Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hi Blog Friends,  my eyes are better now.  Thank God!!!  I can not stay on the computer for hours ,  my eyes are just not good enough,  I guess!!  I only can see out of one eye you know. I am a mess, blind in one eye and deaf in one ear!!!
Zoie loves vegetables,  I am cooking for her and the critters as I write this.  Collard greens, red cabbage,
chard,, Balsamic vinegar and left over juices from our dinners that I save in the freezer until I need them for critter food.  Oh yes, the pot has rice in it too!! Zoie and the coons love this meal!!  I would say it is one of their favorites.
Zoie has a very big crate,  it came with her.  In her home before this one she had to stay in her crate for many many hours a day everyday.  She wanted nothing to do with that crate when she came and she would tear up any cover on her mattress almost every night.  She doesn't sleep in her crate any more----- Happy does!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy has taken over Zoie's crate!!!!  This little cat is sleeping in this big dog crate!!  Zoie sleeps in her chair at night now.  All are happy!!!
Love coming your way,  Happy, Zoie & Fern


  1. Oh that is funny Fern. I can see this little Happy in Zoies BIG crate!! Alls well in Zoies and Happys world.


  2. Happy just couldn't resist that big box! I'll bet that looks so cute. Beautiful pictures of Zoie.

  3. Glad your eyes are better. What a hoot that Happy has claimed the crate!

  4. Zoie's crate must be like a bungalow for Happy! LOL.
    So happy your eyes are better now. Was just thinking of you a little earlier today. :)

  5. Hi Fern, we're glad that you can see again. At least good enough to post so that we know that you're okay. Sam is doing well. He's recovered from his infection. The other kids are doing well too. We kind of wish you were closer, we could get you to babysit everyone until their "walking person" comes by later in the day. Oh well, Zoie loves her freedom (no kennel) and Happy loves her new "cave". Sounds like a good trade.

  6. Sounds like they eat better than some people do. :)

  7. Dear sweet Zoie! Poor thing having to be cooped up like that. Now she is happy as she is with you and Happy lol

    So glad your eyes are better, Fern x

  8. Hi Fern, we are so glad your sight is better. My dear sweet mother lost the sight in one eye two years before she passed away and it was a difficult adjustment for her (she was 86). We are glad you are all such a very happy family. Take care and have a good weekend. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  9. Miss Fern I am sooooooo glad that your vision has improved. THAT is good news.

    Dinner sounds delicious.

    I think the sleep arrangements make BOTH Happy and Zoie.. HAPPY. hehehehe

  10. You home cooked meals sure sound yummy, Zoie! Better that Happy is happy in the crate than you, right?!

    Love ya lots,

  11. So glad that your eyes are better! I can't spend too much time looking at the computer either, eyes get tired easily.

    Your home cooked meals sound really delicious!

  12. Glad you are better. I don't think I would like to sleep in a create. I prefer and do sleep in MOM's bed.

  13. Hi Fern, So glad your eyes are doing better. Loved hearing about your meal prep for your critters. Sending hugs your way.

  14. Dinner sounds fab! I luv veggies too :) You had me snickerin with the crate story. Too funny that Happy is happy in it :D Glad all have their special places :)

    Very glad you can see again too Fern! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  15. Glad to hear your eyes are better. Our dogs LOVE their crates. When the house gets too noisy with visitors they will often go down and get in their crates to get away from it all. We don't close them and the dogs think of their crates as a safe haven. I can imagine little Happy in that big crate.

  16. Glad to hear that your eyes getting better now :)

    Autumn & Jasmine