Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Was Ok at it back then~~~~~ but now

There was 30 years between these two pictures!!! The first picture was taken with Joker and the second with Zoie. I miss my young life!!  Is there anyone out there that reads my blog as old as I am????  I wish someone would have told me about life after 70...............  My Mother could have and my grandmother --my Dads mom could have told me but no one did...
I was a different person when I was at 47 then I am at 77.6 years old!!
In some ways I am healthier then I was then.  But my mind is for sure not the same.
Tell me about how different you are then you were 30 years ago if you don't mind.

Love coming your way,  Fern  


  1. Oh lady mom is much much much much older than us. She said being 20 was like yesterday. Where does the time go! Cute pictures.
    Benny & Lily

  2. Our mom and dad can't move as fast or get up from the floor as easily as they used to.

  3. Howdy Fern, thirty years ago we hadn't started our family, I could read without glasses and didn't have arthritis! But .... I have thirty years of wonderful memories now that I didn't have then! No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  4. I wasn't around 30 years ago but my Dad was and I hear the difference was he had hair!

  5. 30 years...well I was 23, and the news said this a.m. that 23 is one of the happiest years. I don't really remember as I was just getting outta college and starting my career. I had lots more energy and didn't need glasses to read these blogs LOL

  6. Keep blogging, Fern. It keeps us young!

    Sage's Mom

  7. Hi Fern, well 30 years ago, my dad was still a teenager. He says that his eyes were way better when he was young. All that computer work and age have reduced him to wearing glasses to see. Oh yes, he says it takes way longer to heal from injuries and stuff.

  8. Fern...No one would ever guess you are 77. I admire you so much for having a blog and for all your activity & zest for life. Of course, I know those wild kitties are helping to keep you young. 30 years ago I was 21. I think the thing I miss the most is that feeling that EVERYTHING is possible. I think the thing I appreciate the most about being my current age is how much I appreciate all I have. I take much more pleasure in the simple things. I also miss my strength. Seems like I used to be able to pick up and carry anything. Now I have to be careful because I can't handle things like I used to and can drop them. Stiffness when getting up is also a bummer.

  9. Like the comment above I would never have guessed you were 77 Fern. You certainly sound younger to me. Age is just a number after all it's the attitude that matters.
    I do miss not being able to some of the physical activities (lifting heavier objects, etc) I used to do but I'll keep doing the rest as long as I can.