Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday is for family- Grandpa & Grandma

Hi blog friends. It is beautiful here today!! Sun is out and it is 64 degrees and in the sun and out of the breeze it feels really nice!!
The picture above is my G-pa. My G-pa took care of me when I was little!!! He taught me many things. When we would go for a walk, it was a teaching lesson. When we would go for a ride in his car, it was a teaching lesson. He taught me to tie my shoes.
The picture below is G-pa & G-ma living in our big trailer. When we bought a house we gave G-pa our trailer. The dog in the picture is Penny. The dog I had after losing King.
I loved my Grandpa so much !!! He taught me to drive when I was 8 years old. He was always teaching.
I hope you have had a good week-end.
Love you all lots, Bambi, Happy & Fern


  1. What great memories! You learned to drive at 8! Bet they wouldn't do that nowadays, ha ha! Great pics....thanks for sharing!

  2. People dressed so nicely in the day, didn't they? Look at G-Ma in her nice dress just for hanging out.


  3. What nice pikhs and even nice memories!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  4. Wow thats early to learn to drive, all my grandparents are in the UK. It's about time I headed there to see them again.

  5. Beautiful pictures and memories.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Fern,
    Your grandpa is kinda like my uncle Ed. He takes me for walks when I see him and he teaches me stuff and I love him too. neat huh?

    No, nothing wrong, mom just gets kinda sidetracked. She reads some blogs and says she will come back and respond when things arent so busy and well...she must have missed yours. I keep telling her to do it right away, so this doesnt happen, but do you think she will listen to little ole me?? NOPE!! I will try to keep on her better.


  7. Grandpa's are such special hoomans and such wonderful teachers!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch