Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bambi went to the vets yesterday

Bambi went to the vets yesterday at 5:30 EST. Right at dinner time!! It messed up dinner time that is for sure!!! It was worth it tho, the vets said she is doing fantastic!!! That I am doing very good at keeping her from scratching!! We passed this test, now we have another one to pass!! She gos back to have her stitches out next Tuesday!! She is such a good dog.
I have been having lots of problems on blogger!! Have you had problem with blogger????
It has been taking so long to load blogs! SO LONG!!!!
It has been very hard to leave comments on people's blog!!!
Sometimes I can't ever get on my blog!! Getting high speed is not an option now!! Tom just had surgery out of pocket, meaning we paid cash for it!! The business is very slow!! Tom has not been making a living for a long while. We are living on savings. Tom is not up to doing heavy work just after hernia surgery!! So no high speed!! What am I going to do????? I really want you to answer me please. I could just blog and not answer comments. I could stop blogging altogether. Just talk to everyone on Facebook. What am I going to do???????????
Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern


  1. Hi Fern, so pleased Bambi is on the mend.
    It must be hard for you if it takes a long time to load pages, we are lucky and have the fast speed but sometimes it still takes a long time and not all blogs load quick anyway! it does seam to be how many applications are on it.
    I'm starting to get the hand of FB now, and are more than happy to keep intouch that way, if its quicker for you?
    Jan and George xxx

  2. Hi Fern! Yes, dial up is horrible, but it is internet and keeps you connected to us! Glad that Bambi is doing well.


  3. Hi Fern, So glad Bambi is doing well. So sorry to hear about your hubby's work and his surgery(getting old in not for sissy's). We have DSL and it is still slow and yes I've had problems leaving comments etc. Plus just when I get to know the system they change something. Facebook is an option but not nearly as nice.....
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Fern great news on Bambi!!! You are a wonderful doggy mom!!!
    Blogger is a pain in the hiney sometimes....often I cannot even see pictures on some blogs... We don't have dial up but our high speed is about at the medium level and sometimes that is slow. Just so many folks at there on the internet...also the time of day seems to make a difference in the speed.
    Just do what you can...we'll be here whenever you are around. Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. Glad Bambi is doing well, bless her. We also have had problems with blogger and know it must be hard on dial up for you. Dont worry about commenting so much just let us hear from you when you can.. Hugs GJ x

  6. How great that you got a good report from the vet and that Bambi is on her way to a full recovery!
    The main issue with leaving comments on blogs is that your blog could have unknown viruses or the blog you are visiting may have unknown viruses which causes problems all the way around. If you don't have an antivirus then you should download one (such as I know you cannot afford to get out of dial-up but if you just make a few phone calls to your local cable company they can help you set up a faster internet service....hope my ideas helped!

  7. We are so happy to hear that Bambi got a good report, Fern. It's all the great care that you give her!
    Dial-up is so hard when you're blogging. We got a taste of going from high speed to dial-up one year when we were on Nantucket and it's tough! Blogging is supposed to be fun and if it's frustrating and stressful for you than do fb for awhile and maybe in the meantime blogger will straighten itself out. Just a thought.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. No, don't give up your blog. I refuse to follow anyone on Facebook and I would surely miss you. I've had problems in the past week as well...mainly trying to comment on a post and getting "service unavailable" rather often. These hangups seem to happen every now and then so I hope it will pass.

    Glad Bambi is doing well.

  9. So good to hear Bambi is doing so well - all that good care from you. So very sorry that blogging has to be so difficult. We don't do Facebook, but maybe that is an option.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. We're so glad to hear that Bambi is doing so well!

    There are a few blogs that load slowly for us. Sometimes we try reloading them. You might want to try doing a virus scan on your computer and see if that or some malware is slowing down your system. There are some sites that will do it for free, I think. We wish you much good luck!


  11. Fewn
    I'm so glad that Bambi is doing so well..pleez don't stop blogging..I've lost so many of my fwiends to FB, now i have to take double the time and don't get awound to al my fwiends..
    thank you fow the nice pictoowes
    smoochie kisses

  12. I'm glad to hear that Bambi is doing so well! I don't know much about the slow loading, so will leave those comments to everyone else. :)

    Do keep blogging, though. Like some of the others have said, I would miss you if you did!

  13. How nice to get a good report on Bambi.

    Blogger is a bugger sometimes - but it's supposed to be fun - and when it ceases to be fun, you must let it go.


  14. I find time of day has a lot to do with blogger being sluggish or not. I hope your TOM gets to feeling better very soon. I know how it can be rubbing two nickels together. Your in my prayers. Hugs. Tammy

  15. That's wonderful about Bambi, first of all. We are so glad to hear it. As far as Blogger goes, it depends how much it's aggravating you. You can blog and not comment on everyone else's blogs. We will totally understand. Even with high speed it's hard to keep up with everyone. But we do like knowing how you're all doing.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  16. Yay for Bambi!
    I understand about hihg speed...I've only had it for bout a year.
    Just keep on blogging and don't worry about commenting...we just want to know that you are doing OK!
    Hugs Girlfriend,

  17. Glad to hear Bambi is doing well.

    Thor x

  18. Hi Fern

    Glad to hear Bambi is doing well, hope her next report is just as good. Understand your problems with dial-up, we have slow dsl. Maybe not put many pictures up, though that is not as much fun, and when you try to load blogs, click on just the newest link if you are caught up, less pictures loading that way.

    Heidi, Tucker and Daisy

  19. Fern,I noticed on your blog site that you have listed the blogs you follow. I have noticed that when I click on one of those blogs when I am visiting your blog that I have to wait because you have their entire blog load up before you can read anything. Go to your dashboard, click on the design tab and go to the tab.."blogs I follow" or whatever you have it listed under. At this site it gives you several options of how much you want to show about their blog. Check the box that says it will show just the most recent post. I suggest you click the Icon box and the Show latest updated post Box. Be sure to click "save" when you are done.
    This can be one reason it takes so long to upload a blog for you. Instead of uploading an entire blog you will be uploading the most recent post. From there you can always click on their "Older Post" button.
    I hope I haven't confused you too much and I know this may make the whole process much faster and easier for you. I can click and read any blog very quickly..well at least faster than the whole blog....and I am on dial up!! Email me if you need any help. Or facebook me! :) Gail