Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, December 13, 2013

More about my Joker

Joker with the big smile on his face!!!  This picture was taken just a few weeks from when we got him.
Joker loved all other animals.  Our place back then was all wooded and so was the North neighbors and the south neighbors---all woods!!!   We saw wild animals every single day here.  We saw deer, wild pigs, foxes,  possums, raccoons, rabbits,and of course squirrels.  Bruce who was my dog before Joker would kill any he could catch!!!  I felt so sorry for the ones he killed but I could not stop him from doing it.   Joker --bless his heart-- just loved them all and never ever killed one!!!  Never chased them either.  As time went by he became friends with some. It was really something special to see!!!!!  All the coons loved him!!!
He changed my life around here.  I use to be afraid of the wild animals and he showed me how not to be afraid......  

The week-end is coming and I love the week-ends!!!  I truly hope you have a wonderful one!!  There is more to Joker's story so this will continue on Monday.
Love coming your way, Fern
PS--- The top two photos are my Christmas cactus.  


  1. Joker is an amazing dog :D, and you have such a beautiful garden :D

  2. Joker was a very special boy! Can you hear our mom squeeeeing over your camellia, Fern?!
    Have a wonderful weekend ☺

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Hi Fern - what a gorgeous Christmas Catus. Love the pictures of Joker - such a funny name. He puts a smile on my face too.

  4. Hi Fern, Just stopping by to wish you and your hubby a very Merry Christmas! Sending hugs and love to you.
    Noreen & Hunter

  5. I am loving your stories about Joker. What a cute picture of him and Tom. I don't think I've seen that picture before. Isn't it amazing what our animals teach us?

  6. Hi Fern, nice memories Fern and lovely Christmas cactus.

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. Loved reading about the lovely Joker! Thank you Fern xx

  9. What a good boy he was--friend to all creatures great and small.

  10. Who can resist such a smile? That's a heartwarmer to see such a smile.
    Sadly our christmas cactus lost his flowers, because mom put it on another place while flowering.

  11. Thanks for coming by our Blog from Sarge's. We are hosting a comedy hour on New Years Eve. People can submit their jokes to us and there will be a vote for the best joke. Looking forward to following your blog!

  12. Joker sounds like a very special guy. Hope everything is going well for you, Fern!

    Critter Alley