Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Critter Quilt

Hi Friends !!! How do you like the Critter Quilt ???
I have a question today. What do you feed your dog ????? Where do you buy the dog food you give your dog??? Do you feed your dog table scraps ???
We buy Bambi Nutro and we buy it at a pet store. All my dogs have eaten dinner with us. I love to hand feed as I eat. I know that you are not suppose to but I love to share my food with my dog. I feel it is showing the dog deep love.
I have never been a raisin lover until recently. Only in the last few months have I eaten raisins every day. Well Bambi ask for some so I gave her some. Way to many as I Find out!!!!!!
I was on the Internet the other day looking at what you can not feed dogs. I found out that RAISINS will kill your dog!!!! OMG !!! I am killing my sweet girl!!!! Of course she has not had one since I read about that, but have I hurt her?? It causes kidney failure!!!!
What do you think about that!!!!!!
I am sick about it!!!
Love heading your way, Bambi & Fern


  1. Dear Fern,

    Rest assured that if Bambi were dying from the raisins, it would already have happened - don't feed her grapes either. I don't think there is any residual affect from them. I think it happens very quickly. I don't advocate feeding dogs any dried food, but some fresh cut apples or carrots are great for them. My dogs enjoy watermelon and cantaloupe and Piper loves strawberries and will even pick the green ones if I'm not careful - I don't think they will hurt him, but I would like for them to ripen before anyone eats them - and then I might get a chance at one myself.

    My dogs get a variety of food. They all eat Kirkland Brand Small Breed Puppy Chow twice a day, but in the morning I give them an addition to it - sometimes it's an egg scrambled in olive oil, sometimes a bit of sardines or salmon, maybe some cottage cheese or pumpkin, but today it was yogurt. And they always get an Omega-3 pill with their morning meal.

    I do feed my dogs treats from time to time that aren't dog food. Piper especially loves pepperoni. They all love cheddar cheese, carrots and apples. And of course the occasional hamburger or small slice of pizza. Java loved waffles and pancakes, but the Scotties aren't as crazy over them as he was.

    Have a great day. Bambi is so fortunate to have such a caring family.


  2. Hi Fern! I would call a vet becauseI don't know. I think that your pup may have gotten sick already though. I do have a list on my blog on what not to feed your dogs...but here it is...Tuna, potatoe peels, raisins, onions, moldy food, liver, ham, milk, grapes, fat, garlic,dough,chocolate,cheese, caffeine,alcohol,bones, avacodo and apple cores. I hope this helps! I also never give my dogs table food but my Mom does and she feeds her dogs everything! Mine get sick because they are not use to our food!
    Have a good day!

  3. Nice quilt Fern!
    Bambi will be ok from a little raisins. It's only when the dogs are given very large quantity then it will hurt them(I think). Although I've know someone who fed raisin bran to her dog everyday and Dakota is 9!

  4. We feed Rem Pro Plan -- Lamb and Rice. That's what we have fed all our Newfs. Table food? Some but not much. We are really careful about that....
    Love the quilt! Hope you have a fun weekend! Keep smiling!

  5. We searched "grape and raisin toxicity in dogs" on the internet. A Wikipedia entry gave the possible toxic dose at 0.39 to 1.6 ounces of raisins per kilogram of body weight. It would take quite a few raisins, we think.

    We had no idea that raisins were toxic to pets. You taught us something new again today, Fern. Thank you for helping us to be better pet parents.

  6. I'm glad you found out about the raisins so Bambie won't get anymore...
    I feed my pups mainly dogfood, but Buddy gets half kibble and half green beans, which is how he lost 9 lbs.
    The pups do get dog treats so I try not to give too much people food.
    Happy Friday!

  7. In my younger days, a hundred years ago, (before the internet!)I had a dog who would kill ya for grapes. Naturally, I gave him grapes! Probably never more than a dozen, and Buddy was a 70-pound Lab mix. He ran over the Bridge at a ripe old age, he was probably almost 14.

  8. The khwilt is pawesome!

    Mom says to say I eat California Naturals Lamb and Rice - and I love it love it love - BUT I'm not too keen that Procter & Gamble have purchased the khompany that make it -

    I don't get table skhraps but Mom does give me veggies and fruits - I get two mini kharrots fur dessert each night when I finish my dinner -

    The others are khorrekht - the raisins would have done their damage by now - so woo just need to know going furward!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  9. Hi Fern

    Neat quilt. I was out buying supplies to start a new one today. Will post pictures when it is all done. Tucker and Daisy eat Nutro Large breed Lamb and Rice, because Tucker has allergy problems with wheat and corn. I prefer not to feed my dogs while I am eating, but they occasionally get some meat scraps mixed in with their dinner. Once we had picked a bunch of grapes and Daisy was loving them, but then I remembered I had heard raisins were bad for dogs, so we stopped quickly. I kept an eye on her for a couple of days, but she was fine.

    Heidi, Tucker and Daisy

  10. We eat anything that falls on the floor--well, nearly. But as we tend to put on weight, we now just get our normal dry food with chicken necks or sardines or rice or carrots, beans...

    The lady at the kennel (when we go camping) said she could put razor blades in our dishes and we'd eat them. We think that was an overstatement. But we've never had tummy upsets. We're sure Bambi will be fine.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  11. Hi Fern and Bambi-

    Stanzie and I eat Science Diet dry food. I eat Lamb and Stanzie eats Active Longevity (senior, hee hee). We also split a can of Pedigree for dinner. We get vitamins and glucosamine. We get fresh veggies and some meat from whatever mom and dad are cooking, but no food from the table. That's cause we have no brakes and no manners!


    P.S. Once Stanzie went into the living room and ate some Christmas Hersey Kisses. She never got sick. But we found the green and red foil in her poop!

  12. Hi Fern, I have yet to find anything that Mistaya will not eat. Not to long ago I noticed that she was eating a lot of grass. I assume it meant she had an upset tummy. Then I increased her portion of her twice daily bowl of "Beniful" dry dog food and she has not eaten grass since. Apparently the poor little thing was just trying to tell me she was hungry. Of course I make sure she and I go on our 30 minute speed walk at least once a day...twice if the weather permits. I don't want her to get to heavy.
    And I have caught my better half sneaking some of his food to her during our meals. She loves it! And I really don't mind. But just remember..we don't spoil our animals!! HaHa! Mistaya's M.O.M. Gail

  13. Fern~~nice quilt.
    Jazzi eat Kibble and Bits. I have tried other brands but she just loves this. I dont feed her from the table but that doesnt mean she doesnt try to help herself. I will give her bits of things when I am cooking dinner and of course she LOVES to clean up after the munchkins!!


  14. We've had accidental raisins and grapes before, Fern and we lived to tell about it. Mitch eats Eagle Pack Holistic kibble and I eat a kidney diet that mom says looks simply delicious to her!
    We love your critter quilt!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Fern-

    Thanks for the tip about DE for slug control. We are heading to the farm and garden store to buy some now. Keep you posted!

    Wyatt's Mom

  16. Hope Bambi hasn't been affected from eating all those raisins. See, that's why I don't like them, LOL!!