of heat. But Mistaya has discovered the pond out back again so she keeps pretty cool. Hope you have a great week!! Gail and Mistaya

  2. The picture of Bambi is lovely.. As are your lovelies at the bridge.. Fern email me the details of the clinic etc and I will try to find out.. Hugs Carol and GJ xx

  3. Hi, Bambi should know by now that NOTHING stops that camera thing. Enjoy that spring weather.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Someone likes to have their picture taken....looks great! Great memories of dear friends that are at the Rainbow Bridge. Hope all is going good today. Glad you aren't dizzy. What a terrible feeling! Take care, my friend and keep smiling!

  5. I think Remington's khomment summed it up furry well!


  6. Hi There Sweet Bambi,
    Thanks for the up close picture or your pretty self! Fern, I am happy to hear you are feeling better!
    Take care my friend,

  7. Great photo Bambi! This time of year, you've got to get outside between the raindrops!

  8. Glad you are not dizzy today, Fern. Always a good day when you are feeling better!


  9. Glad you are having a good day Fern.
    We had a beautiful cat named Rufus who looked EXACTLY like your kitty in the picture.
    He too has crossed over the bridge...and we miss him every day ;o(

  10. HI Fern,
    Great pictures of Bambi. We're having intermittent drizzle today. We need a nice steady day of rain..but I guess we'll take what we can,
    Madi and Mom

  11. We're supposed to get sprinkles later today too, Fern! Mom says her newly planted perennials could sure use the drink!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Bambi is so sweet, I just want to kiss her up. We had alot of rain here today, good for all the flowers and trees