Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Couple of Pictures

I will show you a couple of photos of our two old girls. One is Happy. Our cat came to us in January of 98. She was fully grown and some one had spayed her. She looked like she had had two or three litters of kittens, before she had been spayed.

Bambi our dog will be 12 this fall. She came from the animal shelter. She had had a couple of homes before we got her. Both are wonderful companions to each other and to us.

I did not get my baby quilt top ready to work on today because I was not feeling real good. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better.


  1. Enjoyed my visit w/ you and your critters!

  2. We are glad to see pictures of your pets, Bambi certainly looks like a sweety. Please do not give muzzer any ideas about feeding the racoons. Me and Teka gots enough trouble with them now! We really kinda think they are CATS in disguise.


  3. So do they live together in harmony? Chesty barks like crazy at cats.

    You asked about my camera on my blog -- the photo of Chris was taken with my iPhone which surprisingly does a nice job and since I almost always have my phone with me is handy but my *big* camera is a Nikon D40x and I also have a small Nikon coolpix camera that fits in a pocket too.