Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi friends, Did you know that I am DYSLEXIC ?????????????
I am!!!!!! Words have always been big trouble for me. When I was a child in school--- I was the dumb one. They didn't know why I couldn't learn!!! I wasn't trying they said when I WAS trying as hard as I could.
I never did well in school!! I quit school in the 9th grade so I only have a 8th grade education. Could you --- did you know???

The picture above is me with my sweet Amanda, a Whippet I rescued when she was 4 and a half years old. I made everything you see me wearing except the hat, I even made the necklace.

Love coming your way, Happy & Fern


  1. Who would have thought? Being dyslexic or autistic can be very hard as the person looks completely normal. I'm glad that more research has been done to understand them better.

  2. I am only with numbers.

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Love that photo, Fern. And no. We wouldn't have guessed.


  4. I would have never thought that but it doesnt make us love you any less Fern :)

    Wow you sure are talented to make all of that!

  5. Wow! I had NO idea, Miss Fern! Pawsonally, I think you're one of the smartest humans I know!

    Amanda was SO pretty and I just luvs your outfit. I think you are super talented. My mom can't hardly even sew on a button!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. we would never have guessed at all Fern asyou do so well. Hugs GJ xx

  7. We think you're pretty perfect just the way you are, Fern, and we think you're quite the snazzy dresser!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hi Fern, we're okay with you just the way you are. It must have been tough on you when you were young to be trying hard to learn. I think that we're all better off now as there is a greater understanding of dyslexia and what can be done to help those people who have that condition. Thankfully humans have advanced at least that far. Woofs to you.

  9. Fern-
    That's tough when you are in school and nobody understands :(
    You have come a long way baby!! Look at all the reading and writing you do now :D

    Wyatt's Mom

  10. We still love you a lot, Miss Fern!

  11. I knew, but only because you told us in one of your posts a while back. Otherwise, I would never have guessed. My dear sister-in-law was delighted when she found out in her adulthood that she was dyslexic. All through school she had thought she was just dumb. And like you, she has come a long way in dealing with it.

  12. I agree with Wyatts are amazing...and doing just fine!!

  13. And just look what you've done with your life! Pretty amazing, I think.